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Its free...................

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It would have been nice to see Konami resurge development of the Playstation exclusive Coded Arms: Assault to kick things off due to no fear of having to live up to big expectations. But thats assuming that they give a damn anymore honestly.......

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It just needs a bit of a break, now would be a good time for a new Capcom vs SNK........

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Canon ruined!!!!!!!

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When I said multiple copies I meant transferring games bought on PSN from Playstation 3 to Playstation 4. There's really no excuse to have to buy the same exact digital game twice on a different platform using the same network............

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For once, I agree with you.

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Well judging by both of our responses, there is an audience for both avenues and it would have been nice for Sony to try to address the all of our concerns especially when consoles prior did so. It's by no means a deal breaker but removing staples of earlier Playstation models and knowing that if Sony ended up last this generation, these would be reinstated in a heartbeat makes Sony look quite petty.

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Yes, there are still games that I play yearly from older consoles that I do enjoy and there are more games from those generations that I want to pick up. I like BC mainly because I don't have to worry of buying multiple copies of games I own and being able to save some living room space is nice. I used to look forward to the PSN library mainly due to the ludicrous pricing of physical versions of some older titles but Playstation Now alongside of my purchases not being transferred to Plays...

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If there is scaling to be done then it should be carried out though gameplay alone not rewards. For example, there is Metal Gear Solid V which increased the equipment of enemies that countered the way you play normally. More companies should follow suit but seeing that they want to charge top dollar for little to no content then of course they don't want players to flourish with solely enjoyment.

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-looks at Detroit: Beyond Human-

If you say so........

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One of the best horror titles ever created and was WAY ahead of its time. It's a shame that director never finished his concept of Resident Evil 4.

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It's waste of time preach to EA about anything. It will take a purge of management in order for anything to change. Besides their are tons of other companies willing to deliver in what they consider "worthless" The only time I really give concern is when they buy other developers..............

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Senua: Hellblade not only dispels the tired tripe of no audiences for single-player linear games but the need of having ludicrious amounts of money in their budget to look beautiful to boot. The problem is items is that were once free factors to add replayability (for the few that doesn't deliver a great experience worth diving into again) such as cheats and unlockables are now used as extra charges.

Game companies such as EA have the notion of putting lizard poop in a...

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You are right, I remember games like Demon Souls, Counter Strike: Source and Days Of Defeat needing tons of microtransactions to be online for this long..........

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I doubt anyone wants EA to shut down out right, just a change in financial and creative direction for their games.

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WOW!!!!!! I would be so hyped if Freedom Fighters returned but it's very disappointing that Kane and Lynch is still on ice because the story has so much potential. Both games also features Jesper Kyd's best work.

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After reading of the amount of confusion and crazy expectations that occur in the CDPR workspace, I'm not surprised of the long development cycle.

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Hmm, I always pictured him watching something from John Carpenter.......oh well.

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I love reading and listening of the many perspectives during the World Wars. You hear both the best and worst of mankind in my opinion.

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The "Vegas" Generation of gaming.......

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