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"Post-Modern Devil, I art thou....."


By Yevon, when will this end?!!!! #4
What if Game Stop got their hands on a copy of Earthbound or -gulps- Valkyrie Profile? #2
I'd like to add having a great soundtrack as well. The music of the film was pulse pounding and captured the frantic battles perfectly. Junkie XL did phenomenal work however I would absolutely fall in love if they found someone delivering tracks similar to Brian May's work from the first two movies. #2
-cracks knuckles- #22
I enjoyed them them so I am all for it. #10
I really thought this was satire. I can't wait for the next article , "Not enough racial diversity in demon design?" #16
Thank you Coleman.... #5
and maybe a playable version of Crow.... #2.1
Armoured Core VI, King Of Fighters XIV and maybe..........maybe.......... ..............a new Fear Effect. #8
Good to see Persona 5 so high on the list however in the back of my mind I'm waiting for Atlus to throw caution to the wind with a Shin Megami Tensei V console announcement. #3
Cry Of Fear has shown me to never judge a book by its cover when it comes to horror games. Ill keep an eye on this and hopefully they deliver..... #6
Looks pretty good. Fighting game is always impressive, especially from Daisuke Ishiwatari or Nona......... #3
Bloodborne: A Marred Path to Boleteria....... #2
I see nothing wrong with lenghty cut scenes as long as their actually entertaining. Pressing start was the last thing on my mind when "The Best is Yet To Come" orchestrated Snake infiltration of Shadow Moses, the reveal of Fortune, witnessing the early years of Revolver Ocelot and of course the battles between Raiden and Vamp. #8.1
-jumps in driver seat-

I hope they have others care in their selection as well. I am very stoked to play this with Mich Murder on the radio. #5
Tenchu.......... #9
Rocksteady and Spawn............someday..... #3
The thing is Battlfield IV and Skyrim were both almost unplayable at launch and needed some heavy patching before I even started to enjoy them. The Witcher III has DLC but it's for free. Don't let me get started on WB Games...

What I am trying to say is I'd rather DICE delay the game to include more of the DLC for initial release and to give it more quality testing so we wouldn't need a giant patch day one just to play it. Yeah I haven't played the new Bat... #7.1.3
Usually supporters, if they pledge enough money, can get the game free at release date along with bonuses to boot and it rarely is it at unreasonable price. The main thing is that the game will not exist without help due to publishers seeing the concept as an unprofitable venture which lead to the lack of variety we have in gaming least console-wise. #8.2
I never said they didn't exist before but it tends to be the bigger focus than the main game itself which was what I am getting at. Because "Everyone is doing it" doesn't make it right or give me any reason to accept it wholeheartedly....

The problem is that "extras" nowadays are usually options that were previously available at initial release of their predecessors and the main games are usually rushed jobs with paltry offerings.

... #7.1.1
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