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tlou looks exactly the same as uc3, (not totally a bad thing, uc3 looks preety good) but worse than 2 (which, imo, is the BEST looking ps3 game)...sacrifices were made for 3 with 3d, and tlou looks to make the same sacrifices).....look at all the jaggies and screen tearing and sub-hd textures;
watch in full screen 720p like it will be on your screen

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$499 base model

$569 premium with game and 1 year ps plus

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ue 4 will be awesome, cryengine 3 is already amazing, on pc at least

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this is going to be a great game on all platforms, but i'm going to have to go with the pc version

the dedicated servers, higher resolutions and higher (most likely) player counts

that said, i also cannot wait to see how close it will come to the pc version on ps4/nextbox, may have to rent them both just to see with the good old blockbuster game pass!

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re5 was a great action game, but it was not a true re game

re4 was a great action/survival hybrid

re outbreak 1 and 2 were awesome imo

and of course 1,2,3 and the gamecube 1 remake and zero were great

i love the re series, 6 was just a bad game imo, maybe not bad, but not particularilly good either

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every epic game and naughtydog game release TONS of bullshots

totally maxed out on pc with resolutions not even possible on ps4, let alone ps3/360, tons of anti aliasing only pc can achieve

i think it is a practice that should be stopped, along with putting 1080p on the back of the box just becasue its upscaled, i can upscale an atari 2600 game to 1080p

there should be way more regulations against false advertising in video games!

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after a few years of ps4/nextbox being out, you won't have a choice, 70% of all released games will be digital only

only huge, AAA games will be available at retail

gta, halo, gears, uncharted, gran turismo, metal gear etc......everything else will only be available digitally

thats my prediction at least, i don't like it, but it is happening

as someone with almost 400 steam games, 70% have a physical copy, and all the oth...

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console games will be 70% digital before the end of this gen

there goes the used market

bye gamestop

best buy will be closed before the ps5 is out, their stock looks like they got 2 years left, maybe

amazon will still sell used ps2,ps3,early ps4, ps1 etc games.....but the vast majority of games that come out for ps4/nextbox will be day one digital

physical copies will only be for major AAA titles like G...

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it would bring me one step closer to a vita

soul sacrifice already has me on the fence,,,ragnorok looks cool too

add in monster might not be able to wait

but honestly, those would be the only 3 games i would want on vita right now....

i want a new model with a better screen (we all know its coming sometime soon) and build in hard drive, price drop and a few more games and im in

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Vampire: The Masquerade is by FAR the best game on that list, though, its totally an rpg and much different than all the others

castlevania symphony of the night is epic....along with lords of shadow....all the gba and ds castlevanias are freaking awesome too played a good one, tried em all

legacy of cain series is pretty good, they should have kept up with it this last gen

buffy, the first one for the ...

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2142 came out in 2006, its infinately better than bad company 1 and 2 and much better than bf3 on console with on 11 players with you on your team....thats not battlefield

thousands still play 2142 everyday

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it launches two days after e3......i wish

that would be spectacular!!

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i mean, literally, in 2 months, the entire game will be absolutely free, and boosts, items, pets will be sold for microtransactions...its what happens when an over-hyped, over inflated, run of the mill mmo comes out and does mediocre numbers

circle of life

i'll play it when its free in 2 months and there are more players (cause its free) and less bugs and much better graphics on least they better release some high res texture patches, eq2 from 2004 l...

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i think most people looked at it (those with mmo experience at least) and said to themselves, "self, this will be free to play in 2 months tops, i think i will keep my $65"

thats what i said to myslef at least, and, i'm pretty sure i'll be right

"good job self"

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hmmm....i just have a pc that does all that in up to 1080p resolution with 8x anti aliasing and works off a 360 controller and doesn't look like a schizophrenic built it

lol....that controller looks like a 6 year old made it out of playdough

not to take away what this guy has is impressive, it just looks totally amaturish....and sloppy

plus emulators do more.....better anytime...user mods/widescreen h...

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the ps4 is pretty much a mid-low end pc

1.6 ghx cpu
laptop gpu (about a hd7850m-7870m)

heck, its not even better than a mid spec pc from 3 years ago

an i5 (from 2009) is better than the cpu and is mid spec
a gtx 465 from 2010 stomps the ps4's laptop card(mid spec pc card from 2010)
the ram is negligeble....people had 16gb ddr3 in 2010, so no contest there

so, ps4 won&#...

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used games are going the way of the dodo

see any used movie stores, cd's, books

sure, there may be a few

but digital, new only is coming, after a few years into ps4/nextbox, there will be no working used games available, they will allow it for the first year or so, just to get you purchasing the new console.....then...they will take it away

and it won't really be that big of a sucks in a way yes, i j...

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looks like it too, getting over saturated with sub-quality indie games, yes there are some good ones, but 90% are trash

everyone thinks they are a game designer now

its like game websites and bloggers

90% crap

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ps4's greatest weakness is the cpu, then the gpu, the ram is great

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makes you wonder if even ps5 will be as powerful as pc right now

ps4 looks last gen already!

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