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I don't see anything taking GotY away from this on any system.

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Let me tell you if the pricing policy this gen was not F'in ridiculous a LOT more people would be enjoying this game. I have no sympathy for these companies that still charge full price for games that are 2 years old and even more sometimes.

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Honestly, I am a GT fan who was not happy with 4 and haven't played one since. While I think I GT5 in the end will be the defining game I can't help but think Forza has come a long way graphically since 2 so I know many will be enjoying this game. If I could afford two systems I would be, too. I think all this hate is because the dev's just seem to talk too much fueling fanboys. Both games will be exceptional.

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OMFG these things are getting ridiculous. For the record I don't hit the article nor do I read it there is no reason.

Uncharted 2 will be the GotY. Local coop WAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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This is all for hits and you people are giving them the hits.

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The difference tween this and Gears and Killzone and even crysis..... the sheer amount of screenwriting talent!

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On the water shot there is a VAST difference from Ultra to High.
Vast as in very large difference in textures, lighting, depth, etc.

My question is the 360/Ps3 version water looking like high or Ultra.

I will not be getting this game simply because I don't have a PC and I am
not about to accept the version I have been given.

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3504d ago



are all gamers just stupid dooshbags these days?

any hope?

cuz most of you are talking instead of being on the top ten lists

and it's pathetic

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keep on wanking you F****NG WANKERS

next time you rip off a ben stiller movie make it funny DUMB**CK

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christians jews muslims


what a joke

as is organized religion

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mods....... what mongers

bioshock FTW

I'll suck co(k for bubbles


I was just seriously stripped of bubbles and now I am hunting down every last one for the people that took my bubbles for a simple joke

war is sexy

co*ksucking is needed for bubbles

give me bubbles

lagoonalight crumbles but a new avatar emerges with the sick pig

have a bubble everyone on this god forsaken...

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3519d ago


a year old game just happens to be one of the best most technologically advanced games on the market with DS3 and 160GB

I am almost envious of this with my BC MGS 80gb

obviously only a fanboy could come up with that snide remark

I watch blurays and guess what guys blurays are the ******* ****!!

DVD's can rot in hell for all I care

and so can the 360

bluray finally approaches what true 35mm...

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3519d ago

The new headset is the ****

drop the cash or go somewhere else

socom owns COD in tactical multi

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HAHAHAHA I'd give you bubbles but you have too many.

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Can't you get this **** for free, Sir.

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so WTF!

GFX better, not better, the same

does anybody even care anymore

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FZ GX is one of the best games ever for anyone talented enough to play it.

bubbles, cuz you want them

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