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"This site is a cesspool"


Focusing on those "extras" and those extras alone, are what put Nintendo in this position. People called Sony arrogant last gen. Well what more does it take for Nintendo to wake up and adapt to the market around them? Consistently appealing to only your hardcore and longtime supporters is going to come back and bite anyone. Those nifty extras don't outweigh not having games like GTA, Fallout, Destiny, The Witcher, Dark Souls, Mortal Kombat, and every other third party game, gene... #4.3.2

It was an advantage because it was on sale a full year prior. There's nothing really to argue. #4.2.3
No pressure. #2
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I wanted a new Paradise so badly, but that's not happening. That was such a gem last generation. #9
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Yea let me tell the 20 people messaging and sending invites to me that I don't want to be bothered. Let me just ignore how simple it would be if the feature was there in the first place. Let's insult my fellow gamer first. Always protect the brand. And what the hell does game sharing have to do with it lol #5.1.1
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Please. All devices can break. Some break right out of the box. Doesn't matter how good you take care of it. #1.2.1
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The longer I read that, I said this guy really isn't going to use a comma or a period or anything. And you didn't let me down. #5.1
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Fun fact: gamers not a part of the internet crowd don't play the exclusive chest beating game. They just buy games and enjoy them. But LMAO because why not #10.4
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Can't wait to play later on. Been seeing good things.

Oh and the PS4 price drop is official. #2
What do you mean as well? What other version is exclusive? #2.2
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I know it doesn't follow the story of the movie, but how can you legitimately say Back to the Future: The Game, has "nothing" to do with Back to the Future? #1.3
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You had me at first, but then you decided to go the ignorant route, entirely. #3.2
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You gotta be kidding. RZA? #1.2
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Halo had to move on from split screen? I think it's best they just stop poking it with their stick at this point. #6
How in the hell does this remind you of Haze, other than the fact that is has no correlation whatsoever with Haze? #1.3.1
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Maybe if little Jimmy is good next year he'll get some furniture for his room #7
Except Grant Hill eventually played very well after his ankle finally healed. #1.2
The rumor is that future expansions will just be game updates, leading into Destiny 2. Which would make sense, seeing as they are adding microtransactions. It's all business. Filthy industrial business. #3.1.1
They have an impact on the game regardless, if you can't get certain content without spending more money. It doesn't have to be content that affects gameplay and/or progression. Huge games like GTA and Destiny having microtransactions make it ok for everyone else to follow suit. No matter how vocal we are in the internet, some amount of people are going to buy them. It's not like this is a free to play game. Their reasoning is so that the ongoing game can be funded over the next y... #1.2.1
Infamous 1 and 2 are both great games. Second Son is great graphically, but the story isn't nearly as good, and not a whole lot was added to the gameplay.

This was supposed to be a response to Gamer09. #3
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