for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction


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Yey for multiplats!

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Red ring is definitely worse, some people have had 2/3 RROD. This ammount to 4/6 weeks of not having a console AT ALL while it is repaired replaced. Not to mention the hassle.

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lol I didn't write that, though it could be true. Mod humor methinks or annonymousse has hakzored the n4g!

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Loner is my lord and master
I shall worship him at every moment of my existence

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You can't climb, jump, swim in gears it's completely geared (pun intended) to shooting. yet you still get host advantage, sniper headshots through peoples backs, poor hit detection.

Great game and all but uncharted 3 has it beat in smooth gameplay department.

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We must join together in hate of Sony.

They have many development studios working on games that should never see the light of day. Microsoft should buy all of them and throw in them in the cage... i mean studio... with rare.

Come on everyone sing along, SONY MUST DIE, SONY MUST DIE, SONY MUST DIE.

If we don't do something quick the PS3 will overtake xbox in worldwide sales and we can't have that.

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