Pandaria? Or Pandora?


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This pleases me.

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This gen is great on PC! far as consoles, I barely touch my PS4, yet I still get a lot of use out of my Wii U. And Xbox One is literally the first console I have not purchased since the 80s.

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I completely forgot this character existed.

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Holy crap, RPGamer... I forgot this site existed, but I used to frequent it while I was in high school in the late 90s. I remember a fellow named Thor wrote a pretty funny Q&A column... at least I think it was Thor... *skulks off*

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I give up on Popcap. I was a huge fan of Plants VS Zombies and enjoyed several of their other titles, all of which I played on PC. To this day, Plants VS Zombies 2 remains a mobile exclusive. They completely abandoned their original market (PC) and ignored their console fans as well. Every new exclusivity agreement is another slap in the face to the fans that it does not benefit.

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Surprising? No. Depressing? Yes.

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Nexus needs to make $500,000 a year to break even.


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This may be an overreaction, if not a surprising one.

I believe that SkyUI is worth money. I agree that it is an essential mod. I also think that charging a flat rate for it is a bad idea, and a donation based or name your price model would be much better for it.

That being said... I wonder if there would even be an upcoming update to SkyUI if there wasn't a carrot dangling at the end of the stick for the developer. I also wonder if the potential for inco...

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Also, everyone should read this:

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"Pay what you want" seems like the perfect business model for mods. I'd probably throw a few bucks at SkyUI under that model, since it's become an essential part of Skyrim for me. But if they set a price that's above my limit, I'll just stick to the free version or rely on more underhanded means of acquiring the latest version.

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FYI, the Stadium is a tier VI unique building.

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Tunnels are confirmed to be in the works, and Stadiums are already in. I'd like them to overhaul tourism entirely though to make it more viable.

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Phantasy Star V please. I don't care how, just make it happen.

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When I see numbers like that, I just assume tons of filler that's more of a waste of time than quality entertainment. As long as the main quest is focused and strong, this will be a must-buy either way.

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The issue of whether the games are worth $60 isn't in question; we know Nintendo makes great games! But even great games go on sale, and often in the case of Nintendo's competitors.

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If that's the case, I want a cheap upgrade path! :)

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Even if this is true, I doubt the game will be much improved on PS4... unless they actually put more resources into further remastering it, which seems very unlikely.

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It just seems that they are a rarity in this business in that they are practically immune to price cuts. We all expect games to launch at $59.99, but we also expect sales and discounts in the months or years that follow. Somehow, Nintendo games remain at full price much longer than their competition.

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Damn birds!

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