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"fuck this site"


I agree. Shallow and pedantic. #5.1
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I'm not sure if you know what a monopoly is. #1.3.4
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I don't think it was meant to be anywhere near that definitive or even serious.. #6.1.1
You don't use social media often do you? #5.1.1
If it was, then what? #12.1
fdkenzo, the funniest thing is you're the one who's trolling and you don't even know it. #3.1.4
10/10 does not mean a game itself is perfect. It means the sum of it's parts is greater and above & beyond everything else by comparison at the time. The game does everything so well, that is scores 10 across the board. I don't know why this is still an argument or even a big deal. Some people even sound downright offended when a game gets a 10. Why does it even matter to them? #1.3.12
Damn that thing is awesome. #1
I actually been doing some damage since the buff. #1.2
They're not expensive in the first place. How can a discount ever not be worth it? Would you rather there be no discount at all? #20.1
Well why the hell not? Payday is not even a demanding game. #6
I was just thinking of using the brain in my own head and buying what I want. #9
That is an all star lineup. #15
I wasn't expecting it any sooner than late 2015. #1.1.1
How do you make a definitive statement, and then say 'as usual take it with a grain of salt.' Why do these sites even exist? Integrity is like a damn foreign mentality. #10
Is everyone forgetting about Ra's Al Ghul's pits? Or that he disappeared from the fence he fell on in Arkham City? #14
Yea, we should let Batman educate our kids on how to be tough. You know, in the real world............ #10.2
The previous ones were great, yes, but dark? Nah I wouldn't say they were dark, certainly not like comic and novel dark. And if you don't want your kid to watch it, then so be it, that's your choice. But Batman never really has been a kiddy thing in the first place. #4.3
How's that? #10.1
Brink was super easy! #9.1
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