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LOL lets see the new AA techniques

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Completely bunk. If Madden 10 is that then this is 10.9 etc.

Case in point: I made a discussion thread about target field mn backstop not being limestone in the vids I seen at operation sports. This thread grew to 15 pages and devs responded but mods ended it saying stadiums were locked meaning no more requests. First patch already out and TF has a limestone backstop. Consider my preorder contained. These devs listen go to Operation Sports if you are a baseball fan.

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Dudes, I hate to say this but this is what I wanted. Many enhancements in the SDK and many efficiency enhancements with code will be done in this time. We can all expect a better game. There is simply too much to expect it so soon. The demo's were weak and I think deep inside we all wanted this. There are plenty of games out. We don't need this right now. Too massive.

With MLB 10, and many many other games I simply don't have the time for this anyway.

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Also, PSN charges tax.

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That is one awesome sale. Already had CC but Zen, BRAID!, and gravity crash are at fantastic prices.

Braid is 8.00 after tax Critter Crunch is cheap as all heck for its quality at 3.50!. If you do not have those games there is no better time both 1080p native.

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@ fairplay:

Where did you pull it out of your *** that U2 has less to calculate than any other game. Ummm, yeah, dude, we'll just trust you on that right. Like when drake is being assaulted by the helicopter and the whole building is being thrown about in real time. Or how about the train ride lofl, something more impressive than anything in any first person shooter besides crisis on high end PC. Something that KZ2 doesn't even come close to godbless it though as I do love that g...

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LOL let's hope they can improve trees and spectators drastically before release. At least from what we have seen so far they need to work on this stuff. Glad we have a delay. There are way too many games coming out.

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Um, yeah.

Shoots himself.

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Nintendo, friend codes. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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MAG officially does not impress visually what a ridiculous article. You could say their online system is great or whatever but the low res textures and simple geometry coupled with the terrible draw in of the demo makes the game look sub warhawk which is not good imo. I think the game will find its following and I can imagine on the PS4 this might be something special. For now the underwhelming graphics are disappointing. I really just wish the draw distance was pushed back. Oh well.

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Glad I am not the only one that thinks MAG is basically garbage. What a wait and for what? PS2 upscaled with lame lame lame lame gunplay. Hardly any blood and guts fighting like KZ2. Nothing really that makes it look any better than your casual 15 dollar crapfest. Headshots are boring and so is everything else. Sorry for the truth but it needs to be said. People buying this for 60 are wasting their money. KZ2 still plays and it plays better than this despite its flaws. And it looks 10x what M...

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Yeah, alcohol just gets to be too much and you lose focus. Green is where the party is people.


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Did you guys know that you can get it for 38.99 at deep discount free shipping?

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Yevon has to be the worst boss character in the history of gaming; along with its rock music, it was clearly one of the worst experiences of my gaming life.

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No offense dude, but there are quite a few gamers that think FFX ruined the series as a whole. I am one of them. I also think tho that people thinking these games can be oblivion x 2 with all the open world design need to think of the limitations of the consoles. Anyway, I don't think this is a first day buy never did. FF8 forever.

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Well, I'm a 55 in Uncharted and I can say for sure the Multi is not as frantic or original, nor does it keep you coming back past a certain point unless you are diehard. There is nothing to do but keep shooting. Killzone had classes and a **** load more things to do and achieve working together with a team. Uncharted is good but not great. 5 on 5 can only go so far without any upgrades or classes or anything really to stop you running around it's boxy spawn infested environments until you rea...

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Actually if you look at it the blacks are slightly crushed in the original shots. Just dial down your brightness setting one or two and you have what you want. It in no way will hinder anything. I play on a dell lcd so my blacks are always slightly crushed and bright lol but I will be getting one of those LED LCD's next year all is good. The detail that was put back into this game is amazing. Or rather it was there just not realized. GoW2 seriously looks like a first generation PS3 game LOFL....

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Wowie Zowee! This is going to rock. The differences are like night and day in certain shots. Thank the lord for some AA. 4x would have been even better but I'll take what I can get at 60fps. This game is really going to show it's strength in motion. Wonderful.

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People need to realize that they just made a HUGE amount of improvements in the last patch. HUUUUGE! This is a beta for a reason.

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But they have already gone past bluray and cell costs. The next system will be 399 on launch no doubt. They have set themselves up for next gen too with all the money they have spent. It needed to be done by someone and Sony took the ball and got it rolling. DVD is all but dead next year.

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