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Okay, I'm going to put my foot down. You people have obviously not seen this game who are saying it beats U2. This game is from a PC programmer with limited access to the dev tools of Sony. ANYBODY and I mean ANYBODY thinking this is going to look better than KZ3 is in for a sorry realization. The Cell is as different as it gets from traditional programming which is what Carmack excels at and designs his games for. And 60FPS game looking better than U2. When pigs fly.

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Yeah, 720p is pretty fine when full usage of the processor of the PS3 is used with MLAA. I have no probs on my 42" local dimmer. Jaggies on my screen are MUCH reduced compared to my 24 inch computer monitor which brings out jaggies like nothing else at 720p.

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I'm not sure if you realize how little devs who actually make the games get paid. Of course there are devs that make a ton but they are in the minority. These games cost what the people CHOOSE TO PAY THEMSELVES. No game on the market bar GT5 has costed 50 million in actual hard labor. It's the CEO's that are making out like bandits here.

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I agree but sadly it really is only for what you make of it. For gamers in general the wii is a sad option year in and out but that emulator is beautiful. The 360 has basically 4 franchises and the rest are PC able mostly. The PS3 is where the creativity is coming from and you are exactly right about it staying in the race because of expanded features. People moan about AA, and I'm one of them, but MLAA is the next best thing to FULL 8xAA (I personally don't think it quite matches 16x...

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Okay enough with this love for the first resistance. It was okay at best. The weapon wheel was great, as were some of the enemies, and everything else was borderline average. Enough.

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Profanity is but mere words. God and religion are the same in many senses. Your faith is based off of words and nothing but.... There is no physical reality in your 'faith', only words that have long ago died. There is no spiritual context in words. Because you go to church or worship Allah you think that you are somehow different than someone that does not. Why? You are a living being. You can decide for yourself what is right and wrong but it has nothing to do with a man or god or s...

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U2 was boring and uninteresting to you. As far as being melded into an action packed game it is unparalleled how smooth it is. Sure, Heavy Rain is way more grown up and qualifies just as much if not more.

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Agreed, I have played just about everything with a great story and Uncharted set the bar high. Wake is alright but these fanboy articles are garbage and way to abundant on this site.

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Let's be honest: the wii is garbage and cannot support the next gen experience or the developers or VERY lazy at Nintendo. Probably a mix. It was empty for a reason, though....

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I would laugh at you, but I don't want to. The Wii is garbage there guy, garbage. They have emulators that make Wii games look like they are from 1999. Wait, they are.... my bad.

Nintendo does not innovate in any way on consoles. Just because they put out a controller does not make them innovative. Have fun with Mario and Zelda for the rest of your life. It hurts me to say the Retro crew is stuck using tech from 1999.

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16xAA would far outperform MLAA if the resources were there. Some of you need to get a book and read it. When someone generally says 16xAA they mean MSAA. There is no general distinction for MLAA compared to MSAA.

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Why are my comments being posted down here when I am responding to the top poster?

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None of you are right. There is not set output of lag for the move at this point and what you say doesn't even make sense. Most screens have from 0 to 50ms of lag. The move was said by sony to have 22ms of lag. It seems like devs are still working on it but no one has ever said it is over 150ms. And from what IGN said of Socom just a day ago it has been drastically reduced. You are looking at sub 100ms of total lag with the move including screen.

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People like aquanox have convinced me that 360 users are waaaaay too attached to their system because after that turd of a conference I would be on the first train to sonyville. I hate to say it but the 360 honestly has nothing but the same. Halo has to be the most overrated franchise in the history of gaming. Cartoony sci-fi crap story and nothing that seems to improve but graphics and they are still in subHD. Cool to some but after KZ3 there is no way I'd go back to that banal crap. Wha...

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IDK maybe I play too much KZ but halo looks like a kid's game, though, admittedly it does best any other game in the series just by looks alone. Still, def not my cup of tea. Halo reminds me of a sci-fi cartoon.

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Totally dude, while I have nothing against M for games they just don't innovate and there is NO argument. Natal to me looks like huge failure where I will buy move day one just because I liked the Wii I just didn't like its titles and sold soon after I played its best games. Move will be a solid success how could it not be?

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Splitscreen blows and will always blow. Srry.

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Let's just hope the animation director has nothing to do with the story or script. I am all for change but that **** just scared me. Pastrana has an IQ of like 83 and is a total moron in many respects. That is not what I want in a hero.

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Now that is going way too far.

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