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not intrested in streaming video games even 1%

i could not care less if i tried

what i want is standard controls, no 3d, the game to come on a bluray disc, better a.i.

larger worlds

better physics

the graphics to be 1080p native, with 4x anti aliasing

v-sync always enabled so i never see a torn frame

30 frames minimum, never less,

pc quality textures, shadows and ...

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starcraft 2 heart of the swarm is by far the best game coming out this month, probably all year

lame list, besides bioshock infinite, tomb raider and god of war, all those other games look mediocre

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dude, he saw that deep down trailer of fake gameplay with 3 people in a tiny room and now thinks every next gen game is going to look like

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pc version, as always for all multiplats, if only for the higher resolutions, better aa, better framerates, faster patches, cheaper prices etc...etc...

though, if ps4/nextbox can get at least close to the pc version (obviously they won't have the resolutions and 8x anti aliasing) but if they can get decently close, i might start renting more games like i used to when ps3/360 were newer

then if the game was really good, i'd just buy it for pc and get to see ...

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the witcher 1 from 2007 looks better than anything ever released on ps3, literally

the witcher 2 looks better than anything shown at the ps4 conferance on 2-20, literally

the witcher 3 on pc, will look better and run better than any game that EVER comes out on ps4/nextbox

yes, you are the only one

you also probably think heavy rain looked good;

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pc version is hands down, without a doubt, the best looking game ever wittnessed, better by far tha killzone shadowfall, deep down, that lame kids game, watch dogs, its already beyond anything any next gen consoles will do

the gameplay is fluid and smooth, the weapons are unique and well designed, the story is pretty dumb to be honest, but cool in that sci fi channel kind of way

the multiplayer is great, on pc at least, runs at 45-60 frames with everything maxed a...

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man they love the kool-aid

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its an amazing looking target render

gameplay? no

in engine? mostly

lots of post processing to clean the image up? most certainly

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the first witcher is probably the best role playing game created since baldurs gate 2 shadow of amn, its really that good, it even surpasses greats like neverwinter nights and ToEE

the second witcher is easily the best rpg besides the first witcher and maybe neverwinter nights

i am BEYOND excited for part 3

i hope they make a witcher compalation with parts 1,2,3 all bundled together so ps4 and nextbox players can experience the complete saga ...

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but killzone shadowfall doesnt even look as good as far cry 3, metro2033, crysis 2, crysis 3, bf3 maxed out on pc

its not even close to crysis 3 or the witcher 2, looks almost a full gen behind them

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the ram is great, the cpu is passable and the gpu is moderate

wish they would have used a few gb less ram and a WAY better gpu

that little $200 gpu will play crysis 3 on medium-high in 720p, but nothing beyond that, you will not get modern pc visuals in 1080p with the ps4's specs, it aint gonna happen

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watching sports like football, soccer, golf, baseball ect...that is the most BORING thing in the world to me...and so sad to me, getting excited and yelling at the screen for a bunch of overpaid men in tights is how you want to spend your

no thanks, i'd rather be outside doing something myself, mountain biking, weight lifting, hiking, actuually playing golf, throwing a football around, frisbee, bbq-ing, then come inside and play soem video games

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does it play vhs tapes though, i mean, i just got the little house on the prairie vhs collectors edition and i mean to watch every episode at least 10 times!

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16x the amount of textures of the ps3/360 versions, thats nice, will be picking this up

almost all recent multiplat games, from far cry, to sleeping dogs, to deus ex, to hitman, honestly all the games i have played with the exception of darksiders 2 have looked easily 16x better than the console version, so this really isn't news

what i am wondering is how much better the recent games will look than ps4 launch games

i know games like crys...

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hey man im serious about wanting everyone to enjoy all games, if i was a billionare i would put gaming rigs in everyones houses who wanted one, and get ps3's for kids who couldn't afford them, or 360's and 3ds's

i know i defend pc all the time, i just get tired of all the misinformation spread about my favorite platform,

but i'm a gamer, tonight, before bed, i'll be playing a psp game, i played disgaea 4 after dinner for about 45 min, then, ...

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hmmmm...i'm listening

i want a wii u eventually, i give every system a try, heck, if you hate it you can always return it within 15-30 days at most big box places

that monster hunter bundle is tempting too

i really hope things pick up for the wii u

get a side-scrolling metroid and castlevania, old school style with 1080p graphics and 40 hours gameplay each, think modern Symphony of the Night and Fusion

Nintendo, m...

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console is a completely different platform, not everyone with a ps3 has a stable and constant internet connect believe it or not, most people with a gaming pc do

can't we (as pc gamers) just be happy for ps3 people??

i didnt hear ps3 and 360 gamers crying when we got dark souls with a ton of dlc for half the price (and it looked way better after Durante fixed it with his ultra high res mod)

i'm glad console gamers are getting it, diab...

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i loved Diablo 3 and my wife and I had a blast playing it, i am not one of those people who play it 20 times over and over, but, we played through it once, about 30-40 hours of awesome co-op and then i played another 10-18 hours with my brother and was good with it

i am also totally happy its coming to consoles, wish xbox360/720 and wii u would get it too, its a great game, why not let everyone have fun

plus its more money for blizzard to spend on my favorite...

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put a better cpu and gpu in it

that would be my advice

sony's weak point is the slow 1.6ghz cpu, the gpu in the ps4 is ok, its not great, but ms could definately announce a much better one

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console peasants;

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