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"Potshot at ODST? Nice try. New campaign versus a re-heashed 360 game thats over a year old? Hmmmm...."

A campaign that is doable in under four hours and with the same multi-player? Oh I see, Halo ODST is so good you're trolling the article! You're so butt-hurt you can't even type straight.

"You crazies can pretend like this a new game all you like, but the review couldnt be clearer. I truly hope people see the comments on here as proof as to how illog... #5.4
How is this the same as NGII?

Get back to me when:

NGII gets Momiji Gameplay
NGII gets Ayane Gameplay
NGII gets Rachel Gameplay
NGII gets Co-Op

All these extra features blows ODST's features out of the water.

EDIT: Keep disagreeing, it won't prove me wrong. #3.4
"Bottom line, its basically the same game. Thats over a year old. Been there, done that. Next...."

Like Halo ODST right? Bought a rehashed game for $60? #5.1
Do you mean...

Superior Tales of Vesperia
Superior Star Ocean 4
Superior Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Gotcha! #10.1
Nice... oh wait... hi foreverflame! #5.1
ODST with rehashed multiplayer, short campaign, sub-par HD, sub-par graphics... Oh and what's worse? MS selling it for $60 and getting away with it! #6.1
Greenberg going back to his natural roots. Not surprised. #4
Great deal. #4
LOL at GEC for a failed defense attempt by using Wii and DS. #3.5
His house looks pretty hazardous. The wall socket at the left looks pretty bad. #16
I wouldn't wear that ugly looking headpiece. #7
Quite sad that they had to use the shell of the PS3.

Here's a better one...

http://www.youtube.com/watc... #10.2
shutupandplay doesn't have any games so he can't shut up and play. #12.2
Fellas, ignore Shadow WoMan's gibberish and put her back to two bubbles. Better if one!! :D #10.5
Poor you, when was the last Forza news here on N4G? #30.1
Well the truth is... A blog is not going to change a thing. :) #23
Ahh Bruce is back. Ohhhhhhh.... >.> #8
According to the disagrees, Hentai/Ecchi>Real Porn. #2.2
If we don't agree with an article, does it mean we also enjoyed it?

You are a hypocrite.

And no, some of us cannot simply appreciate a retarded article. #17.1
Another quality PS3 game to look forward to. #1
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