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This game needed a TON of change. The first was great but if you want to be critical it is not that hard. ALL of the characters had no life. Just because Cole had a few cutscenes means nothing. ALL of the character models were butt ugly. This is why you people as gamers do not run companies and make games. Because you would have kept everything the same.

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You people act like you know this guy inside and out from watching comic book cutscenes. The story was HALF assed at BEST! I didn't much care for anybody and Cole's model was terrible. Because half of you are everyday fat people we need our character to be like you? GAMER CANNOT CHANGE. THE REASON THEY BUY MW OVER AND OVER AND OVER. GAMERS ARE FOR THE MOST PART LOSERS WHO CANNOT ACCEPT CHANGE. DEAL WITH IT.

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You people are F'ing raytarded. GET THE **** OVER IT YOU WHINY LITTLE TEENAGE *****ES!

This game had the THE worst character models ever. Redesign THANK YOU.

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I will not buy your ****!

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Wow, gamers (aka murderers) still buy this drudge year after year and care about it. LOFL.

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Blah. Games need a new direction. If all we are doing is shooting people 20 years from now we will not exist.

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Better loading lol. There was no loading to begin with minus like 3 seconds to get into the game.

All I want is better draw distance, textures all around, and script including mission people and what they need done.

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You people are the ones that need to do your research. This piece of **** cable has some of the worst ratings on amazon and these cables in general are bottom of the barrel in comaprison to other cables that actually HAVE RATINGS TO SHOW THEIR WORTH. HDMI is rated in categories and of course there are specifications that it has to pass relating to all kinds of different things. Just because someone told you digital is digital does not make your 3 dollar crap product the best out there.

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Bull. HDMI is still susceptible to losses ESPECIALLY if you run over 15 feet. I bought my bettercables silver serpent HDMI 1.4 cable for 40 bucks and it is the only one I'll ever need. To each their own. But don't go telling me some piece of **** 3 dollar cable can compare to a silver laced top breed 2 categories above it. There are plenty of specifications that better cables no pun intended have to pass that that 3 dollar one does not. Many of these things are related to distance but...

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Eh, I knew this was going to happen the moment they would not show PS3 footage. The rage engine is crap for multiplatform. Sure it can do some pretty sunsets and what not but beyond the 360 architecture it obviously cannot produce much to look at from a pure technical standpoint.

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Reach will be great but honestly I'm getting tired of games this gen. This gen reminds me that we are just kind of in the middle here waiting for the next system to properly push games. Very few games are doing anything to push anything. U2 was doing some great stuff as was Fable but there is not nearly enough creativity going on, especially with stories. We as gamers should demand better stories and better ways to tell them or else all we are doing is pointing guns and shooting. There is...

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Exactly, I won't even touch this game. I have NEVER seen this amount of DENIAL before in all my life. I can spot a subhd game from a mile away and that include MGS, Ratchet, Alan W, Splinter CELL, etc. This is just crazy how hype just brainwashes these idiots. It's funny, but not. It's sad and quite astonishing that many of these people are always bashing the 360 and now they just don't notice it on their TV. One of two things is going on here. VERY LOW intelligence or pure de...

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HONESTLY, as a PS3 fanboy you flacking retards are seriously starting to pee me off with your OBNOXIOUS DENIALS!

I put the game in and right away I notice it is SUPER blurry on my 42 inch local dimmer. This amount of DENIAL is plain ANNOYING. WHO CARES? So why deny that the ps3 version is subhd and quite inferior to a product engine designed and made to run on the 360.

All this that is not how it looks on my TV bull**** is ridiculous. I have a 4000 dollar ca...

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Video game execs are worse liars than the movie execs. These games cost nowhere near 100 million. Don't believe it for one second.

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I think it is ridiculous that some of you DON'T CARE. I could consider myself a PS3 fanboy and this **** bothers me to no end. I will not purchase rockstar games unless ACTUALLY LED on the PS3 platform. These guys did the best they could porting 360 code but we all know it just doesn't work in the end. The cell needs to be used efficiently with its SPU's and they are just not doing that. BUT R$ could have built a new engine. They chose not to.

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Dude, you guys are becoming the definition of moron. Get a life and do some research and stop with this redundant back of the box crap. Are you retarded? Do you drink Coor's Light all day or is your IQ just f'ing off the charts low. Eurogamer is connected to Mazinger and they all are legitimate people. They find these exact same things out for SubHD games on the 360. This is a crap port as expected. If you want to live in denial then so be it. But don't bore us with your stupidity...

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I was looking at FZero on Neogaf. OMG! Can you say Wipeout HD contender. In my mind I always liked that FZero better than wipeout. Good lord at 1080p it looks like a game from today.

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LoL dude, do you know how to read? The framerate is worse, confirmed, the textures are worse, confirmed, and the resolution is 20% less pixels with more pop in. Good Lord.

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I'm all with you dude. I got banned on Neogaf for a meltdown. I knew this was coming and for such a HUGE release it is absolutely unacceptable. If you have a large screen that kind of res is VERY disappointing. People have their blinders on, though, and nothing can stop the hype. I'll go buy a couple used games and leave it at that. If I get a PC I'll be looking for this game if or when it comes.

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FOR SURE there is a difference. I want you all to peruse the Eurogamer article when it comes out and you tell me you don't care that Rockstar lied to us and that you cannot tell the resolution differences, the frame rate differences, and all the other stuff. RESOLUTION matters end of story and they have no excuse they just didn't want to build a new engine. But they didn't have to lie to us. MAN, I REALLY WANTED this game to be led on the PS3. UN FLACKIN BELIEVABLE! I was so pisse...

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