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As previously mentioned I'm not a fanboy of either console.

I have had a PS3 for many years and an Xbox 360 for many years just never had the 2 at the same time. With the new consoles appearing ever closer I wont be able to afford both so I'm really unsure which console to get. So far for me it is PS4 as I would rather 4K than Illumiroom (whatever it is called). Also with Steam Box I'm really undecided.

I prefer the dashboard and community on t... #14
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It has been reported today that Cliffy B was caught with a 1000 grams crack and has been noted as making one of the most ridiculous statements ever.

Be fair Cliffy B put the crack pipe down and say something sensible. Majority of the UK has less than 5 meg alone so pull your head from you bum, look around and grab a sense of reality because this statement makes you look idiotic and out of touch with the real world. #52
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40 -
Im part of the Beta trial but fail to see why they done this as there are so few and far between updates on the Beta I can honestly say that people not on are not missing much.

Oh Im new BTW so be gentle and hello everyone.......1st post #34
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