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I'm pretty sure Activision never has to worry about making budget.

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...? Past games in this very franchise have much deeper mechanics than SFV. He's far from the first person to share these opinions.

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With what you just said, you could easily swap out 360 for PS3, and it would be the same thing. So what makes it the "last great console" lol?

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Why would you need to turn the TV off while your PS4 is on?

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There are people right now who don't know you can appear offline. You know what a power user is. Don't act like you don't.

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You think they increased the price because they corrected an issue? This isn't like the Elite controller on Xbox.

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It's not a slap in the face to anybody. This sensationalist crap has to stop. It's all hearsay and speculation. But even if the Neo is real and it releases and it plays the same games, only with better graphics, is that really what we're all so upset about? Because that's been the same argument since this whole generation started.

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In the eternal words of Keanu Reeves.... "whoa."

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I'm with you. We already been through that era and beat it into the ground. Couldn't walk into a game store without the wall filled with WWII shooters. Don't know why they're going backwards.

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Or maybe, just PERHAPS you're reading into it way too much lmao it ain't that serious. Maybe I didn't know anything about 360 being discontinued. Maybe I did and it slipped my mind. Maybe I shouldn't have ate that sandwich in the back of the fridge. These are all possibilities, but you went with what suited you. The PS2 doesn't even factor into what I asked. You just made up a whole scenario to prove some phantom point. Chill.

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Nothing worse than someone who acts like one group of fanboys is worse than another. Your other friends got some pretty rabid tendencies too.

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I didn't say anything about PS2. I asked a question.

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What's with all the 360 slobbing over the last week?

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An opinion based on ignorance and lack of even attempting to acknowledge what is said, is not a valid opinion, and people who say their opinion is neither right or wrong, simply because it's their opinion, are usually the ones who actually have nothing to say in the first place. But hey 'click bait' because I don't want to hear it.

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lol or we could wait and see what happens in reality.

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They already said it's in preplanning stages right now, and development will start after Battleborn's DLC season is completed.

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People sure love their manufactured controversy, don't they?

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Nobody is arguing the relevance or at least the paradigm shift that XBL started, but saying the Xbox 360 is retiring as the king of all consoles is just lmao

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