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"MGSV beats it on XBO scores"

it's 95 on xbox 1 though

& gta v is a 97

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was wondering the same because it seems like gta v is at the top.

And it can't be exclusives because the games listed in the article aren't exclusive.

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what flip flopping? People were singing the same negative tune about a possible upgraded xbox1 b4 the "neo" was even a thing. Read the comments

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@jb227 ---> DX12

"Turn 10 Studios has already ported their Xbox One launch title Forza Motorsport 5 to DirectX 12, using a four man team that took four months to get the game running on an PC using NVIDIA graphics at 60 FPS"

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"^Those games coming to PC. No reason to own a Xbox."

I'm honsestly clueless if there will be physical copies of the exclusives being sold on pc.

I remember in the beginning everyone was really upset about the whole drm thing and wanting to be able to have the option to buy and sell physical discs. So wouldn't that be a reason for those people who feel that way to own an xbox1 instead of a pc to play the games?

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This is what im thinking about when it comes to the pc versions of microsoft's exclusives. Like doesn't it basically mean DRM for the pc version and no physical copy being available for pc.

I keep seeing articles suggesting the xbox1 will become irrelevant and there will be no reason to own one

But i remember in the beginning, people screaming "no drm" and how they like having the option to buy and sell physical copies of games if they plea...

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Doesn't these windows 10 games on pc = DRM?

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Will a physical copy of the pc version be available?

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"long as people are respectful towards another persons opinion."


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Seems as if he switched to xbox in about the year 2003. looks like he started writing for this xbox site in 2014.

So mabe he writes for the site because he switched to xbox. No?

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"the only games close to it are The Order 1886 and horizon"

Give me a break

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lol too much crow has already been severed with that crackdown demo

So if there's more crow to be served with the dx12 update, then i might have to start donating to the -save the crow- foundation

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I think the most shocking part about this whole article is the fact that it isn't from gamingbolt...

but anyway,from the article

"The 20% increase he mentioned was also only for PC with the Xbox One seeing a higher percentage. The reason he cited was all Xbox Ones are the same where as PC's need to account for different drivers and other internal hardware that may have counter productive impacts"

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This whole no games for either console thing is all based on preference and the majority of console gamers perfer aaa games. It's that simple. Trying to ad indies to any list is irrelevant. If you could only play indies on one of these consoles for the entire generation and only triple a titles on the other, and both the consoles had the same price point, same specs they currently have, which console do you think would sell the most? I really wish people would stop acting like they dont k...

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@nexus 7... You knew darn well what smoothninja was refering to when stating the possibility of shenmue and ff7 coming to the one. You commented in both posts.

Here's how you know if your opinion is objective or fanboyish. Who do you think won e3?

Now imagine if the announcements were reversed. What if what sony announced were microsoft's announcements and what if microsofts announcements were sony's announcements? would your answer still be the same? If yes, then you're being a fanboy.

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And lets not forget that unlike Phil, The rumor is claiming to be a "MASSIVE" performance boost for the ps4.

But when you read the comments, seems like no one is downplaying the term "massive" being use.

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@barb wire

mmmaaannnn i know you feel crunchy

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The consumer:

"this is what we want but you feel otherwise. Screw you!"

"You're giving us what we want, but didn't you say you feel otherwise? you're a liar. Screw you"

This illustration pretty much sums up the community pretty nicely

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