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"Post-Modern Devil, I art thou....."


Random Number Generator. You ever wonder why you get no drops for coming first in PVP and the guy in last place gets Dragon's Breath, well there you go. #6.1.1
So it's generic to make the guns more lethal? My problem about headshots being the end all be all is that it messed up the balancing really bad when it comes to weapons (The XM8 was easily the most OP on the game after the fall of the M14 due to it's accuracy and crazy range.) The game already had CQC, cardboard boxes, the SOP system, and plenty of other options to make it stand out.

The first MGO felt way better due to the power of the weapons which lead to more var... #2.2.1
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When I first read the scientist's notes of Crimson Heads and realized the stupidity of my actions thus far...... #9
I'm just hoping guns feels more lethal this time or at least have a separate mode which have players being killed from 1-3 shots to the body (depending on individual weapon lethal range of course). #2
I think "simplicity" is a better word for the title than fun because I have fun playing Super Smash Brothers yet I also have fun playing Armoured Core, Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid. Before I am crucified, I am not saying that as an insult to the author it's just that fun is subjective and it bothers me that people believe fun doesn't exist in games that focuses on story or realism. #18
Activision trying to win the gamers with that star power like they did with Call Of Duty regardless of how many lines they have. #3
I don't know man, The Thing (with Kurt Russell of course), Hellraiser, Pet Cemetery, The Shining, Scanners......there are tons of great horrors that have gotten great praise beyond just plain old gore. It's just modern horror movies have grown way too dependent on it which lead to such an influx of terrible cinema as of late. Don't defend a flaw of a game or movie because they bring down the standard, instead make their weaknesses known to encourage that the next installment is ac... #6.1
I like the character designs the design of what appear to be the "enforcement officers" needs to look a bit more distinct. I am intrigued.... #2
Sometimes I wonder what happened to Richard Doyle? #10
The ending of Shadow Of The Colossus still is the only game that truly grabbed my tears at the reins...... #8
Ehh......Trailer is good but music doesn't quite fit it in my opinion. Would it have killed to have Chris Tilton, Hans Zimmer or Michael Giacchino at the helm? #1
It is an MMO. Bungie just don't want any flak for being a poorly executed one. #2
One legendary weapon......what a waste. #33
If the "expansions" we got were 20 dollars, I really can't imagine the cost of Comet which actually has worthwhile content........... #5
Great sale but saddened there's no Hard Light. #3
Alas, first world problems but you can't give a person a job in the industry if they don't want one no matter the gender or ethnicity. Nor do they deserve it more because lack there of. A person is worth their actions not their genetic make-up...... #2
You know humans are just animals with more social skills right..... #2.2.2
I wouldn't watch people play Mario 3 in an Olympic Event but I would love to see a Mario-like course for athletes. #3
SNK has King Of Fighters so....... #5.3
Silent Bomber? #10
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