Disdain for Plebians...
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You are right about that. The praise should go to id Software instead of Bethesda, I should have re-read what I have written.

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It just so hard to take any male seriously once they have a man bun but I also think that's the point. I first disliked the game because I thought it was trying way too hard to make us take these characters seriously but looking again at what I've seen thus far, I am pretty sure that Ubi is self-aware of how silly this whole affair is. I'll wait a few weeks after launch to hear about the issues with gameplay and such but if it's competent, I can see...

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Silent Hill 2 is an amazing game which is true but let's not forget that this was done on better hardware than the first which gives it quite the leg up. In my opinion, I believe that they are both equal in storytelling, sound design and gameplay but the sequel's art design was vastly superior in almost every way due to the Playstation 2. To say that the first is completely outdated is a bit harsh.

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If Filipino Champ takes a dive for Shaq then Capcom and the FGC community in general will have truly hit desperate times.

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Konami needs to make a better effort in releasing a great Metal Gear Solid. At least the previous spin-offs had the gusto to go in a completely different direction WITHOUT reusing game assets. Metal Gear Portable Ops proved that a great mainline-esque game can be made without Kojima's direction and this is straight up lazy compared to that.

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I'd say that Doom is an example of not fixing what wasn't broken in the series and adding enough modern elements that not only compliments it's past strengths but makes it feel new again.

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You know gamers are easily sidetracked by the next shiny trailer. Whenever there is a concern, companies just shine a new laser on the floor for gamers to chase until launch day. Rinse and repeat.

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I agree with the author, Doom wasn't a needless "re-imagining', which basically means new gameplay that caters to the lowest denominator nowadays. Instead, Bethesda was smart enough to keep the elements that made classic Doom great then added new concepts which compliment them. An overhaul is gameplay should only be needed when the predecessors had no redeeming factors whatsoever.

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Because even though the notion of "gaming is a business" tends to get thrown out for any misstep companies make against a customer, people tend to forget that games are also an art form and like any art form there are classics that stand the test of time. Is the undying love for The Shawshank Redemption or Michael Jackson's Beat It due to nostalgia?

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You forgot Neo Geo Gold.

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I agree, I've met a few friends on Home just by stumbling into conversations about my favourite game genres. I feel really sorry for the people who sank large amounts of money into their virtual home but I am guilty for spending 5 bucks on a Helghast costume.

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Metal Gear Solid 4 wasn't perfect but I it was an amazing end to the series that managed to wrap up alot of the loose ends. I found that the BB Corps other than Crying Wolf under delivered in the boss battle department but the gameplay itself was the best of the series for that time (I consider Metal Gear Solid V the best in the gameplay department currently). Cut scenes in the game never felt long because it was so entertaining and I noticed that the people who complained about this gav...

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Games such as Call Of Duty and Battlefield have managed to insert them to the current pop culture so they will always gain boatloads of money for minimal effort, more from casuals than regular gamers. Konami doesn't have any games that managed to do the same which is why they should have used the Fox Engine on the other IPs under their belt. No one asked for another Metal Gear but there was sizable outcry for a new Silent Hill after the P.T demo which could have been capitalized on easily...

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Well speaking for myself, I would still hate the game because it still try to appeal to the lowest common denominator instead of fans of the series. I actually enjoy the other spinoffs of the Metal Gear because they were so completely different in presentation and gameplay . Portable Ops was the only one that legitimately felt like a missing chapter in the canon Metal Gear Universe even though it was directed by someone else.

Another reason why this game is getting so much ...

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I still need to purchase "hand in Killer7" which supposed to wrap up a few loose ends in the story. Easily one of his best by far.

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I doubt ND's worst game could be remotely comparable to Slant Six besides I wasn't aiming for it to be a bro co-op shooter. The Fireflies are way more casual than the military even though they have similar weapons and it could be a search team of 2 people that are disguised as "civilians".

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It would to be nice if they had completely different protagonists this time around, maybe play as a member of a Firefly search team in order to find "you know who"......

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"You see that mountain, you can go there"

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Looks amazing and I am glad that there isn't any regenerating health. I hope there is an option to remove the annoying "red screen" that plagues most games when players have low health but Guerilla has made a huge step in showing how versatile they can be when the reins are off.

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I'm interested to see if both male and female will share animations again. From Mass Effect 1-3, FemShep would run like a gorilla due to it. I think the biggest blow to Andromeda is the announcement of remaining 30 fps on both Pro and normal Playstation 4's.

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