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"Post-Modern Devil, I art thou....."


Did you see anything Armored Core related? I always pictured From Software's decor to be half dark fantasy and the other half is gunmetal. #3
MANUAL LOCK ON!!!! Never thought I'd see the day that was an announcement.....But I will purchase alongside Devil May Cry IV SE only because I don't have both. #41
I heard that Tiger Electronics is winning by a landslide....... #9
I hope this MGO adds some surprise characters in the line-up. I would love to see the return of Reiko/Rowdy Reiko or anybody from other Konami titles. #2
Nothing is wrong with subjectivity and voicing your opinion as long as it doesn't overshadow the game's qualities. A game's score should be brought down due to serious issues in tech or story not due to personal reasons.
For example, if I judged Dead Or Alive 2 and I am offended by the apparel of women I would mention it in my review. However, I wouldn't reduce the score if the technical aspects are top-notch or veer off course with a rant about clothing when what read... #5.2.1
I believe that not only Rime but more custom Playstation 4's should be created. I would buy a Rime, Persona 5, or a Guilty Gear Xrd console in a heartbeat. #2
If any other industry insulted their customers for calling them out, heads would have rolled a long time ago and jobs would have been flying out the door..... #6
Just make sure this MGO has no lag issues, contains amble but balanced weapon selection, no cardboard box glitches, an online life beyond 4 years and a simple log in system. Consider the following and Ill be a happy customer. #1
I think the true victims are the consumers for falling into their deceptive webs.The biggest problem is companies are growing growing too scared to let the game itself do the talking. All we get now are "concept videos", lofty promises and crappy commercials that companies believe will be smoothed over if a mainstream song is playing in the background. I say release some snippets of actual gameplay to win the masses with music in-game or by the composers themselves....... #1
Except mental patients, they tend to push me around alot when I wear mine. #1.1
Before gamers start writing off others who complaints as "haters", people need to realize that their worries prove the exact opposite. I play the game and I do like Destiny but there are so many things that they could have done to make me love the game. I know there are a number of individuals who feel the same as well so they voice their concerns in order for Bungie to push the envelope and deliver to an unforgettable experience.

I mean are people truly content wit... #18
Comparing what The Dark Below offers to what the Dark Souls expansion gave me for less is laughable to say the least. #7
Don't forgot the new sheets of paint because God forbid that we want new models for weapons. #2.4
I loved Mars Matrix, Shenmue and Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Guilty pleasure was Blue Stinger. #3
a/s/l ;) #3.1
I think it's be nice if they had memory cards that are shaped like your fave characters but I am not a fan of the character/game restriction....... #5
Square Enix really need to take a hint from Atlus when it comes to pricing classic games on PSN. #15
With all the DLC crap, day one patches, potentially losing characters in fighting games over complaints and other issues, I doubt this will surpass PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era or even be half of the era prior to them..... #4
Ill believe it when I see it, the next big game launch better have little to no issues...... #4
Give me Q that is all.....
http://www.arcadequartermas... #3
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