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Kudos to all 1% of you who can take advantage of such a rig.

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Mario lookin like a creep in that picture.

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There was nothing actually NSFW in the article. Am disappoint. I wouldn't want to play this as the teacher anyway.

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There's nothing to beg to differ about. I stopped playing Destiny way back when Bloodborne and the Handsome Jack collection came out. That doesn't mean I can just deny fact that Destiny was a huge release this generation, and that it is and forever will be incredibly stupid when someone says blah blah is still a thing?

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Point being, missed opportunity.

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So you love oranges but you're not interested in orange juice. Makes sense.

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Look at all of you PlayStation fanatics now chanting Switch LOL.. Anything to hate on Xbox. Literally anything. Doesn't this childish merry go round get tiresome?

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What I don't get is the people who always counter with, "well how many games did such and such launch with." The Switch launched in a generation that we've already been playing for 3 1/2 years. Never mind the nuclear assault that PS4 alone dropped just the first few months this year. We've already been playing the GTAs, the Battlefields, the Fallouts and so forth. Unless you're a Nintendo or Zelda fanatic, there has to be justification for buying a whole other platfo...

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PC has no decent games? Is that what you're saying? I just want to be clear before I shake my head.

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Really? Who gives a damn about the Wii? The thing is, with PS4, it will continue to sell. It won't jump off a cliff when the casuals attention span hits their ceiling. PS4 isn't selling to grandma and little Jimmy. People who play games other than party junk and gimmicks are buying it. Can't believe someone brought up the Wii.

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down down punch is a Dragon Punch? Yea I'm not playing this crap

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Even Capcom forgot Deep Down. It's kind of unrealistic to put that on a top 5 anticipated list when there's been barely even a mention of it's existence for months and months.

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That's twice you put Last of us 22018. Use your space bar. And Death Stranding, which has already been shown, already has an engine that's been used, and has already been under development for some time, won't be out for another 5 years from now? Ok.

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PlayStation sure as hell doesn't need a smaller controller.

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I don't see professional athletes, who are actually putting their bodies on the line, go on racist rants in the middle of a game. Stress doesn't cause this. He said himself he wanted to be offensive. Why are people rushing to throw pillows after this guy jumped out the window?

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Yea. Literally every person on the planet has had bad days. I'm positive many have have far worse than this guy has. I'm not going to argue how we handle things differently. I'm not going to argue that I haven't "lost my cool" in a competitive gaming match. But I will say that I have never in my life went on a racist rant, much less flipped my shit like that because I got killed in a video game. That word makes me sick to my soul, and I'm so far beyond the fact t...

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Yea. Been too long.

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I fully accept that there are more than enough idiots with too much time on their hands in our great society, but I really have to wonder what is going through someone's head when they submit these dumbass articles.

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