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The wrapper isn't big enough to cover the whole burger!

That is all. #22
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Wont most of the planets look the same though?

I can see this game getting boring very quickly. Like most games out at the moment! #15
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Next question. Full game is £49.99 but upgrade for PS+ is £34.99

Are they both the same am I getting the discount or do I still need to pay £49.99 for the full game #35
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Can someone tell me if it is out in the UK? Im in work #33
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This happens to me also but just the messages. Get a PS notification to say I got a message but have to wait minutes for it to appear so I can read it. FYI bet that doesn't happen on XBox!!!

Also as appreciate messages is not part of PS+ I do pay for + so shouldn't expect these problems. Tired of consoles always under delivering, role on Alien-ware Alpha or equivalent. #28
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OMG - Whoever wrote this article has to spoil it for everyone else. Yes people knew about this but it is not as well known and the old loot cave.

People may say well shouldn't be boosting anyway but the fact is I've started a new character my 2 mates are level 28 and I've now reached level 21 with the new character (thank god I've done have to listen to the story any more). I'm unable to play with them as the strikes they complete are to high for me to... #18
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I'm not a fanboy of either console. Use to own an Xbox360 and now have a PS4.

I played Forza Horizon One and played the Beta of Driveclub. Honest opinion is IM preferring Forza. I know its hard to judge based on a Beta but it was pretyy much the final build.

Graphics wise I think Driveclub wins but I think Forza are more fun to play. So much so I wish I had an XboxOne to play Forza Horizon 2.

Just like many games on the PS4 at the mom... #38
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As previously mentioned I'm not a fanboy of either console.

I have had a PS3 for many years and an Xbox 360 for many years just never had the 2 at the same time. With the new consoles appearing ever closer I wont be able to afford both so I'm really unsure which console to get. So far for me it is PS4 as I would rather 4K than Illumiroom (whatever it is called). Also with Steam Box I'm really undecided.

I prefer the dashboard and community on t... #14
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It has been reported today that Cliffy B was caught with a 1000 grams crack and has been noted as making one of the most ridiculous statements ever.

Be fair Cliffy B put the crack pipe down and say something sensible. Majority of the UK has less than 5 meg alone so pull your head from you bum, look around and grab a sense of reality because this statement makes you look idiotic and out of touch with the real world. #52
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40 -
Im part of the Beta trial but fail to see why they done this as there are so few and far between updates on the Beta I can honestly say that people not on are not missing much.

Oh Im new BTW so be gentle and hello everyone.......1st post #34
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