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So a shared world game using community efforts to unlock a single weapon is apparently a no no. Boo hoo.

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4K maybe, maybe not. But I'm all for HDR and higher frame rates.

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My phone is quad HD, and I don't even game on it. Why is 720p 'just fine' for a gaming handheld from a dedicated gaming company with a long history in gaming?

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lol this headline is going to cause a nuclear explosion on every gaming site on the world wide web.

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Lords of Shadow and Bloodlines are higher on the list for me.

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So now you simply have to own something to be a fanboy. This gets more and more complicated every day.

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Never paid for any emulator on my computers. Never saw any emulator with a price, for that matter.

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So either get a Cronus Max/Titan One, or buy a stick.

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Not sure if serious..

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lol people act like Sony closed the studio to put them on punishment. Sony doesn't exactly have endless funds laying around, and sometimes decisions have to be made to fit their financial responsibility. If you want to fund them, I'm sure they'd be willing to entertain your proposal.

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You're only gonna get down voted because you reached so hard just for attention.

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Never said they don't. But the topic is Titanfall.

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They didn't deserve to be printed on disc.

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Yet I have 2 disagrees lol this site never ceases to amaze.

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Why do you have a screen from Street Fighter X Tekken for Street Fighter EX?

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Nobody is arguing the importance of marketing in order to *sell* a game, but there is a reason why marketing has it's own budget; Marketing is not development. The marketing budget may even be directly influenced/affected by the development if the game ends up costing more to make than initially thought, but that doesn't mean it's together with the development budget.

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No surprise that you guys didn't waste any damn time lol. There's probably more comments here about No Man's Sky than about Astroneer.

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