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"This site is a cesspool"


Yea, there's a reason for that. #1.9
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After all this time? #3
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Another one. #4
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Yea. I'm not doing that. #4.2
You're not really suggesting that any and everybody out there even knows what soldering wires is, let alone is willing to do it? #2.1.6
It said backward compatibility, but that was cute what you did. PS4 has been selling like every unit is a limited edition, so obviously BC is not a selling feature, however it is done. #1.5
Tickets? This better not be funding the game lol #2
This really doesn't need an answer. There is a reason we have different genres. The same goes for linear vs open world, and also applies to single player only vs a mix of single player and multiplayer. Variety is a necessity. #13
Ooooouuuh YEEAH! #4.2
You missed his point, but they're not spending extra money by releasing the game in its original state. It's getting released and imported anyway. Their choice of cencorship or not, is not the issue. #1.1.2
It's probably a little tough for new players to get into, but like I said, I wouldn't be playing it for the last 3 years if I didn't enjoy it. It gets new content every single month, and if you don't mind RNG based games, there is a lot of stuff to do, especially with the new systems they've introduced in December. It's hands down one of the better free to play games available. #12.2.2
Yes exactly, screw a *pointless* story. I, and many others, would have loved a good story. There is a crazy amount of lore they created, and those stupid grimoire cards couldn't be more interesting, but they couldn't be bothered to actually integrate it into the story that we played through. It was lifeless. But it didn't have to be. #15.1.1
They asked a question, and these are their answers. What are you whining about? What about this is toxic? Who said they are proud of themselves? #11.1
I quit playing Destiny when Bloodborne and Borderlands came out. That was almost a year ago. Then I went back to Warframe. Plenty of other games have released in that time, and this year is somewhere between ridiculous and why don't you want me to have money. There is literally nothing to do in Destiny, which is a shame because it started out with so much promise. #12
Man listen... #2.1
So a third party developer went through the trouble of actually programming a separate graphics api for a game that is available on multiple platforms, using a technique that isn't exclusive to said developer..for a marketing trick? #4.3
What is this, Apple? lol please PLEASE don't hype this game up more and more. Just let it do its thing. #10
Uncharted was well accepted and praised across the board though. That's not a great example. #1.3.1
15 years? #5.1
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