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Can someone give me some freakin bubbles. One trip to the 360 forum and I'm on life support. Good god I wasn't even ranting.

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I agree actually. I was slightly disappointed at the interview. He obviously dodges the questions. I kind of said geez this is another cashin when he said the part about the textures. COME ON! You could have at least updated things! Whatever. I can tell you I will not be paying 40 dollars for trophies like many people will if their is nothing new I bought the two games already and they look just fine on emulation. I don't understand why everyone is clamoring for MORE games like this. 2xAA is ...

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You couldn't by any chance walk into moving traffic or anything today could you?

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You sirs are in the clear minority. In no way is this generation entitled to anything. This generation is growing up in the worst conditions possible with a corporate elite that want to make us 3rd world in every way. When we pay 600 dollars for a machine we are entitled to out opinion. One jog over to the official forums where fanboys are not so abundant tells you how much this update is basically universally hated. All of us buyers of the original PS3's with any sense are actively protestin...

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Entitlement generation. This generation has been **** on the by the corporate elite. There has never been more disease, mass stupidity, and fascist tendencies to rule over the classes. ENTITLEMENT! I paid 600 dollars for this **** you ******* pricks. You guys who like this update o man are you guys in the minority. I am now seeing N4g's true colors. You guys are really fanboys on the extreme end. This update is crap. Horrible. Nothing. I want the mata font back for starters and the splash and...

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Worst update ever!

Has to be the most convoluted piece of **** system of design I have ever seen ruin what was good about before.

Where is the splash screen before games where is the ******* MATA FONT at all.

AH HEM! the slim isn't even out in many people's hands did you forget that 25 million people have the other PS3's and that the old font is on every ps3 game box for christ!

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Me too no demo.

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What the hell I never even knew about the visualizer!!!!!!

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I think I am honest in saying these services are not much different anymore. Home is actually getting quite fun and complex and after PSN gets the next update or one more down the road seriously I don't think live has anything over the PSN. Does live do more than 32 player online? I was of the assumption that it did not. Why is this?

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GOOD GOD Uncharted 2 will tear this game apart story wise and with its varied locations and superb acting there is just no way I don't care if this is running on the best PC.

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I would have to work up my courage for this.

Cannot be any worse than an eyeball taco!

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O man they are going the extra mile for this. I dunno how everyone is not excited. WE CAN FINALLY FLY IN SPACE TO THE NEXT PLANET! NUFF SAID!

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I'm predicting DVD is basically dead in 2012 when we start to hear talk of the new consoles and the bridge between PC devs and the likes of Naughty Dog is basically complete. Everyone wants their hi-def audio and uncompressed textures not to mention as close to lossless video as possible. DVD's are fine but let us be serious they aren't sticking around unless you are 65 years old. The quality is just not there and even a housewife buying disney movies can see that. Soon all those PC people ar...

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A much better gpu at the time would have tipped this console into the 7-800 dollar range even if you were using what the 360 has. The cell is brilliant and it should be in the next console. It is just a matter of time before Sony's sdk is up to snuff to allow devs to make great ports instead of average ones.

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Infamous is not the game you should be touting because it looks very average. Just saying. Uncharted still to this day looks awesome and it was made from scratch with dev tools that were very early in development. Infamous is riddled with little things that make graphic mongers want to slit their throats.

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Would it not be totally awesome and truly epic you could have all that and then fly back to earth to play the original warhawk with some sort of seamless transition. Never gonna happen but it would be cool.

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IDC, as long the console versions are hugely at a loss compared to the PC version I will not play it until I get a PC. My ps3 is for exclusives.

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WOW! let me clear up a couple misconceptions stated here you guys don't know what the **** you are talking about. First of all panda is somewhat right and also somewhat wrong. Any native 1080p display DOES NOT SCALE ITS PIXELS to fit larger tv's. There is no set pixel pitch!

1080p is a resolution it has nothing to do with screen size LOL. You are talking about pixel pitch and this has nothing to do with resolution per se.

A 40 inch tv will have zero noticeable differ...

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Whoa! why the **** would we owners of the original PS3 want this new logo on start up. I for one will be bit**ing non stop if this is the case. I do not like that new logo and the font called 'mata' which predates spiderman by a dozen plus years is perfect in its design. It looks just like the ps3 with its curves and such why would I want to boot up to the slim logo when I do not have a slim. Doesn't make any sense.

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