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Thanks for this. Some people clearly can't read. Or refuse to make a structured argument.

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Thanks for the great(and mature) reply.

I feel Nintendo really really need the first party support to get going for the WiiU else it will die a slow and painful death :(

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A play on words...I see what you did there.

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Totally forgot about Virgil! He was so badass in DMC3.

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They are the best games of this generation. But lets keep it for THIS generation and move on.

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So you want another console generation filled with poorly implemented sequels? "Gears of War 5 for a new console Yaaaaaaaaay"

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Same! Just hoping it will be good >.<

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Very well said.

Let us hope that one day, people will understand that Call of Duty simply isn't worth all the "praise" it gets.

The original Modern Warfare was indeed incredible. But none of its sequels have ever matched its quality.

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Thats a good point :)

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Damn right it is :D

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I couldn't agree more. I really hope FF Versus 13 is worth the long wait. =\

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God that boss almost made me smash my original xbox up.

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I was tempted to add the boss, but I found that her fight could be overcome with learning her pattern.

Every time I faced The End, it felt like it was the first time again.

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I'm looking forward to facing The End yet again in the HD remake!!

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