Disdain for Plebians...
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The "Vegas" Generation of gaming.......

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No Hachiroku, MR2's , Dome Zero's, Sileighty's or Silva's,...............MAD NESS!!!

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I agree with all except the stamina system, I actually enjoyed that it made me contemplate between pushing on or finding a spot to hide. It wouldn't be too fun if you are able to outrun every enemy in the game.

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Archaic yes but fun factor is in the eye of the beholder. I am currently enjoying what I've played so far ( fought my way to Inkwell Isle 3) and it is my absolute favourite 2D shooter of all time next to Metal Slug 3 and Einhander.
Aesthetics aside, the gameplay itself is on point.

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I still consider this one of the best shooters of all time. Its a shame that we may never have a sequel but it doesn't feel like a total loss........

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Will definitely give this book a purchase, Yoji Shinkawa's work is amazing especially in the first Metal Gear Solid games.

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It appears the poise problem is fixed for the most part, early videos showed enemies barely reacting to the players attacks which can lead to some cheap enemies.

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I can't wait to give this a try!!!! I already have a wingman to help finish this game whenever its released and its cool that the soundtrack will be on sale as well.

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I would have loved one as well but Socom and Zipper Interactive were determined that we wanted a Call Of Duty clone. Needless to say that the results spoke for themselves.......

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3 more days. I was stoked for this game since its reveal because of the music and art direction.

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They didn't carve the tail!? -shakes head-

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Yamcha all the way and I'm glad they went with his original long hair.

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Eggzplosive! XD

He was one of the best characters of the EX series along with Kairi, Cracker Jack and Area.

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I have actually, I feel ashamed for forgetting about that especially since Knives was my favourite character. :[

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I have high hopes for this sequel seeing that I loved the original. I really hope that they have sharpened the previous installments biggest flaws which revolved around player movement and hit detection. Another factor was the storytelling which doesn't really piece together unless players bought the DLC, a concept that I don't support at all. Everything else about the game I pretty much enjoyed especially the art direction which led to fantastic monster designs. The difficulty also d...

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My second favourite installment (the first being Samurai Shodown IV), I was excited to finally have my hands on a legitimate copy with online play. I don't expect this to win too many new fans due to the game not being combo heavy with a somewhat difficult curve of gameplay but the SS series always had very strong cult following and I am glad that SNK knows this.

Who knows, this may be followed with a sequel in which I hope with rival King Of Fighters 13 in presentatio...

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Definitely giving this game a try! We need more beat-em-ups in the market because I believe the last great one was God Hand for the Playstation 2.

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Finally a proper Ace Combat since Fires Of Liberation. I'm a little sad that they haven't kept the zoom-in feature when using the gatling gun (this was the only feature I actually liked in DFM Mode) but the game seems to be back on track in terms of gameplay, story, presentation and surprisingly the music.

Easily a Day One for me............

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The animations seems a little stiff and not having a death animation is a little iffy. Other than that I love the presentation (gives me slivers of Quantum Theory) and I am interested to see how good the A.I will become without feeling cheap.

Ill give it a purchase.

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Thats true but it doesn't hurt to go even further. It's not an absolute must but I see little to no cons of having a united player base.

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