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Is that considered a map? It's unlimited and there's not even a map to pull up in No Man's Sky.

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Logic and reasonable deduction. Really now. So based on your logic and reasonable deduction that you already alluded to about vehicles, again I ask, why MECHS specifically? If you're so entirely positive that it is, which you are, all I'm asking is how you came to this conclusion. What about Waking Titan suggests mechs? It could be anything from a specific planet, to a stalking alien that follow you across the galaxy, to a universal space station, to a mysterious being that is connect...

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What exactly about it sounds like mech suits though?

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People bought the game. Imagine that! So they are supporting it, just like the plan was all along. You expect them to just drop everything because of some exaggerated media backlash?

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Every one of you are goddamn pathetic. Well at least this.. Oh but look at that.. It's like day care.

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I don't understand it either. They're paying a premium for limited games.

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It's not about being good form, it's just the facts. Japanese development hasn't been anywhere near as relevant as they used to be for quite some years now, as the western studios have caught up, so to speak, and been consistently releasing bigger and bigger games. The big Japanese developers themselves have said the same thing a few years back.

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If you play a single player game and it turns out to be something timeless, it shouldn't matter when you first played it. But at the same time, when you look at something like Final Fantasy VIII, that literally got a lot of people into RPGs, they may not have ever gave some games that released afterwards a second look. Sometimes those genre defining games change things. All of us skip those games that we're "supposed" to play sometimes. It just happens.

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Inb4 the PlayStation defense force doesn't understand what mass market means

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lol you basically just gave them a participation award.

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So much apologizing just in the damn article excerpt. Have fun with your $60 expansion.

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Cheating the system lol. How about these publishers stop locking content and demos and betas behind cover charges? Keep fighting for those corporations though. It helps us all.

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Every celebrity who has ever died, was taken by the Illuminati. Every single one of them.

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What are we supposed to do? Throw a parade? It's not like it happened overnight and surprised us all.

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Individual clubs have console partners too? Yeesh

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That's quite the ironic paradox

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Of all time? OF ALL TIME?

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