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People underestimate the greatness of this game. Uncharted was from scratch and it was a great game with many flaws you could pick at if you were picky. But this is something else. Everybody who made the game has matured hence the game has become so much more complex and yet simple and fun. And let us not forget these guys are among the best devs on the planet. If Sony gives some love why would you not pick up a slim for this. It has everything.

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More than likely these are the same exact chips. If murder was smart or not an xbot he wouldn't have even posted this. AS IF THE SLIM? is even close to my BC 80GB with a better 'mata', (yes the spiderman one that actually kind of looks like the PS3 itself with it sloping sides that came about way before spiderman) and 4 USB, SACD, and memory card readers. Not only that but it has what must be the sexiest shiny black casing I have ever seen as long you don't mess it up. Do not rub just lightly...

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Ummm, I should hope so considering 480p and under 100MB RAM I would hope it to be the most reliable.

Funny story: I sold my Wii on ebay after it started to make louder sounds, noticeably the disc tray and fan noise, and I have not looked back since. I love playing the very few games it had but I got full price on it and bought my MGS BC 80GB and have never ever looked back. My PS3 console is very quiet must have gotten one of the better ones knock on wood. During streaming it is ...

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Well, let us hope the rate is still not 50 percent or there should be some trouble for this company. I mean, seriously, companies rarely get away with stuff like this and Micro seems to have done a great job. I know for fact they have leased space on UPS grounds in texas because it saves them shipping so it is still happening but at 50% I find hard to believe. I hope.

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O man I sincerely hope they have more Ferrari's in GT5. Where are the 50's and 60's models? I am sure they will have more.

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This guy hasn't even touched Siren and neither have many of you because dead space nor Left 4 Dead LOL would be topping it. Siren wins this hands down I recommend the asian disc version it is non censored and totally in english.

Also Resident Evil 4 was pretty scary in the first part. I honestly jumped more than once. This guys is a doosh. Nuff said.

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Can't everybody just be happy this game looks a lot better than Forza 2. I will be getting GT5 cuz all I can afford is a PS3 but this game looks so much better than Forza 2 I AM SURE the 360 fans will be fine with their purchase. Will it look better than the final GT 5. IDThink so but really who cares at this point.

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The G27 is coming out with improved features I wouldn't settle on the 25.

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I sold all my DVD's a long time ago. You people just need to accept that Bluray will always exist alongside whatever else. The 35mm film format is done no justice at all on DVD and Bluray truly exposes just about every detail the format has to offer in moving pictures. DVD's are dead, go ahead and keep buying them but even an average transfer like 12 Monkeys still looks loads better and more refined with an intact grain structure and Lossless sound.

You cannot beat that with anyt...

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I love the PS3 but I really wish sometime they would have went with the 8800 tho it's not that much better performance it could have helped with this kind of stuff. Oh well, tho, we all can wish. I just know we would be getting a couple more games at 1080p at least at 30fps.

Uncharted 2 has proven tho that I the whiner will be just fine. What I really need is some more 4xAA games.

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People do realize that bluray AVC encodes go as high as 40MB/s right?

And the sound can be 'high def' lossless if needed.

No way you are approaching this with a stream. Not for a very very long time.

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Totally cherrypie, Who would EVER want 35mm film like it was supposed to look like in the first place.

Facepalms PS3 and puts DVD in to watch the glory of noise, blocking, artifacting and 480p.

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It takes one look at bluray to realize that they haven't quite matched toy story in game but as far as cinematics yeah I think they are there and even better in some respects. The problem in game comes down to detail and AA and other filters that haven't quite showed themselves on the PS3. It is getting there tho.

Cars and WALLE no not even close.

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Stream is a HUGE quality loss. Stop with your denials. A good bluray is 35MB a sec where a quality stream is more like 5-10 at most people's connections. HUGE QUALITY LOSS.

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In fact the resolution difference is greater from dvd to bluray than vhs to dvd. No one would splash your bubbles if you knew what you were talking about. 35mm film has even greater resolution, tho slightly with moving pictures, than bluray. VHS to DVD was not THAT great of a jump all things considered. You still had all the artifacting, digital noise, and terrible detail of dvd. Nothing but Bluray gives you film like it was supposed to be seen. Although watch out for warner their encodes are...

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In theory a smaller screen should mean better pixel pitch and they also should have corrected all the problems so I would really like one of these but I can hardly pay the rent and keep up with the PS3. Oh well. Someday.

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You know I really like that they tweaked the barrel rolls. My hands never fit this game real well but I'm pretty good so I will pick it back up after the latest patch and fury and prolly play it to complete the campaign golds. I just got bored after a while. 720p for this game really isn't a whole lot more different than the 1080 which scales down quite a bit when moving so anyway you have it still looks great. I say this cuz I play in 1080i and I do pretty well but I was thinking maybe I sho...

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I'm predicting 93 average. We know there is going to be a couple of dooshbaggers.

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You have to be kidding as a gamer but you are not!

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