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I was extremely curious about this title as well. Good thing I didn't preorder it I suppose. Guess this goes into the wait til it's $5.00 on Steam pile.

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I think it's fair to wait til E3 before passing judgement. However, the pit of my soul fears Microsoft took one look at PS3's rocky launch and said "we can do it better" without learning from Sony's errors. I'll wait til E3 before final judgement. Maybe Microsoft hasn't deserted the gamers quite yet

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I suspect this is a matter of the longer we can keep the confusion going, the longer we can delay the inevitable outrage.

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I completely disagree. This is simply in line with Kickstarter, Minecraft's sales model, and paid access to closed beta. Early access games as long as its spoken up front that you are helping support an indie or small developer and the game is currently unfinished is not deceptive. After all, you are getting the full game upon full release when buying an early access game. Not everyone has a multi million dollar publisher paying their bill.

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Clearly you've never experienced Square Enix sticker shock for a ported DS game. Those games are 15 dollars each, easily.

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Nothing kills a game like terrible controls

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Been watching this project since its Kickstarter project. Looking good!

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Here's a novel solution. Add a few new categories, games with budges under 25,000 dollars would get their ESRB ratings for free or at a token sum and then put smaller fees up to 250,000. Or better yet, make the ESRB fee a certain percentage of the overall budget instead of based on categories.

Until then, at least there's Kickstarter

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Does Katamari Damacy count as "violent"? A lot of people consider it a shining example of non violent game place but rolling up people in a giant ball and most likely being smothered seems a little violent.

Either which way, we need more games like Spec Ops The Line. Games that actually question the violence.

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I'm curious to see how high the eBay prices shoot up

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Always nice to see new IP in the industry instead of having another sequel.

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Such a huge waste of potential. This game had so much going for it and they dropped the ball. Back to World of Warcraft

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I still haven't gotten used to seeing Mario and Sonic in the same game. It feels like a travesty to some great rivalry. Like the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Habs playing for the same side...

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