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So, it is expected noone has faith on it and the sales will be lower, who wants another Eyetoy, hasnt Sony make us pay a lot already for stuff that was never used ?

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I can imagine the sales in the Nov-Dec, will widen the gap to 10.000.000 easilly with Kinect

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and solve puzzles

They are in fact so similar that puzzles me how they are making Last Guardian, when now offers nothing new

They should redesign the game or make another one, otherwise would loose big

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Also longer and more varied than 99.99% of games today, one of the best games of all time for sure and 60+ hours of gameplay

So, why not abandon it and move to Fable 4 ? It is the only thing they could do, like all companies move on

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--------------------- Xbox 360 ---------------------

Project Kingdoms (exclusive)
Gears of War 3 (exclusive)
Forza 4 (exclusive)

Project Draco (Kinect exclusive)
Rise of Nightmare (Kinect exclusive)
Codename D (Kinect exclusive)
Steel Battalion (Kinectexclusive)
Haunt (Kinect exclusive)
Star Wars (Kinect exclusive)

Fable 4 (console exclusive, maybe on PC)

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So, it is not an "IF" actually

The game was just 100% confirmed for consoles, which is amazing

After Metro, Withcer 2, Crysis 2, Grey Matter, Stalker 2, now Diablo 3 is jumping to consoles

Now i dont miss any PC games for my 360 !!!

Xbox 360 is now the complete system for me, it has it all, Project Dark, Fable, Mass Effect, Diablo, Lost Odyssey, Alan Wake, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Under Fire, Project Draco, Ki...

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And zero hardcore games from 3rd party developers too in 2011 (unlike the 10 hardcore 3rd party games announced for Kinect)

Now we have to pay extra 100-200$ for something that Kinect does better and FREE out of the box today ?

Sorry, but i can see Move fail like 1000x times worst than Eyetoy did, in fact it costs so much and is so last gen and needs so many things to buy and add ons that i trully dont want to ever read about it ever again

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Cant wait !!!!!!

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The American goverment has been trying for years to kill Castro, with multiple real attempts

The killing in the game is the least of America's crimes

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The future is here and now with Kinect !!!!

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I am definatly getting the xbo 360 version of Project Dark (Demons Souls 2)

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So, PSP is totally out of the pucture for me

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Move is 100$ for one player, wihtout Nav, and only one point mapped in 3D

You also need two sticks to map 2 points in 3D for some games and then you cant use Nav

Move for 2 players and 2 sticks each is Bundle + 2 Nav + 3 sticks = 100+60+150 = 310$

Kinect for 2 players = 100$ (in bundles) or 150$ standalone

In general Move is far more expensive, especially for 2 players and is also last gen since it does not do full 3D...

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Amazing news, thanks

All they need is a optional mini pad attachment for all phones, that would make it real gaming device

For now is the best gaming system in phones though by miles, with XBLA will be unbeatable

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All well known games sell well so close to their release

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Same as what happened with FF13 case, the 360 version was denied for almost a year (or more) before announced in E3

Who wants to spoil the surprise ?

Considering FF13 is one of the worst games of all time, i dont think it makes any difference anymore though

FF13vs seems worst than FF13 too, the areas are even more empty, the art is more bland and indifferent and monsters are sleep material, the tech approach is simply terrible

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And then buy a xbox360 to get actual games for it

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It is one of the most indifferent games this generation to me

I mainly play RPGs though

Only casual gamers call U2 "the best game" anyway

Demons Souls is like a bilion times better game than U2 imo and then some

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The lighting looks standard and rather bland overall

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"Kinect Sport's Ping Pong is the best version we've seen so far, in that you don't simply swing your arm in the general right direction - this time, you actually need to swing in the correct position too"

Kinect maps force perfectly, since it knows your exact skeleton position at each time, in fact can map speed,...

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