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hey you stole my words for your website cupid viper, i want a 10% cut!!


but you can put my username next to my quotes on your article, i stand by everything i said!

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i am a "hardcore" pc gamer

i play almost 90% of all my games on pc, i do however own a psp, ps3, ps2, ds, wii, 360 and an iphone i rarely game on as well

i have nothing but love for the ps4, i absolutely cannot wait for it and will be buying it day one without question, i trust sony as quality hardware makers, my ps3 and ps2 were both purchased day one as well

BUT......i do hate(or dislike, hate is a strong word) all the people with little t...

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lol....they compare the pc version in 720p, i don't know a single person that games in anything less than 1080p, most are at 1200p, 1440p or higher

the pc version of crysis looks better than any ps4 game ever will, why compare it to the 8 year old ps3 and 360

it looks like a psp game to me on consoles

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if you cannot see the jaggies in your link you just posted i do not know how to help you, watch it in full screen 1080p as it would appear on your tv, there are jaggies on every single "straight line"

every hard edge has dot crawl, every building edge in the distance is agitated and moving with jaggies'

crysis 3 maxed on pc completely decimates this game in every possible way, shape and form

@tongkat below,


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cool photoshoped pics, why in the video is it covered in jaggies??

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heck, skyrim modded destroys killzone shadowfall

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agreed 100%

and the cpu is the real concern of the ps4, followed by the weakish gpu

the ram is great, no doubt, but you can put 32gb ram in a box with a crappy cpu and gpu and it will be crappy build

not saying the ps4 is crappy, far from it, but it certainly isnt close to high end pc standards by any regards

and whoever said killzone shadowfall looks better than crysis 3, sure, on ps3/360 it does, on g...

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i wish i could disagree with you more than

how would they be embarrased, a modern gaming pc with a gtx 680 or better will DESTROY everything that ever comes out on ps4

so, i doubt they would feel bad at all

ps4 will do games in 1920x1080 with 2x-4x aa at 28-30 frames

a pc with a gtx 680, i7 2600k and 8 gb ddr3 will do games in 2560x1600 with 8x aa at 30-60 frames, way more effects, better ...

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1.6 ghz cpu = bad, mobile, phone/tablet cpu

amd 7850 but slower to run cooler= mediocre/ mid-low end

8gb gddr5 ram = excellent, but with other lower quality parts, it will not be fully utilized, cpu will 100% for sure be the bottleneck of the system

weren't people crying foul when the wii u's cpu at 1.2 ghz was announce, this is barely better, yes it has more cores, but its still ULTRA slow

ps4 will have great looking games...

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crushes killzone shadowfall and everything else shown imo, maybe the fake deep down trailer looked better, a bit....but it was cgi 100%

plus all the games were running on pc anyway, we'll see at console launch after actually playing

im excited for ps4 for sure, i just know if will have nothing on a high end pc from 2011, let alone the cards com...

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i just ment sticking the legos together, i.e, seating the mobo, popping in cpu, gpu, ram, psu,hd,reader etc.....and then connecting all the cables and managing them

of course software updates, installing drivers etc...all takes some time, that could add another hour or more

assembling a pc though, 20-30 min

*side note for seating my proc i always use arctic silver thermal compound, never had one not seat properly

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i use a gtx 680, i think ihave over 25 graphics mods installed, works perfect, never had an issue, runs at 60 frames

the important thing is to READ to mod notes, they usually call out any incompatabilities with other mods right there, or someone in the comments will

steam workshop is so freaking baddass its not even funny, loving the legend of grimrock mods people have made too

feel like a scrub because i've be playing peoples mods for 10 years an...

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the 8gb ram in ps4 is nice, but, the cpu is slow, and the gpu is a mid spec 7850 customized to run cooler (read: even weaker)

the superior version of watchdogs will be on pc obviously, and it is up in the air which next gen console it will be better on, we don't even know whats in the next xbox

most poeple seem to think the ps4 will be more powerful

personally, i don't care too much, im getting them both, as long as we can get rid of ...

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the gpu in the ps4 is nothing like a gtx 660ti

its more like an amd 7850

the 660 is a $300 card

the 7850 is a $150 card, and there is a world of performance difference, I WISH sony would have went with something like a gtx 660 ti, heck a 670 would have been freaking awesome

as you can see, 660ti wayyyy faster ...

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lol....4k is NEVER going to happen in games on ps4 or nextbox unless its a 2d sidescrolling indie game with nothing on screen....the ps4 cpu is 1.6ghz and the gpu is an old mobile chip....seriously guys....

we'll be lucky if 90% of ps4/nextbox games stay at NATIVE 1080p for more than a year, devs will have to start cutting fast to keep up with graphical advances

it happened last gen

alan wake was 960x540
resistence 3 was 980x576 ...

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killzone shadowfall looks far worse than crysis 3 on pc

killzone sf is covered in jaggies, watch the vid in full screen, looks low res in lots of places, still, way better than anything on ps3 or 360, but not even on par with crysis 1 from 2007 on pc

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its a target render running on pc

100% sure

also....deep down


dragons dogma 2??????

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lol....people(console only gamers that have no idea how hardware works, no offence) think ram is soooooo important, it is the CHEAPEST, least performance carrying part next to the hardrive and the usb ports

literally talking about the ps4's ram like it is going to render visuals is like saying, the ps4 can totally do 4k, it has 4 usb ports, it amlmost that insignificant

every computer you buy today has 8gb ram, and many of the SUCK for gaming, you can bui...

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I don't know about ps4/720 resolutions and framerate "getting better with time", on xbox 360, when it launched, games were REQUIRED to be 720p with 2xmsaa anti aliasing

but, once halo 3 could not achieve that (600p and jaggies EVERYWHERE) ms said screw it, even let games like alan wake at the very low 950x540

ps3 has resistance 3 at 540p
killzone 3 is 640x716 in 3d
gta iv is 1152x640

most co...

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i am sure the "ps4" version was running on a pc anyway, just like watchdogs and most likely all the other games shown as well, its just with a pc spec'd down to meet in line with the ps4

no games are made on consoles, no engines, no programs, nothing

every game is made on pc, and, if its a console exclusve, it is made on a pc spec'd down to meet that consoles specs, if it is a multiplat game, then an uber high end version is made for the pc and th...

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