Disdain for Plebians...
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A Castlevania directed by Kawajiri with his character design would literally render me drooling at the mouth.

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Nostalgia is a prickly subject when it comes to entertainment and the abuse of the word makes it even harder to discern what can be considered a classic nowadays.

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This may scratch my driving itch until GT Sport is released.

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The animation is still iffy but I'm still generally excited to give it a try.

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I still consider 1998 an insane year in gaming.......

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A fellow P.N 03 fan!? Talk about a blue moon.

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It was mainly the setting and the story behind it. I like having to fiddle with magical creatures in a modern day setting similar to book series "The Dresden Files" and Id be lying if I wanted Knights of Aegis to have the same attention to gameplay. I should have been more through in my previous comment but I hope this helps.

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Will Destiny finally have time to explain why they have time to explain?

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Great attention to detail especially in it's feeding animation.

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Knights of Aegis gives off a Never Dead vibe which is a great thing in my book.

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Its because Sony said so. If the stances on the issue were reversed between Sony and Microsoft, people would be praising the feature.

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Even if few people do use it (which I severely doubt would be the case), I see no reason why options shouldn't be given anyway. I notice people touting the word more to justify their purchases site than having wanting actual variety to suit everyone on this site.

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I'm playing Yakuza for Playstation 2 currently so whats your point? If you don't play them does that mean that no else does?

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I see no reason why I wouldn't want Backwards Compatibility for Playstation One Classics because the pros far outweigh the cons in the long run. I guarantee you if Sony did added BC similar to Microsoft, no one would damn them for doing it regardless of their stance here. However, praise Sony because they do no wrong.

It's by no means a deal breaker but no need to choke on sour grapes over it either......

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I really wished that Sony released a PS4 that was backwards compatible with Playstation 2 and the original similar to the 60 GB Playstation 3.. I would have bought that in a heart beat even if it was 60 dollars more.

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Dead Space 2 over Remake..................I don't know. If anything, I would put the first Dead Space against it but I am very surprised no mention of Amnesia. Condemned or Cry Of Fear but different folks for different folks.

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Nothing fuels sales like spite.........-looks at DMC and rolls eyes-

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There's nothing with getting a different perspective as well. It's up to the reader to allow how much hype is built from the information offered about a game. Only when a game has consistent cons across all boards is when I start to worry little.

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The game has a weird name but I liked what I saw of the gameplay especially that ammo is scavenged from the surroundings instead of fallen enemies. I wish the design of the protagonist was a little more notable but I'm interested to see the end result.

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No. I still have my original copy when I need to play it but I do understand I am in the minority.

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