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Comments not...its a t a 7770 desktop equivilant...think what you want

cry when bf4 is 720p at 30 frames with only 50% of the pc's visuals turned on #10.3.1
691d ago by landog | View comment cool kid

16gb ddr3 bundle at microcenter was like $85

why wouldn't you

windows 7 ultimate 64bit supports up to 192 gb ram

i wish i could be excited for a system with a tablet cpu at 1.6ghz and a laptop mobile gpu and 8gb ram......sorry...laptops are not that intresting and neither is the power...or lack thereof of the ps4

obviously you know nothing about hardware opr you too would see... #10.2.1
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my gaming pc only uses 1.4 gb of my 16gb ram, while typing on this forumn, steam is running, and I currently have the weather channel and amazon prime up as well, steam is patching a game

1.4gb used out of 16
gpu is 4gb

so basically i have 18.5 gb free while using 3 webpages and patching a game and running task manager and nvidia inspector

butt.....buttt.....pcs are so unoptimized and have such a huge os footprint

windo... #10
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nvidia and intel are better in every imaginable way than amd

ps4 and nextbox are going to be like a 2 year old gaming laptop

both will get smoked by a 3 year old desktop #9
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its looking more and more like pc and ps4 will be all i need next gen!

i can go play halo at my brothers...he loves halo so he'll be grabbing a 720 as soon as there is a halo game for it....other than that....gears??.....mehhh

pc for the best graphics and performance on all multiplat games, amazing exclsuves in the strategy, mmo and rpg sector and ps4 for awesome sony exclusives!

kinda like last gen...i gave my xbox away after halo... #78
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runs at 2560x1600 at locked 30 frames, never below, with massive, MASSIVEly better graphics than the ps3 version i played

and yes, it looks way better than that sub-hd, 720p video on ign.....that better have been last gen console gameplay.....becasue it looks worse than ds1 on my pc

just being honest...butthurt all you want #3.3.2
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graphically it looks about on par with the pc version of ds1.....cannot wait to see this thing maxed on my pc...will look 10x better i imagine

gameplay of course will be AMAZING on all platforms #3
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for people serious about gaming! #5
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just got ni no kuni at target for $40....what an amazingly well polished and beautiful game

the music alone is worth the price of admission, the animated cutscenes rival disneys best work

gameplay is deep, story is soothing and whimsical.....excellent game all wife called me twice while i was at work today...."when are you getting out, we gotta play more ni no kuni"

cannot wait to see what level 5 has in store for us next gen! #19
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@bibty death above,

that screen is FAKE

compressed to all hell and totally a BULLSHOT

that above pic IS NOT game will look NOTHING LIKE THAT!
in game you see artifacts and jaggies everywhere in last of us, the charachter models look nowhere nears as sharps an... #52.1.2
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lawson, agreed!

i have played them all since daggerfall (always on pc of course)

never a game breaking bug

obvioulsy skyrim looks and runs like trash on 8 year old consoles, todd howard even said they expected to launch on new consoles but since sony and ms dragged their asses for too long they just said eff it and ported a stripped down, barely playable version to ps3/360

on pc, skyrim is rpg perfection;

pc version please....i want to play it in 1600p #7
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360 controller yes, ps3 controller with motionjoy

lol @ disagrees on my first comment...console only people are sooooo butthurt always...for what???

every game ever made is better on pc ...its always been that way and always will

ps4 is like a laptop from 2011 with TONS of drm and ZERO mods....don't cry about it, just get a... #6.1.1
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jade empire is by far, the best on pc

120 frames

Customizable, intuitive controls including support for game-pads and keyboard/mouse.
■ Increased graphics resolutions and new visual effects.
■ New monsters and enemies.
■ New fighting styles.
■ Improved combat AI and difficulty levels.
■ New world map interface.
■ An added playable character, Monk Zeng.

As a... #6
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also, pc is backwards compatible with games going back to 1980

PLUS, it plays nearly every ps1, ps2, nes, snes, ds, wii, psp, genisis etc console game emulated at much much higher resolutions

soon it will play ps3 while you hope sony will maybe, if you are lucky, one day charge you to re-buy a game you own for ps3 to be able to stream it on ps4 in crappy 720p at 30 frames, pc gamers will play it for free in 1080p, 1200p, 1600p with more anti... #51
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its going to be a great console, and it is pretty powerful for what it is ($500 worth of parts)

but it is nowhere near a high end pc of 2011, let alone today

will it do 2560x1600??

will it have 8x., 16x, 32x anti aliasing

will it have 60-120 frames per second

will it do multi screen displays?

will it support insane multitasking such as running a graphically intesive game, sending out a wo... #48
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the ram is very great in the system, though, truthfully it is the least important

gpu is #1

cpu is #2

Ram is #3

as far as pushing graphics

and the gpu and cpu is ps4 are very good, just not amazing cutting does have amazing ram though, and should be sub-$500 with those specs

the cpu is by far the weak link

overall though, i think sony is making a good decision... #34
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i agree to some extent, i do still have a working 2600.....i would realistically spend $15 if it had a nice case, more as a collectors item than anything else....though i may play it #10.1.1
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$5 maybe....$ #10
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not gonna happen, really graphically intense games like bf4, the witcher 3.....those will be 720p 30 frames on ps4/nextbox if the have even 90% of the pc graphical features, like quality anti aliasing, ssao, af etc....

ps4/nextbox will still have plent of games at 1080p too.....but the best looking games on the next gen consoles will be 720p

and 60 frames.....forget about it....very few games will run like that #11
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