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Just give me back the AN-94 and I'm good. #6
Congrats. Most of us have had it since launch. It's current state is a dream compared to then. #4.2
They're doing the same thing as you, at the same time.. #3.3.3
Really? #3.1.1
Yea I know. And everyone is getting all happy, with EA nonetheless. We're living in the apocalypse and don't even care. #5.2
Yep. Just like Titanfall.. #2.1.1
lolol it's like this guy thinks he's building up some membership reward points on here. #1.1.1
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Hahahahahaha #12
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What. #19.1
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Gamers open to abuse from the gaming community on the internet? Ya don't say. #15
Another port? Another one? #1.3
You really just compared Mario Kart to a fully modded PC game, and GTA with ice at that. #6.1.2
Who in the hell would actually approve this whiny entitled POS? Of all things to complain about.. Deceitful? lol a mountain out of a..however that phrase goes. #16
lol leaked. People been streaming on twitch for at least a week. #15
Of course they're very different, but console wars. #10
lol should this be unexpected? #2
You are trying too hard. #9.3
Nothing mediocre about GTA V. Oh it must be fact because I said it. Concluded. #4.3
Damn he's one ugly mofo lol #2
That's not the damn Harlem shake. It never was. Please stop with this. #5
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