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Yeah, I never played RE before but I think any franchise that deviates too far from its roots should just be a new name and be a new franchise of its own.

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@thezeldadoth agreed. I hate how gamers nowadays feel they are entitled to something just because they bought something in the past from a company.

Companies are just trying to make money. And artists, are just trying to do something that inspires them...and also possibly make money too.

We aren't the developers friends. They don't owe us anything. They don't make games because they "owe" it to us. They make games to sell. And...

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Porn is perfectly fine. I think a business has every right to decide what product they do and do not carry.

If I was running a small little home town business of retro games, magic cards, comics and whatever... am I a "sad little virgin" just because I don't want porn videos in my store? I don't think so, but apparently every one thinks just because you dont wanna sell something, apparently you're a virgin and have a problem with sex.

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Ha! I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn't want people seeing I was playing that game. lol!!!

edit: typo

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Eh, this all just screams "shock value." to me -the article, and the game. Yawn. Why does it have to be on Steam anyway? If Steam doesn't want it, it's their freedom as a business not to carry it.

Package it and sell it or host it on their own website. Problem solved.

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Very nice article! Thanks for sharing it.

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I agree with this as far as Netflix goes. I think since you're already paying for Netflix, you shouldn't have to be a gold member to use it. Let it be part of the silver membership.

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I like this

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Haha! Yep

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Well said with your points, @born2live

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well said @axelstone

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@joab777 Interesting. I agree, just like gameplay games could also think about different ways of approaching death.

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I liked the "Wash Me" photo in the article, ha.

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glad to see someone gave it a good score. Very excited for this title.

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nice list

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Interesting read. I definitely agree with L.A Noire. It was fun for about 2 hours.

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I don't think a console has to match or succeed in specs or graphics of its competitors to be considered and called "next gen". It's next gen for that company and brand and the consumers who buy those products. The Wii U may not be a powerhouse, but it's still neat. Playing Pikmin 2 among others this year on the Wii U, I am really looking forward to this console. I've never bought a launch Nintendo console, but perhaps this time.

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love this game

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Good list. I vote for Bomberman and Shulk for sure. :)

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