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I love THIS!!!!!!!

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So not true.

In my opinion the reason this game is going to be great is all the new animations, which should be about perfect in 11, and the fact that PLAYER RATINGS are now WAAAAAAAAAY more accurate for each and every position! I cannot stress how much this SHOULD affect the game.

I for one agree that 09 was garbage but this is a new team for the most part and they seem to actually care about the game. It makes a big difference but we shall see heh.

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For anyone who follows the development of this game this years madden is going to own 2k5 you guys can keep living in the past. Don't get me wrong IDK if I would pay 60 dollars or 50 for this year but 2011 is going to surely be something special because they will have worked out all their problems. This year's game is CLEARLY a step up on the pedestal. Anyway, 2k isn't around anymore and its graphics are nothing to shout about (not that 09's were) but finally madden is going to convince some ...

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If it's christmas then so be it but I want this game looking pretty whether in 720 or 1080 I want some decent AA and course perfection. I can wait until next summer if I have to.

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Actually, there are many people that estimate the failure rate of the original launch 360s at somewhere near 80 percent. The 33% rate was just oft quoted and does not have any specific truth to its number. Neither does any number because there was never any official number. I don't care either way but I have more than a few friends who lost one or two. At specific videogame sites it had been mentioned that all their original 360s have died. Is that IGN or kotaku? IDK and like I said don't car...

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I'm in.

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Well, if you are serious about film in the least streaming isn't going to give you ****!

Bluray has approached what can be called real 35mm detail for moving pictures. Bluray was more of a resolution upgrade than DVD was over VHS. You cannot even begin to approach an AVC transfer at 35mbps. Streaming will not even get close.

I like my movies to look like they were shot, like they were actually a photographic representation not some blurry blocky mess of what DVD giv...

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GT4 was harmless rehash and it was boring. Prologue was their pointed effort to make a dent. And GT5 will be the comet that destroys everything in its path. They are taking their time as they well should be for maybe the only game truly worth the 60 dollars you pay for it. GT5 is going to end this debate once and for all when it is released, mark mine and many other's words. I am poor so I could wait another year if I had to. But I think we will be seeing it no later than March.


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Okay, this article was crap but....

To be honest I think everyone knows that the PS3 is just getting started and will be here for some time as a Bluray trojan horse, which, is really good because DVD's never had a place in any serious film person's library. It is quite like smearing half the text in a novel and it was time for it to die. What, it's still around? LOFL cuz I still have to burn cd's on my mac mini but that is another story.

Anyway, the 360 is still a so...

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I agree, where the **** was Sucker Punch at the ICE meetings. Their game looks like rotten meat next to Uncharted 2 or even the first one in many respects.

I am playing Sly 2 right now tho and having a lot of fun. It's just that all the pop in is not as noticeable on lower resolutions and the animation is about as good as it was in Infamous LOL.

I sincerely hope they do not do a sequel to that game. I don't want that huge open world cuz the PS3 cannot handle that cra...

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Okay he said they will patch if its needed.

I think the game is more important as to your favorite dev than their patch issues.

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360 barely edged out the ps3 in eurogamer and the PC has the capability of 1080p native with 16xAF and 8xAA so yeah lol the PC owns this one. That video is a joke of compression and low resolution.

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Seriously, guys, do we have nothing to do but troll either the GT5 articles or the Forza ones, usually the same people, to just say terrible things about the other game on the other console. Get a life people. Until we see both games with a lot of in game footage all this means nothing. Stop the trolling stop the inanity of this. WHY must this happen every day all the time. I am beginning to think fellow gamers are nothing but 14 year old twinkie stuffed dooshbags.

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Good god there is not going to be any PS4 in the next two full years for sure. Some of you are hopeless. What could they possibly do. Stick some sort of new nvidia tech in and a new cell chip and sell it for 800 dollars!?

An 8800 series or 9800 would hardly upgrade anything and what 2GB of RAM to just kill any momentum the PS3 has going for it. Yeah, I see a PS4 being talked about in 2013 and released in 2014.

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Okay beyond these petty arguments it can be said that this is good because maybe just maybe some dooshie third party will pick the code up and start running with it making exceptions here and bettering it there to make an engine that people actually desire to look at.

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There are so many games and I have so little money. I have said it before but I don't care if this is released in 2011. I don't have 600 dollars to buy all this ****.

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Forza had come a long long way since 2 graphically.

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The wii has like 88MB of RAM or whatever. As if N is going to to go 512 which at this point is the minimum we as gamers need for high resolutions. They are all about cost and efficiency and trust me they aren't going to go out of their way to create anything groundbreaking.

I don't think we'll be seeing Wii HD until late 2011 or 12. If not, then I sure as heck will not be buying a Wii 1.5

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this would take a team of dedicated people a while to do

idk, if it's legit I have an 80gb already idc

but if it isn't does anybody care THAT much

who cannot go buy the 80gb that are still available

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I'm going to seriously hope this is 30 dollars or less PSN.

At 60 and disc this game would be suicide.

As it is one of my favorite games updating to 1080p is just glorious but at 60 dollars I would never drop the money. I don't pay the full 60 for any game.

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