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"Post-Modern Devil, I art thou....."


Sounds like there won't be alot of story fleshed out for Nero's involvement with Vergil however I hope it is enough to fill in a few blanks between their connection.

Also I'm sorry but "being complicated" isn't enough to justify why there isn't a physical release for the West! #1
I really hope they haven't switched out hostages due to some idiots calling foul. The game allows you to create a female soldier so obviously they never aimed for objectifying woman (even though I pretty much know they never had in the first place.) Man this decade is rife with shouting matches of first world problems and the funny thing is there are actually people getting paid to do it. #2
I'd say Destiny will be pretty strong until another game of it's ilk releases especially if it has worthwhile content at release. I'm looking at you The Division...... #11
I can't read your comment, Ill wait for your 5 GB update to try again along with proof reading DLC. #3.1
The problem is these are elements that were expected in the original DMC release so yes it feels like an upgrade for the title but other than the Angel Lift/Demon Pull mechanics it doesn't really raise the bar for the series on the whole combat wise. Plus Nero is only one part of the spectrum, Dante's Style system adds a whole new avenue of battle (which wasn't DLC I might add) and like I mentioned before, the weapons selection is far cry from the Nevan, Lucifer or Spiral. #3.5.1
I would honestly be more excited for an remake than any remaster. I mean just imagine Zone of Enders running on the Fox Engine or Polyphony Digital getting around to creating Omega Boost with any of it's current engines.

Of course updating game mechanics and unlockables to make these titles stand on their own is a must..... #5
Any Advance Wars....... #6
Raven Software......very underrated studio. #1
I'm not a big fan of embargoes because it makes me feel that publisher's and or developers have little confidence on what the game has to offer especially when they are expecting customers to pay full price on the title. I am not saying that Bloodborne is going to be a terrible game mind you because most of us ran through Miyazaki's track record in delivering great Souls games it's just that I feel it gives off the wrong sign to customers especially if it's from an unknown... #7
Nothing's wrong with having DMC as your favourite and it would be awful if anyone tries to burn anyone at the stake for it but to say it's better than Devil May Cry 3 or 4 is a bit much especially when the have removed so much in combat options.

Silent Hill 4 is my favourite in the series but I will not argue with facts and claim that it's the better game especially when in comparison to monster design, combat and content. #3.3.1
I think it shows how much people are tired of hand-holding and QTE's which plague so many titles as of late. It's also great playing a game with no fear of Season Passes or unworthy DLC. #6
What weapon on DMC can rival the Devil Bringer, Lucifer (my favourite) or even Gilgamesh? Seriously though, when I read any article that begins on "hating the new Dante" I should expect this.... #3.2
Why why why Capcom didn't allow George Romero to direct the first Resident Evil movie? #1
Pretty cheeky response XD..... #2
Rule of Rose and Killer 7 #3
Missing Capture the flag mode, assault rifles and the lack of vehicles is unsettling.

/s #3.1
I'm sorry man, everytime he talked I expected him end his sentence with "Bankai!" or him whipping out the Trigun. :P #5.1
I'm sorry but no the only thing this game has is great potential but that's about it. I enjoyed what I played of it mind you but RNGesus, lack of content and Bungie's cheap moves to make the game even longer turned me off. I can see this game getting high praise due to the lack of games similar of it's ilk for consoles but comparing it to to what I have gained in Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy dice. #16
The Evil Within's only flaw is that needed it polish in both hit detection (melee-wise) and movement. Other than that, the game was ace in every other field especially monster design. I'd say the first Dead Space and The Evil Within were my favourite horrors on last-gen consoles. #15
I may actually consider picking this up. I love the artwork and the cassette is a nice touch. #3
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