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So flamboyant fanboys, YOU, have a lot of exclusives. And who are YOU referring to. It's pretty obvious who the blatant retard here is. Motorstorm is a wonderful series. You wouldn't know as it's obvious you don't have a PS3. So again why are you here in this article? #4
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There are some weird times where it seems even the PC version has worse geometry. In a few comps it seems lara's shoulders somehow look better in the PS3 version. Of course the PC is going to be 1080p so.... Whatever. I am getting it as these games have much better exploration than Uncharted does though much worse combat as well. #4
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Ehhh, no the trees are actually better, much better. You see popin and random clipping on cry2 trees ALL THE TIME. U2 actually hardly even models trees. The ones they do are big and modeled very well. They model a lot of plants and the trees in Borneo are fabulous. Seriously, you fanboys need something else to do. You look more stupid the more you post. #93.1
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Funny, cuz I have the 360 version of Cry2 right here as well as KZ3 which I am not playing atm. KZ3 textures as you say crush Cry2. I have a calibrated local dimming LED and there is no comparison whatsoever. Part of texture quality is resolution. You might want to actually go play KZ3 divine it would help your fanboy opinion a lot. Some of you people need to seek some fucking help. Get both consoles and then none of you would need to do this every day saving you a lot of time. Simple fact: C... #1.1.38
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And the water is confirmed to be looking slightly better on the PS3 version of CRY2! you dumbass! Look in the comments on DF. Leadbetter had to correct various things his bias forgot to. #52.2.2
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I will leave you with a couple screenshots. It really does disappoint me when fanboys grab onto tech terms and then use this insane hyperbole to distinguish between what they have no clue about. As if you have any fucking clue what these guys are programming and how it matters. You hear bullet points and you repeat theme infinitely while hammering home some useless point while acting like you are not biased. In no way do you make any valid points about anything. KZ3 is prone to geometry draw... #52.2.1
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You see I have also done what you claim to have done and I don't agree with you at all, not one single bit except for the global illumination which isn't really all that unless we see it at work in real time all the time to make a difference that matters. KZ3 has some pretty awesome lighting itself and to say it doesn't is completely biased.

You act like resolution does not matter. Technically, dude, 720p IS NOT HD. HD is 1080p period. Anything below 1280x720p is... #52.2
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No because as far as I know Sony owns the IP. Sony Japan helped out with the title, too #13.2.2
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Since technical accomplishments tend to mean all areas of graphics and you are talking about a game you have seen a dodgy video of that is a year away from release I am going to go out on a limb and call you a disturbing idiot of the masses who is nothing more than a mere fanboy. #4.5.2
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At this point no one knows what this game will actually look like on consoles. These 'video' experts know next to nothing about this game. The reason people have doubt about U2 on 360 is because of the massive CPU operations being done on the Cell to get what you see. Every 360 exclusive seems to be either subHD or something lesser if 720p. Gears of War is the closest anybody has come and being honest that is a far couple miles away from anything resembling U2. Even KZ2 has nowhere ne... #7.1
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Considering they are not using Quincunx anymore and that Guerrilla itself said they are making improvements across the board yes this game will look a lot better than it does now. Would you people stop acting like you are developing this game or that you have ever developed a game in your lives? Seriously, getting old hearing from teeny boppers what Guerrilla is going to do with their game in the next year. #4.1.3
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It what way is KZ2 any more generic than anything else out there? Yeah, thought so. The class system was great as were wargames. You might want to actually play it. #2.1.6
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Wish all the Rage nerds would go away. As if before they saw Sessler and some others love the game they thought anything much of it. Now it's the 'PS3 killer' just like every new release they try and hang onto as if it will be some magic button that kills the power of the PS3 in one blow. And then they act like KZ3 and all the third gen titles are basically the same. Sigh. These people are delusional. Hell, most of you are. #51
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Okay, pixel counting is basically 100% at this point and this is coming from a PS3 owner here with no intention of ever touching the fail box unless I see some franchises pronto that I can't play on my PS3. Red Dead was VERY and I MEAN VERY easily seen to the eye to be sub HD. If you think otherwise you are a fool. I have astigmatism and I can still very easily tell that Red Dead was nowhere near the 360 version and both were glitchy as hell and not that graphically superb in any sense. #19.2.3
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The fact is no 60fps game this gen will even touch the best 30fps game in terms of raw graphical fidelity END OF STORY. To think otherwise you would seriously have to be very VERY ignorant and stupid. #57
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These people are known 360 fanboys. If it cannot be Splinter Cell or AW or Reach then it has to be something. They will grasp at anything, though, factually, currently, there is not one game on the 360 running at 30fps that looks better than KZ2. You people need to grow up. I enjoy both consoles but I am tired of these useless idiots and their endless parade of false accusations. Mark my words. There is no way in hell Rage will be even close KZ3 when all is said and done. There is not one 30f... #50.1.4
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Like the guy just said, wait and see. No way any of these consoles are doing full 60fps and looking like KZ3. There is just no possible way I'm sorry to break your heart. #48.1.1
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The point is to buy it and find people. The matchmaking, good god, how could it be any easier if no one is online. You join any server that is up douchebag. Please buy this so people can play online. The 360 community was way more into this which sucks as this game is awesome. Sure, it is a bit limited but it's endless fun for a few good 4 vs 4 matches. Full 4 person chat and they did patch it to fix anything. Pretty great game if you have people to play with. #1.3.2
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I'm not convinced nor do I care. I just bought a state of the art local dimmer for my PS3 and it is beyond beautiful. No need for 3D here. Heck, stop motion like Nightmare Before or Fantastic Fox already looks 3D. I sure as hell am not going to be wearing glasses for 5 hours straight. I agree with the article. This is all hype. #22
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Jeezez, NO SHIT. #1.10.1
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