Pandaria? Or Pandora?


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"Persisted for months?" They STILL haven't patched Nier: Automata, and players are still forced to use a 3rd party application to get the game to perform well on PC. So what did they learn? To actually support their products post-launch? They should start by fixing Nier.

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This is the kind of delay I can appreciate. Sounds like the PC version will release in good form. It's a shame they failed to reach their release date target, but better to delay it than release it in bad shape.

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12 copies also sold on Windows 10 Store.

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Frontier Developments does great work. Still enjoying the hell out of Planet Coaster, and very much looking forward to this one.

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If this works as advertised, it is a dream come true for retro gamers, and even for current gen. I can imagine it working wonders on PS1, PS2 and even PS3 games... and it seems like a perfect match for Switch! If you have a receiver, you can just run the cable from the receiver to your TV, and it's an automatic upgrade to ALL your consoles. The price is still astronomical, but damn, I can see the value. Want.

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I see what you did there.

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Thanks! I've been following recommended play order... I, II, Origin, Celceta, Felghana, V (optional), Napishtim, Seven, VIII.

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I'm playing through the entire series for the first time now, just to earn the right to play this. The whole series is better than it was reviewed over the years.

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Secret of Mana is one of those rare games I can replay forever.

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And yet we're still waiting for a PC patch...

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Persona 5 doesn't quite fit into Q1... and MEA kinda spoiled the fun. But regardless, 2017 is off to a hell of a start for gaming!

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Blurb reads like a 10. If the all-time best of a genre can't get a 10, what the hell can?

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Disgaea's Horse Wiener.

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Mass Effect needs more Spaceballs, not less. And Dragon Age: Inquisition is a huge game with a decent main story, but otherwise boring optional content, so... not sure why any Mass Effect fan would hope for that. Also, the radar appears to be jammed.

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Atlus USA: "This morning we were surprised to learn about Persona 5 "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition cancellations with Amazon. After waiting patiently during the day we received word, and can confirm to you what we've always known, that there's nothing defective or "dangerous" about our product. While there have been cancellations, we understand that only a tony number of Amazon sales have been affected. No "mass cancellations" of the premium and S...

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A few more patches and it might be time to buy this again... I'm thinking around the end of November for sub-$20.

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I disagree with his score and much of his negative criticism, but the DDoS nonsense has to stop.

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Also, that pro controller is solid. Best classic style controller Nintendo's ever made.

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My must have accessory was an HDMI --> HDMI + Audio Out adapter so that I could plug the Switch into my old amplifier that doesn't have HDMI, but does have S/PDIF. Gotta have that surround sound.

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