Disdain for Plebians...
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I remember seeing the first trailer for this immediately falling in love with the art direction and gameplay. The icing on the cake is the soundtrack featuring one of my favourite artists, Carpenter Brut. I can see this being a sleeper hit.

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I agree, I also think we shouldn't give them the honor of having news articles for their immature antics. We all know that they won't follow through so just ignore and move on.

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It's far from Call Of Duty because the formula hasn't been milked to oblivion. It's a case of 'if it isn't broke, don't fix it" while adding improvements here and there. I think the main draw to Souls players is the world and characters themselves which gives enough to lure you but it takes a inquisitive eye to decipher the information behind them. From Software is doing the smart thing by ending the series now while the iron is hot.

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My heart yearns for your arrival.......

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Pretty amusing article but I always felt that the first Doom, Quake and Unreal games encouraged me to keep moving and have get up close and personal baddies especially when shotguns were involved. The only time I felt a similar rush in a modern game before this remake was Vanquish because the ARS suit was so mind blowing powerful that cover felt like a small after thought. Can't get a good shot on an enemy, just do a 100 mph slide and jump kick them! Tank got you down. punch it to oblivio...

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The reason why so many "journalists" flock to gaming because how huge the industry has become and the little effort it takes to be approved to write about it. If gaming was still making as much money like in the Playstation 2 era and earlier we would never see so many people riding the bandwagon.

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I advise anyone who loves Souls games to try the King's Field and Shadow Tower series. They are pretty much the predecessors of the series and what I would deem as "final destination" material due to the bare bones feel.

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I remember hearing of Kodoku and Routine a long while back. The artwork in Kodoku looks absolutely amazing but I was a little worried of the the gameplay which showed some animation problems bust nothing that cant be changed later.
I am still hyped for Routine even though they have remained silent for so long. The gameplay trailer has me absolutely sold.

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Poking the The Great Wall with a toothpick I see. Judging by the amount I've seen made each day this will be great for a laugh.

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Really.........Minecraft. It's safe to say Minecraft was a fluke like the Wii where a brand new concept is eating up by mainstream audience and Terrarria struck while the iron was hot.

ReMake showed that fans wanted the series to return to its survival horror roots which had little to do with them adding the new control scheme. This game had alot of timeless mechanics that were taken for granted until Biohazard 6 blew up in their faces.

Homefront bein...

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Agreed, the Crystal isnt a slouch either.

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Holding out for the Wendy's Edition

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Why does Kazuma looks like he is about to backhand slap that kid?

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Gotta love the PC community.

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The good news is that Sega says that they will be returning back to the original gameplay design due to the negativity the demo got for its battle system.

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If Sega brings back Valkyria original battle system (with improvements of course) I will buy this day one no questions asked.

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The biggest problem is that Microsoft wanted to a brand new franchise to sell mad numbers with little advertisement in an ecosystem that showed little love to japanese RPGs in general. Its still manged to sell 900k and believe if it was on Playstation 3 as well, it could have 3 million easy. You bring up Call Of Duty, another established franchise mind you, that sold 25 million but there isn't brand any new shooters to really sell any near that amount by copying its formula?

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Spending 50 dollars in least in Vegas you have a slight chance of getting your money back.......

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Once again you are avoiding the fact that Final Fantasy is an established name in the gaming world so its not really fair comparing it to budding titles in the industry. A better competitor would be Pokemon which is a turn based RPG that acquired a name for itself around the same time as Final Fantasy. The names of both almost guarantees huge game sales unless the it switches genres.

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Judging by the demo, it isnt mindless flailing and to do some of the more powerful skills such as Synch skills, some skill is required. I am hoping that the difficulty is ramped up a bit in the final game though or at least have an option to do so.

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