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Welcome to the wonderful world of Bluetooth......

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Is that a middle finger or..

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Some people don't understand that "good" graphics is kind of an umbrella term. *Art style* determines a lot about what a game looks like. Nobody with a working brain would compare Uncharted 4 to No Man's Sky. It's like comparing Madden Football to Ratchet & Clank.

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I'm honestly surprised arcade mode is as big a deal as it is for people. I hear so much about how the whole fighting genre is niche, and it's unforgiving blah blah. I didn't think people played fighting games to play the AI. Seems like a waste to me.

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If they don't always pay off, then that means they do pay off sometimes, right? So what lesson are you talking about?

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Talk to EA about The SIms: Galaxies

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Not exactly day 1 then

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I didn't know the game was a thing until it was shown at E3, so it has nothing to do with "not bothering" to watch gameplay videos.

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Read this 3 times. Still doesn't make sense. People are very strange in this world. And he a really apologized too. I genuinely can't make sense of this.

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Why are they happy to announce these?

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You don't want him to continue making great relationships and connections within the industry?

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He's not their slave. The man made his own choice, and he's *CEO* of the studio.

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If you're not being sarcastic, I'm confused. Why would it be surprisingly for any place on Earth to ban mobile gaming, especially one with this amount of hype, from inside a historic religious shrine? "Japan is huge on culture," just like any other country and their culture.

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Favorite of all time is the first PlayStation. Whereas the PS2 was more powerful, the first had SO many games, and it really led the charge with gaming design and development making the next big leap. Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil.. Too many classics to name.

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Well to each his own. HR deserved way more credit than it got when it released, despite the acclaim it did. With so many remasters and sequels for the sake of sequels, they put out a project that was true to the original, even though it's been years since it first released.

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You mean Human Revolution? But..You're serious? That's the first time I've seen anyone say that. The boss fights were the only real downside of the game. They were pretty lackluster, and they know this. That's why it was address.

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oh ok

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Was I asleep when this was announced or is this the first announcement?

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