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"Post-Modern Devil, I art thou....."


They do and they don't in my opinion. When God-tier horrors such as The Thing, Jacob's Ladder Hellraiser and Audition are brought in, I feel that they pretty much close the gap between the mediums in bringing fear to the viewer but in different flavors.I find it hard to choose one over the other because each have their own methods of rattling my senses. #7
No mention of Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver....... #7
Shadow Tower.........that is all. #3
You are preaching to the choir man because it was the same for me a decade or so before your time. Word on the street along with video arcades were my way to gain information on new titles with my occasional mystery pick for my NES and Sega Genesis. I do agree the internet has gone sour as of late when it comes to extracting any useful tidbits but you have to be ahead of the "game" somehow due to the shady practices of most developers nowadays which is perpetuating the problem. #11.1
And the reviewers will have less of an audience if they remain blatant in their dishonesty. Business should never be an excuse to screw the consumer for any reason, ask General Motors..... #7.1
I still think the best example is Skyrim. Good Lord, that backwards flying dragon........ #8
Response to:

It is wrong to buy something solely due to the opinion of another but I see no problem of comparing notes to have a better perspective,

Dinosaurs are extinct but money is very real and leagues more influential...... #2.2.3
There is great change out there like Metal Gear Solid 4. Nothing's wrong with adjustments made to enhance the game's M.O however, it's when they start to make the final product unrecognizable to its predecessors is when tempers flare. #11.1
The difference is we are not watching TV. People usually expect Tubers to be fairly honest due to lack of corprorate backing when it comes to reviews and impressions. The last thing we we need is even more people giving games high regards only to see them broken at launch......

Would you trust a judge being paid by the defendant's company to give a fair trial?

I do believe in disclosure to the public though like the latter responses to this article...... #2.2
How many Gigs of patches will it take for this game to be actually playable after release? Taking all Bets!

But all jokes aside, adding multiple entry points similar to Rainbow 6 would actually be a good idea.... #2
I wish I can blame the spoon for being fat and get paid top dollar for it....... #5
If they don't bring back Dog Fighting Mode and have flight sticks on Expert mode they have my thumbs up. #3.1
Haven't bought Season Passes for any game no exceptions. Too much of a shot in the dark..... #8
Same gameplay on XIII's engine would be nice..... #3.1
If this is truth, I would have went old school with Production I.G or at least Studio Bones...... #11
They announced it so they can make it a "thing" and have more people talk about the game. I say if they truly wanted gamers to "accept" the character like any other then they should have let gamers find out more about them through gameplay. It's like Jason Collins all over again..... #1.1
Wait meant the achievement lied to me...:[ #16
-coughs- Vanquish -coughs-

That game alone still shows that Shinji has the quality aspect covered. The only the question on everybody's mind is the focus in direction of The Evil Within.....will it achieve the same balance he wants (which I believe ride along the lines of the first two Evil Dead movies). #3.1.2
Wholeheartedly agree MysticStrummer. Unlockables and worthy New Game plus items were plentiful before the DLC wagon fully taked off with most companies using trophies to increase replay value instead. I'm not saying that they should disappear mine you but if I had to choose between unlocking a new character, costume, hidden boss or weapon in a game (single player of course) or a trophy, Ill go with the unlockables every time. #4.6
You should! Like I said before, it handles like a dream compared to the previous titles. #14.1
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