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ps4 will never get close to crysis 3 on pc....console gamers need to give up even thinking ps4/nextbox will be close to pc

the specs alone are 2010 at best

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crysis 1 and 2 weren't made for last gen consoles they did it anyway....they look NOTHING like the pc version, honestly a full gen or two behind

ps4 games won't look as good as crysis 3 on a proper pc

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last of us will be awesome, can't wait to rent it

but visually, its last gen, it doesn't even compare to pc games from 2007

lol...and i LOVE this FAKE pic;

lol...naughtydog....theres actually people who think the game will look even 10% of that....thats pc quality right'...

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lol....too bad you can play any single player steam game offline on ANY COMPUTER in the world

you can go to a friends, log in to your steam account and access any of you games, granted , you will need internet to verify it is you via a quick email key....after that, no connection required

i have 3 gaming pc's in my house, 2 in the gameroom for my wife and I, and one in the family room/office, i can play any of my 350 steam games on any of them, anytim...

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thought it was cool and has promise, given some more time it could be a really unique and fun co-op game

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i like ea games

dead space
mass effect
lotr bfme2
Kingdoms of amular

the make a sh!ton of good games

bp, wells fargo, goldman sachs, disney, apple, etc...etc...all FAR worse companies than ea

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put them up digital only......then all you need to pay for is english text translation

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developers and publishers are going to LOVE always on and no used games

while the consumer will hate it at first, they will just get used to it

it sucks, i don't like it, but it is probably going to happen

and the majority of people won't care, sure, the hardcore gamers on this site and others that comment and read daily news about video game are up in arms

but the average guy/girl who wants to play cod, gears , halo ...

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you have a $1500 pc that only runs games 30-40??

are you using eyefinity

is it 7 years it from some awful over priced place like alienware>>

my pc was $1200 1 year ago

its runs 95% of everything at 60+ frames

I don't think there is a game alive that is cannot play at near 60 or more

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30 frames is fine if consistant, what i want to know is what is the native resolution

1080p, 900p, 820p, what is the native res?

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sure, violence is bad, but its the best way to solve every problem


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wasn't like gears, since its inception was ever that comlicated, you hit "a" for almost everything and just kill stuff

pretty simple

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nowhere does it say in the article that new consoles will replace pc development, he said that witcher 2 was developed for pc exclusively and that "could" change in the title

meaning, they may develop with consoles in mind next gen, as an afterthought

the pc version will still of course be far and away the very best one, with vastly better graphics, way better performance, further draw distance, better shadows and immensly ...

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june release date!!!


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they are making a cheap console because they don't want to lose their asses, hardware sales for consoles and down and will continue to go down, software sales are down and will continue to go down, like it or not(hate it personally) the mobile/tablet section of the market is huge and has taken a giant chunk of the market from consoles, there are 200 million gamers playing games on their smartphones.....uhhhhhh

free to play, much better than mobile, but still annoying to...

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what makes you so sure ps4 will be 1920x1080 native resolutions?

I bet, 100%, only 50% of games or less will support native 1920x1080

there will be games at 800p

devs will limit the res, just like last gen, first along with anti aliasing

thats how they take a game made on pc (like all games are, even uncharted is made first on pc) and get it to run on a much more limited cons...

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the resolutions and aa levels will be massively hihger on pc, other than that, ps4 should have 90% of the effects and bells and whistles of the pc, for a year or so

lol...and read the article...the "almost identical" was thrown in at the end by some square enix rep (i.e. some suit who actually knows nothing)

the actual dev said its really close....people say that about tomb raider on ps3 and pc....when the ps3 version looks like a ds game compared to p...

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of course they will be almost the same, and then we can hear ps4 and nextbox people argure over a 3 pixel difference and 2 seconds of loading times in multiplat games while the pc version completely decimates both of them over and over and over

just like last gen

it's gonnna be fun too!!

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'lol, what a turd, half life 3 is coming 100% for sure and it will be epic

half life 2 has sold WELL over 12 million copies and add in episodes 1 and 2 and you are looking at plus all the digital not reported and half life 2 most likely has well over 20 million sales

add in half life 1 and the series, in basically 2 and a half games has sold 35 million copies

im pretty freaking sure half life 3 is coming and it is going to destroy your mind...

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ps4 announcement has made console gamers into tech "experts" who think 8 gb ram is going to make up for that tablet cpu and laptop gpu

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