Disdain for Plebians...
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It was one of my favourite trailers I mind you but I wouldn't said it was needed because there were alot of great trailers and gameplay reveals this year. I'm just glad that there more trailers that didn't follow alot of the "Hollywood tropes" that make them unwatchable for me.

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It's the game nobody wanted and to make matter worse, out of all the great engines Capcom has to run it on they chose Unity. It's like if Studio Ghibli decided to make their next movie with Flash.

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I never take previews at face value because the same was said for Skyrim, Evolve and other games that didn't live up to their hype or even function properly at release.. However, I do believe in my own two eyes and the game is shaping up to be excellent.

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I honestly think it's going to be ace. It can only get better from here and Igarashi proved that he isn't following in Inafune's footsteps.

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Standard Ubi, trying to blow smoke up the tailpipe. The only plus of the video is no cringe voice chat and some scenes do give slight vibes of Socom.

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Wholeheartedly agree Spicelicka. Not every trailer needs to be the same but it would be nice to feel that they have put effort into it. I love seeing gameplay trailers as well mind you because they are showing what we are getting our hands on but the trend of throwing in a random Rolling Stones song or the redundant fading to black every 2 seconds along with other tropes. The Spiderman trailer perfect because it showed gameplay while using original music which is very rare nowadays.

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I agree as well Napalm, REMake was easily the pinnacle of the series and I wished more games followed in it's footsteps.

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If you are meaning most modern horror writers then I do agree. However there are exceptions to the rules such as John Carpenter, James Wan, Adrian Lyne and H.P Lovecraft who is still regarded as of the best horror writers ever after his passing. I think we should embrace the change abit especially after proving his great work with The Line. It's not like Resident Evil 5 or 6 were considered psychological.

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It's not the first that this has happened, didn't they recently started production of Cyberpunk 2077? I say a good trailer is good trailer.

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Tell that to Evolve.

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I agree, No wub wubs, no constantly fading to black for no reason, a song that actually complements whats being shown instead of something from a random top 10 radio list, no pre-order crap pushed into our faces. It was quite simple and perfection is simplicity itself.

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I know that King Of Fighters will deliver but Persona 5 is so far away.........>_<

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I hope that I see an android Norman Jayden in passing or at least a descendant. I loved him in Heavy Rain.

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I still don't get why everyone seems to be ignoring the new Spiderman. It looks phenomenal.

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Well.........I see why he half-assed Mighty No.9......not saying it's justifiable.

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o_0! I must get my fins on this!!

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I loved the premise but by Yevon the controls were terrible.

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Nothing beats the demented supermarket manager in the first. Him and Adam have always been all time fave boss battles in the Dead Rising series.

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I honestly would have put the Spiderman reveal over Titanfall 2. The teaser was amazing.

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Mr. Cage needs to watch the new Appleseed.

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