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ROFLCOPTER, i think that's besides the point, everything else IS an exact clone. the Main title, the 3 characters, that main characters hair, the old library man. Are you blind?

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so you xbox fanboys wont have any dreams of getting you own uncharted.

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Right direction? dude, from what i saw, you solve some puzzles/obstacle and she gets fvced up. She solve some more puzzles/obstacle, she gets fucked up even more. It looked like a dam torcher video. Nothing really stood out about the gameplay at all...just a bloody mess.

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humm, idk about this reboot. I mean C'mon are you going to buy a $60 game just to see Lara get fvcked up? I dont know about you guys but i don't like seeing my females getting fvcked up like that. I mean really...that is what all that gameplay really showed. This reboot really was a big fail. they should scrap it and just start over.

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...and the word of the day is "Uncompressed".

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Killzone, Uncharted, God of War and an abundance of PS3 Exclusives plays fine on my PS3.

"uncompressed audio and textures actually take longer to load than compressed media..."


Edit: there you happy

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I don't see why this is such a big deal. It's only 1 to 2 gb difference, not like they can add uncompressed audio and hd textures.

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Who stands out as a face for as a legendary developer at Naughty Dog? Who is the mastermind behind their Saga? Who is the guy to talk to when you think Naughty Dog? Where where they in the last 15 years?

Let's be real, they much rather prefer to produce their games on their platform of choice regardless which "party" their from. Everybody knows Kojima and Nomura are big time Sony fans. Same for the other camp

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Sony has the best talents the industry has to offer!

Fumito Ueda - ICO Shadow of Colossus and The Last Guardian
Kazunori Yamauchi - Gran Turismo
David Jaffe - God of War, Twisted Metal
Hideo Kojima - Metal Gear
Tetsuya Nomura - Final Fantasy

All respectfully respect the Playstation platform and are perfectionists. Forgive me if I miss any other great minds.

What does Microsoft got...

Cliffy B.?...

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Gawd friggin damn you Xbox loyalist have friggin flawed logic....why would you buy multiple consoles when you only need to buy 1 console, when the other console has no exclusive content for the core.

you guys argue that multiplats are better on xbox but dont you guys get it. that PC had dominated that realm for ages. If you buy a ps3 and have a ok running current gen hardware (dual core,9800gt and above gpu) You will find out you don't need an Xbox period.

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otherOS, you may not have it but first generation owners do have that option and it came in handy to other users. if you kept track of Geohots blog, the key element of hacking the PS3 was though OtherOS. end of statement.

This is a sony article and not an xbox article. Keep it simple. First off, Sony is, if not one of the best game developing company in the business and they push their games more than anyone in the biz. How are they to make more block buster hits if they were...

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