Disdain for Plebians...
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Gaming on the first Playstation truly felt vast because there was so many incredibly unique games that were released for it. Most shots in the dark I've made during that generation yielded many classics for my library.

Can you imagine games like Blast Chamber being released now? XD

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I do somewhat agree with the article however, the main reason why gaming has gotten easier is due to it being inserted to the mainstream. The success of the Wii made gaming companies realize that they don't have to cater to the typical gamer but to those far less critical which is usually a cheaper venture with a larger pay off. Why make interesting NPCs in when the most lucrative market doesn't give a crap? They don't wan't to piece together a mystery through thorough examina...

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Great. Michael Ting Yu Chang's artwork is phenomenal.

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Really loving the different stances Kazuma have for combat.

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The sprites do look amazing and I am very surprised to see Violent Ken in the mix (He was my favourite character in S vs. C Chaos.).

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They've been name dropping well-known games in order to drum up hype like I mentioned in earlier posts when they compared Revelations 2 to Last Us. I feel like it casts unnecessary shadows for the game to escape from and Call Of Duty never changed their perspectives (except in multiplayer and that's optional of course) just the settings which was a far cry from returning to their WWII roots.

I think its a bonehead move and should have just stuck to keeping their car...

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Now that a new Shin Megami Tensei game has finally reach a modern console and Grasshopper Manufacture are working on a new title, Ill wait for a price drop or two before getting my Switch.

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If it's any criticism against a product that Sony supports solely or by the majority, it's a guaranteed disagree and usually in high number. XD

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Don't you have a another Resident Evil 7 thread to praise TheEvilResident1997?

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I've played and finish the demo as well but to say no other RE has touched it especially in the existence of Zero and ems a bit farfetched. But hey, its your decision not mine.

Also I am adamantly in support for this. If the guy isn't charging for the game, regardless of Capcom's stance, I believe it should be supported.

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Awesome, I've been waiting for this for so long.

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When I am hours into Remake and ran into the diary that details the traits of Crimson Heads only to think of the many zombies I've killed on my way there. An easy "Aww S****!!!!!!!" moment.

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Its good to see I made the right call in waiting. Besides like others, I have a lengthy backlog and seeing that Persona 5 is coming out this year, time isn't an issue.

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Yet Capcom was completely happy with the sales and it still managing to sell past a million even though its a 15 year old game is still quite a feat. Even though 4. 5 and 6 drummed up better sales, they are still going the traditional horror route due to the outcry of fans because they know that may have reached the end of that rope and are throwing anything else to the wall to see what sticks. I am interested to see Remake 2's gameplay because I am pretty sure that they are going to use ...

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Exactly or the deceased Resident Evil 3.5 that looked to offer fixed, over the shoulder and first person.

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True but 3rd person horrors are on a heavy downward slope. You name one and I'll name several first person horrors that have been released recently.

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Lets completely ignore that the digital success that the re-releases of ReMake and Zero have achieved or how well received the first 3 Resident Evils and Code Veronica, fixed camera angles and all.

It would be crazy not to think that fixed camera angles hasn't helped the series especially when it was the game that popularized the view for that time.

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To reiterate, views are subjective. Going into first person doesn't make a horror more "immersive" nor does sticking to third person. It's all about whats executed and I do believe that Resident Evil 7 will deliver the more traditional game we have all been waiting for however let's not pretend switching perspectives was a Godsend.

I do agree VR should be included and this modder shows that Capcom could have both views as options.

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Have to disagree about Transformers, it was actually well received. Its only flaw was it's length but the combat, sound and visuals easily delivers.

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I'm hoping for Suda 51 to bring something along the lines of one of his cancelled projects, Kurayami or maybe another detective drama like The Silver Case.

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