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lol ok you had your fun. Now stop it.

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lol Zeldafan

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Yep. Secret sauce to keep up with an unreleased console, while holding a 2:1 lead. Makes TOTAL sense.

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Bugs and unfinished games definitely has become expected and accepted, sadly, but how you make that correlation to Neo and Scorpio, I have no idea.. Are you inferring that power or lack thereof has anything to do with bad programming or unoptimized source code?

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I don't care to say how many times I've watched it. The way they opened the conference itself was like nothing I've seen before at e3, and what a strong composition McCreary and the orchestra put together. God of War has always had a great orchestral soundtrack, but what they played was making love to my ears.

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Still? STILL with this? This all goes way back to these "gamer journalists" who had early review copies of Demon's Souls. That was in 2009. Git gud or just be quiet. I cannot wrap my head around this silly whining. If it aint for you, then it ain't for you. For me, it's one of the best IPs in years exactly because of all the reasons people complain about. It's become so expected for every game to hold your hand, that anything going against this is "not fun."...

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That doesn't make any damn sense

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Didn't you just flame the guy above you for "Sony fan logic?" And then you say some dumb shit like this.. lol gamers are a mentally ill breed these days. Just give it a rest and play what you bought.

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lol sources

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Well there you have it. Some people get motion sickness, which obviously means Sony needs better hardware. Science.

What the actual...

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You said it yourself. They're similar or act similarly, but they're not zombies. Calling a dog a cat to suit your own point of view doesn't connect any dots.

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The One S is basically the same as the current box. Why would the Neo be competing with that?

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The comparisons between the "specs" thus far have been as pointless as this article, but Scorpio was hardly the centerpiece of Microsoft's conference..

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They don't care what YOU think. The reality is huge amounts of people love any and everything celebrities do, and they eat this all up. That's just sadly how this society works. With gaming being bigger than it's ever been before, it's kind of a double edged sword for us.

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Heard water is wet but kinda dry.

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lol what if

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What does the first PSVR game have to do with Neo or Scorpio specs?

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We had rumors about the original PS4 specs too, and look how that turned out. That's why they're rumors.

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Yea pretty much. Anything for a story.

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