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ps4 can run planetside 2 for sure

can it run in 1920x1080 native with 4x msaa anti aliasing and huge draw distance at 60 frames???

hell no

it will have fxaa and a much shorter draw distance and 30 frames, and maybe, if we are lucky, native 1080p

don't be surprised though to see many ps4 games come out sub-1080p

theres just not enough cpu/gpu muscle in the ps4 to push native 1080p with major anti aliasing and huge draw d...

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why would people feel pressured because of ps4 or 3-4 year old gtx 480 will mop the floor with anything the new consoles will ever do

true pc gaming is on an entirely different level

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fxaa is TERRIBLE

its a post process garbage after effect that's just blurs the screen (the whole screen) to hide the jaggies...its a console trick to hide bad aliasing, you sir, clearly know not which you speak of.

again, fxaa is awful

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freaking bring on those pc mods tools metro, cannot wait, hopefully it has full steam workshop integration.

the community will come up with some AMAZING things

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lol...that is the LAST thing that matters, connectivity and

how about RAW POWER and GAMES!!!

who ever has the best hardware and the best/most games wins

I can give less than 1 sh!t about sharing, it so lame, been able to do it on pc for years and years and never have, why??? because I want to play my games not tell my lame friends about it.

connectivity, if you mean whoever has the best online multiplayer exp. ...

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its all about user base and has nothing to do with power at all, quit fooling yourselves

they brought the witcher 2 to xbox360, granted, it looked bloody awful, and not even like the pc version on the lowest possible settings, it ran terrible and was missing 60% of the textures and foliage, but they still did it

the brought bf3 to ps3/360 even though only 12 people could be on the same team, the maps were shrunk down, they had to drop the res to 704p and it w...

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project cars on pc is already far beyond drive club, way better textures

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i really want monster hunter for vita, it looks awful on 3ds, it really detracts from play

im tempted to get a wii u just for mh, but i think i'll wait for a model revamp of wii u with way more memory, beter os and way cheaper price, shoudn't be long at the current rate

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I'll try it in two months when its free to play...

it seems like most mmos, fun if you have a few friends to try it with, but probably loses its appleal quickly

very few mmo's are really good

guild wars 2 is so awesome though, and neverwinter online is freaking epic, tera is awesome, as is rift....i got plenty of mmos.....this game can wait as i far as im concerned...

when its free though, hey, why not

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Monster Hunter Online may be very, very cool

there are SOOOO many good mmo's on pc, it really comes down to liking the lore and the setting and having a few good friends to play with


so many good games, and then in the free to play scene there are literally 100's that are great time ki...

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ive gotten games or $1 from uplay, origin constantly sends me coupons for games for $5, half of my steam library was $7 or less (over 250 games)

nintendo store is a joke with pricing, ms is almost as bad, and sony has GREAT deals, i mean it, i actually really like the psn store......but, they just cannot compete digitally with the big dogs like steam etc...

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for me;

GOG/CD Project
uplay store

in that order

from coolest to stingiest

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with so many mods to choose from...i havent even thought for a second about paying for any dlc...when steam has it all bundled for $7 I'll grab it

this is a nice package for anyone who hasn't played it though

my advice, get the pc looks 10x better, runs 20x better and has 1000x more content with free mods on steam workshop

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"PS4 will be able to run current generation games with the specs you are saying"

you are kidding right??

ps4 will only being doing 720p in bf4

but you think it could run bf3 in 2560x1600???

im not understanding

ps3/360 have run games 2 full generations behind pc games since 2007, now pc is over 3 generations beyond ps3/360

ps4 is already a gen behind pc dude, you are completely out of your mind...

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16x anti aliasing
60 frames


a high end pc from 2011 is already far, FAR beyond anything ps4 can do

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xbox 720 is vaporware

ms is bowing out of the next gen

games division of ms is moving to mobile and pc, theres no money in the console business anymore

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how about you just release a great set of modding tools, we don't need lame as$ dlc, everyone
HATES dlc that i know in the pc crowd....its insulting

release great mod tools and expansions every 1.5-2 years, thats plenty......

we don't need to be nickle and dimed for some map and character skin that any rookie could create

create full blown expansions or don't bother asking for any more money


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the pc version will for sure be the best version, though i have no doubt the ps4 version will be amazing too!

the next xbox is the real wild card, i wish MS would just come out and talk about it!

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who's trolling, i am being 100% honest and telling the truth

a pc with an i-5, gtx 660ti and 8 gb ddr3 is more powerful than the ps4

a pc with an i-7, gtx 680 and 8 gb ram DESTROYS the ps4

just because you don't like something, or it hurts your pride for some foolish reason or you have some brand loyalty to some giant mega corporation that gives less than one sh!t about you doesn't take away from the facts

the ps4 has a v...

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gtx 680


already FAR more powerful than anything ps4 or nextbox will be able to do, WAY higher resolutions and anti aliasing levels, much better framerates, higher particle counts, better draw distance, lighting , shadows etc.

now if you want 2560x1600 at 60 frames a year or two down the road in heavy hitters like the witcher 3 or bf4, you can always add another gtx 680

just get an sli board


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