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Reviewers leaving out depth and lore? Nothing strange at all about that.

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I'd go back and play Borderlands 2 any day instead of Destiny.

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hizi? Does that mean H1Z1?

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The graphics on PC are just decent to begin with.

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I sure could go for a UI change.

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Being realistic, that wasn't even a traditional trailer. It was just pure gameplay with a random music track playing. No direction or anything involved. It's that reason that has me believe it was directly representative of the game itself, which is a good thing.

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So it's a shiny turd now. Fun.

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That wasn't the point.

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I want to buy the game just off the strength of that man's "passion." I was in tears.

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I knew this sandwich meat was missing something. Needed just a dash of salt.

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What exactly are you getting at with this useless comment thread? Honestly? Because with each comment, it increasingly looks like you're desperately trying to find something bad about selling 70 million units.

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Sony literally did split up their divisions to stay afloat lol. What people need to comprehend is that Sony Corp is not PlayStation. PS4 putting up these incredible numbers is not Sony. It is PlayStation. They operate as their own brand. In fact, PlayStation's branch doing so well is, and probably will be, a large portion of Sony's resurgence in the future.

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Well that's exactly what the PS2 did

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Glad to see you all got the obvious sarcasm...

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Take all of the monies. All of them.

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But, I'm sure it was an oversight. Had to be...

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That's not even what he said..

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"But their 2nd half has been mediocre at best. Poor marketing deals and underwhelming exclusives "

Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, Hellblade, Yakuza, Matterfall and GT Sport are mediocre at best? Hahaha sometimes I honestly wonder do people on this site actually enjoy videogames or do they just jack off to their plastic box of choice.

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