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His point is it's literally always a good time to be a gamer, because when there's games to play, it's good. And there's always games. It's just like telling the same joke over and over and expecting it to be funny. Don't say something just because it people say it. At least you didn't say good time to be (platform owner). Those guys are even worse.

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Punctuation is so overrated.

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KnuckleDu won Capcom Cup with a Dualshock 4. Guess he doesn't take things too seriously.

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Man this game is getting some really good scores.

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Crazy that this is even an announcement.

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This is the very definition of cherry picking.

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There is a simple menu. It's right there in front of you. Pull up the menu and hit navigation. Or just walk to the front of your ship. Have you actually played the game?

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Actually Souls, Ninja Gaiden, and Onimusha meshed together.

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He didn't say Red Dead Redemption and GTA 5. He said port GTA games and Red Dead, obviously referring to their current iterations, whatever that may be at the time. And GTA 6 isn't even a thing, so even if the Switch does get GTA 5, that would be a pretty big third party game that they need.

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You think when you see PS4 Pro and Scorpio, you see a mid cycle upgrade. Well good on ya, Erik, because that's exactly what they are. Thanks for uncovering the mystery. Do you know what people see when you're on here every single day, downplaying the competition?

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Does the Vita's lack of sales or the PSVR [supposedly] needing life mean the Wii U was not a failure? What the hell is the relevance? It isn't "Sony fans" calling the Wii U a failure. It's everyone with a brain and 2 eyes. Or 1 eye. Or someone who gets their news through audio only.

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You are trying WAY too hard lol...

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Consistently underrated.

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I think anybody making a concrete statement either way right at this moment in time is either rightfully skeptical or overly optimistic.

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I wish I had the quote, but it was something Reggie Fils Aime said about the competition years ago that keeps me from being surprised at any decisions Nintendo makes today, and it's not about lack of competitive fire. It's the fact that they've taken some pretty stubborn stances on market trends and how the other guys go about building their platforms. They just don't want to do things anywhere in the realm of what the competition is doing, and that, painfully, is what has put...

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You just made yourself look worse than the game itself. Congratulations.

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Another week, another Rolodex of Phil quotables on n4g. It's amazing he gets any work done at xbox, with all the "interviews."

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As far as third party support goes, I saw about 8 Dragon Quests and Xenoblade 2. They said there's 80 games in development and everyone is hard at work, but there was no hard evidence, with the system releasing in 2 months. They didn't even detail the online infrastructure, which will have a paywall much later than its release, which I've never seen before. Third party games that are available on the other platforms has been the issue for 2 generations in a row now, and if it cont...

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You just laid out the problem. Nintendo doesn't get it. They don't want to get it. People want Nintendo to catch up, but Nintendo just wants to do things their way for eternity.

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We actually did better and they STILL outsold us. We did it guys! Kinda..No

I think they'd be better off focusing on their own stable rather than pointing out other company's numbers, especially given their position in the market. That's a really silly thing to include in the statement.

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