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joystick just cant help but compare every PS3 game to something else

I mean the last sentence is ridiculous

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Exactly, what a ******* joke. Glad I sold mine before its worth 30 bucks like the gamecube.

No regrets.

My PS3 is too lovely.

And a 360 wouldn't be bad either.

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stop. posting. this.

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So let us get the propaganda out of the way.

A 2x bluray drive is equivalent to the the minimum disc read on a 12x dvd drive.

Tremendously is a hefty word there.

A 4x drive already is surpassing it in many respects even at the maximum.

Don't act like that completely a** end dvd drive is anything but a low budget piece of sh** compared to the very nice midline Bluray drive.

There is no comparison though many would like to be the ...

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Going to achieve greatness....

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Last time I did that Uncharted was all choppy.

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yeah, not done yet, an understatement tor

7 months of programming and polishing left

the time it took to Complete gears of war

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I just forked down for the PS3 and these people are telling me I am supposed to be looking forward to new consoles in 2 ******* years! and that Sony is done this generation

these people are harmless fools but dang if they don't make you want to grab a shotgun and blow their ******* heads off for wasting our time

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As a PS3 gamer I would not have picked LBP


Princess was cooler and there were definitely others that were better but whatever the game better be the ****

I also have great hope for Too Human I have been looking forward to it for a decade

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