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LOL, I love when people say dvd is fine for movies or FILM. The 35mm format most employed in hollywood has relative resolution to that of bluray give or take a little. Nobody who really really enjoys cinema would ever settle for DVD period.

The resolution, colors, flaws, etc of the DVD format are apparent to anybody with a 1080 screen and eyes no matter how big or small. My Dell 24 inch shows a TON more detail and resolution compared to any upscaled dvd.

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More than anything I just feel sorry for all these people. If my PS3 had these problems I would think about burning down Sony. When my PS2 went I bashed the thing to **** rather than send it in. I absolutely hate this kind of ****.

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Yeah, the skies have been improved considerably. Also, detail is just off the wall. The tiles and such that they use are very very good and they are everywhere. Also, just the level of polish is amazing. The first game tore frames a lot I would say as much as 10 percent and this one is just looking unbelievable.

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This is the series I see launching in the PS4. At that time you will see an improved Cell and a better bluray drive and one of these cards coming out for something like 399. There will not be another 600 dollar console because Sony has all that tech already invested. The PS4 is going to be a Monster.

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HE MADE digital free albums a huge success and has been a gigantic boon for the industry of indie artists that want to do things in different ways.

The Fragile was huge and was released ten years ago. Some of you guys are just so insecure it makes me want to puke. As if people cannot say what they want and you are right. Dude, this guy will do more in his life than you ever will so STFU.

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Reznor is not some freak about gaming guys cool down. While his comments about indie games are way off base, Sony has supported them from the beginning more than anyone else, he has been a 360 fan for a while so that is just fine. His music is great for the most part the fragile and the TDS are two of the greatest albums ever imo but we don't have to attack him. 360 has some great games as do Sony. I like what I see from Sony a lot more and that is where his opinion is a bit hairy compared to...

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I was hoping for march because they need the extra time for this giant. Just think how polished this game is going to be. A december date would have left them with a real quality control problem.

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These are the guys that gave halo a 7.5.

Let's just go and trust them now. I have never doubted this site.

Everyone at this point should know to either buy these type of games (please) on PC)) or 360 if last resort as they have none to zero optimization on ps3.

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I laughed a bit. We all know who is going to win in the end. Bubble.

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The thing most people do not realize is that they completely eliminated the rampant tearing and upgraded their lighting to a ridiculous level that will come out more and more as people look closely.

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Bull**** you ran through KZ2 in 5.5 hours. For one you played on EASY if it took you anywhere near that and would have had to race through doing nothing about trophies. Elite in KZ2 is wicked it takes people 5 hours just to finish the last part on elite. And no you did not get most of the single player trophies that matter in that amount of time. You are way off base.

I don't care one way or another if this game is great or not it looks good enough not a 9 but who cares really as...

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Guys, the cars do NOT take 2 months to build. More than likely they are making them now in weeks with multiple team members working on them. I wouldn't be surprised if they can now spit them out in a week. STOP reiterating what they said like 3 years ago. They were only talking about one person working on the car and even now they have made huge strides in efficiency I am sure.

I am also sure it takes some extra time to get all the performance issues correct but still if it took ...

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Gears multiplayer and voice acting not to mention script WHAT SCRIPT were all broken on release. To even compare these games is ridiculous. Not only does this game have better graphics by a fair margin it has a LOT more variety. THERE IS NOTHING I REPEAT NOTHING wrong with the mechanics of this game. They have improved drake's moveset by quite a lot from Uncharted. I agree the first was like an 8.5 it was their first game on an unrefined engine but if you think this game is not better in ever...

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Yep, I have been saying 2013 all along. I think we will see a revamped cell and 300 series GPU in the PS4 if not better retailing for 400 bucks of course with the latest bluray drive. There will be no more 600 dollar consoles as they have already taken the hit and will not have to again for a long time. Sony really had the great 20 year strategy here if you ask me lol.

All the devs will be fluent with the cell SPU's and the next graphic card basically gives you unlimited 1080p co...

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I agree. 10's are for the best of the best. I could not believe I saw a 9 in graphics for this game. I mean, they had to know what people were going to think. IGN has lost a lot of respect from me lately for all the 10's they have given out.

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At 2 million sales equalling 120 million in revenue?

For a game that was complete trash in 09'.

This guy is ridiculous. This series will be for 2011 when it will finally make the grade.

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For one thing why would there be 'crazy' kill streaks when hardly any other game focused on multi has this for trophies. Kill streaks mean nothing except that maybe you are padding. This list looks familiar and awesome and the real fans in us just got real giddy at the thought of 100 TREASURES! SWEEEEEET!

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surprised most people are not lacing into nintendo as this is what they have basically done for 10 years now

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First of all stop taking my bubbles for no freakin reason I have 2. I will buy it eventually but I am saying I want some screenshots first. It could be just upscaled 720p I really have no idea what they are doing but 2xAA is better than none but I would have like 4XAA as an emulator will come along that does that and 1080p at some point. Good release but the box art is a little disappointing.

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In need of bubbles pretty please. One trip to the darkside and they flayed me.

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