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@barb wire

mmmaaannnn i know you feel crunchy #6.1.3
The consumer:

"this is what we want but you feel otherwise. Screw you!"

"You're giving us what we want, but didn't you say you feel otherwise? you're a liar. Screw you"

This illustration pretty much sums up the community pretty nicely
https://ankursunsharma.file... #23

Yeah, about halo 5. I heard it will supposedly look better than the order. But that statement came from 343i themselves, so... well you know, not quite sure i can run with that. but of course as an xbox guy, i hope it's true.

But i do have a feeling the only game in 2015 that will give halo a run for it's money in the graphics department is uncharted. #17.2
I'm wondering if people are missing the part where this specific demonstration was done on a surface pro 3.

I know what phill said about dx12 on xbox. But if he's wrong, i'm ok with that. Over a 50% boost is "massive" to me and i think many others would agree. So if it boosts the bone's performance anywhere near that, then wow. #21
@Synes...('-' )... I'm trying to find the funny part. #4.1

aaahhh... wish i would have read your comment before posting mine. no need for two people saying basically the same thing lol #1.8.1
but what if your internet connection goes out? What if you don't have the internet? What if your internet is crapy?

"But in fact, we are kind of creating two-in-one. One with Azure available, and one for offline only. Everything you code, you need to code for two scenarios. This is a ton of work. if online = dynamic grass; if offline=static grass."

and there you have it folks ;) #16
"DriveClub vs Forza Horizon 2 Raindrops Comparison: Which One Is More Realistic?"

I literally lol'd when i read that. lord have mercy #42
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You joined 14 days ago and already have 272 comments?

"jesus" #1.6.3
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"Why pay 60 dollars for a game that plays at a lower quality than those who pay the same and have the luxury of the internet?"

this is the norm in pc gaming. Not everyone can run a game at it's highest settings and have the same gaming experience, but pc games aren't priced based on the settings you can run. everyone pays the same price. #1.1.4
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Yeah, and he just fulfilled everyone else who's not an xbox fan dream with that statement.

they're all probably high-fiving eachother. #1.1.3
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@christocolus... Like you,i don't think i'm going to be able to sleep do to e3. Probably won't get it until later that night at work

@MrTehDiNGO... stop hugging and kissing everything man.

on topic: phil said sunset overdive will take advantage of the 10% gpu increase by making a more vibrant and more alive gameplay space and will be shown at e3.

also he said bungie will take advantage of the increase by changing destiny's re... #1.3
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But it brings up a discussion here...

So i like it. #8.1
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"Phil Spencer is best choice to lead Xbox "by a f***ing million miles, dev says"

yep i totally agree #16
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ToxFrot (pun intended)

bro i swear the only thing your comments need are adsense ads.... all of your comments look like friggin articles smh. #2.6
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wow bro a normal comment.

bubble up #9.1
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I'm preparing myself for all the butthurt naysayers, so microsoft please don't disappoint me.

Because then I'll be butthurt #16
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" All the Ps4 update would do it maybe up the CPU clock speed and give more room for RAM."

Yes. but would it be "MASSIVE"?

"And it's not that people question the performance boost itself, it's the fact they are claiming it will double the power of the system or give games 1080p 60FPS(locked) fairy dust upgrade type rhetoric."

no one is questioning the fact that the ps4 cou... #15.2.2
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just the other day there'a a rumor about ps4 getting a "MASSIVE" performance boost, and no one question the massivity of the boost.

when it comes to dx12? oh no the boost wont be massive for the xbone it'll be a "SLIGHT" boost if any #15.2
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maybe alex likes xbox live better than psn or maybe he likes the One's ability to multitask while playing games better than the ps4's. there's more to playing a game than the visuals. #2.4
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