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Sorry, but it is way too hard to put porn in folders so you do not have it sitting right out front when you are bowling with grandma. Seriously, we should be able to make our own folders and be able to lock them.

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You are not being objective. Having played both AW and U2 I would know. AW goes from great to absolutely N64 textures in places. Sure, it has lighting and so does U2. What AW does not have is the high res textures, beautiful water, animations, multiple environs, etc. Maybe you should actually play U2, heh?

The atmosphere of U2 is second to none.

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And U2 packs style in spades switching environments like nobody else in the biz.

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DUDE, EXACTLY MY POINT ABOUT FILM AND LITERATURE. GAMES are completely and UTTERLY ridiculously overpriced and EVERYONE KNOWS IT. I have yet to buy a full price game besides U2.

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PC is great and all but you have absolutely none of the dozens upon dozens of classic PS games. That is a fail in itself. PC gamers have this and that and yet I don't give a **** past a couple games. The PS has so many franchises that are classic it is sick. Nuff Said.

AT the bottom guy down below on his PC list. Geesh I need bubbles.

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PC is great and all but you have absolutely none of the dozens upon dozens of classic PS games. That is a fail in itself. PC gamers have this and that and yet I don't give a **** past a couple games. The PS has so many franchises that are classic it is sick. Nuff Said.

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Comment didn't work out. Posted in wrong section. I NEED BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pretty sure you guys can expect amazing graphics as Ins has went back to 30fps. Let's hope motion blur is not a problem.

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I love all the nutheads that think 3:10 to Yuma remake was anything even resembling a good or even a decent western. Honestly, had to be the most unrealistic piece of hollywood trash that I have ever seen about the west and I have seen just about all of them post 1960. Nothing worked in that movie but the beginning. After that stolid to horrible acting and absolutely cringe worthy gunfights with nobody taking bullets. Just thought I'd add that as I have perused too many of these RDR board...

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Yahtzee my ******* *** dude! The guy is a comedian nothing more and his schtick was cool for like 6 games.

KZ2 was a pioneering effort in Console FPS to say anything different you sound like an F'in tard. 32 player matches with absolutely groundbreaking graphics. Bullets and bots and particles everywhere with 32 players and hardly any slowdown. Where the **** do you see that outside of PC?

To sit there and Criticize U2 would be fine if you were talking th...

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I was just thinking the same thing. Here we go again.

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Also, GTA 4 blows. Nice try.

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KZ2 has above average texture work all you have to do is look at the character models and certain parts of levels. To even mention KZ2 as average is really really seeing the fanboy in YOU. There is NO other game that does 32 players online with all the explosions, particles, etc. And the skies in KZ2 are freakin beautiful, better than Uncharted 2 expecially in places like Blood Gracht. Sure some things are definitely low poly but you have to remember we are going to be seeing KZ3 soon. All th...

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This site is completely ridiculous. KZ2 is not flawed in anyway and anybody saying this has not played the game and is advised to STFU. There was nothing WRONG with the game. It was CoD fanboys hollering nonstop about the controls. The controls as is are freakin great I should know I play a couple hours every week and am ranked in the top 15k or so. I don't know about Reach it looks to be a lot better than 3 by a large margin but stop blindly attacking the ONLY console game to have 32 players...

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wiimaniac you are full of ****! The CPU's of each console are far from being similar. Do your homework. They each require very different styles of coding to maximize potential.

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Not sure why some of you are thinking the 720 is going 2011. You guys are aware of how little graphics cards have changed are you not? What exactly do you think a new console in 2011 is going to produce for around 400 dollars. It is obvious that no one is looking to blow that much money on any kind of hardware that may or may not even be a significant upgrade. Graphics cards that do 1080p native on all games at this point are still 200 bucks. You aren't going to see a 200 dollar card in a sys...

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BULL**** they didn't profit. I ALWAYS hear this from winy devs. Yet how do you not make a profit with a game with at least 90 million in sales. This is no 100 million dollar production. Sony OBVIOUSLY profited off it, yet they say the publisher broke even?

Don't trust what these people say. They all got paid. Videogames are the MOST expensive artform for sale in mass quantity and unless you are selling like 200k you are making some kind of profit. People are getting paid. So why ...

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So let me get this straight.... You have a PC that costs 10,000 dollars that has the capability of 720p and ZERO AA on the best titles? What a deal!

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LOL at this multiplayer. There are a couple nutters that play this 24/7 with well over 2000 hours and I have no idea why anybody would waste their life on this game. I love U2 as a single player and went up to 55 in the multi and just quit shortly after that because I was sick of leveling with the negative boosters. Being honest, all you do on this game is run around in circles with 9 other people shooting at them when you can (older players remember when we could get out of a firefight alive...

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All I have to say is sometimes 30fps is preferable to me. I like Killzone 2 just fine the way it is. I am not sure I want a R2 like quality to THAT game. In racing sure 60fps is going to be awesome no doubt.... but honestly I don't think it matters THAT much in games like KZ2 because it is nothing like Counterstrike. It demands patience and aim not split second laser guided bullets that hit their mark with one click of the mouse.

What an idiotic statement above lol. Yeah, I am s...

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