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I will probably buy it for both platforms, when I have enough Chang - don't care about Hhhhham, though! #2.1.3
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Why, does the game somehow lose value in 12 months? It's just as fresh if you were not able to play it before. It probably will feature all DLC though.

I will play it on my new XBox this year and probably again on my PS4 next year, because I am weird this way and kinda need the title in my Trophy-collection - unless it is very bad, which I am sure it will not be. #1.1.6
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I think it was pretty much sold out way in advance the last two years. Two years ago I was only able to attend thanks to a friends dev-tickets. You can still get daily tickets on location but only if you plan for (half) a day of waiting in line. #1.1
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This 4 to 6 hours stuff again. It took me over 10 hours in the first run on normal difficulty. Sure, if some sites like to play their game on easy, run through it and then even subtract the time for cutscenes you will get 4-6 hours, but how many games could that be applied to? I heard the record for God of War II is under 90 Minutes. Surely that game wasn't worth it's money... #2
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Can't you just log in a guest and skip account login. I think the system makes sense because the guest now - finally - can also gain trophies. But I am pretty sure I have had people play without creating or signing in any account. #5.2.1
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If they could do 1080p 3D @ 60, that would mean they can render the game as is in 1080p with 120 frames per second... (that is how I meant it - obviously 3D should be able to render just as many frames as 2D as they only need to shift the camera every other frame - so 60frames on the whole translates to 30 per eye) I doubt that the collection we get will have really stable 60fps. I too believe it will be possible but The Last of Us Remaster was not stable. Pretty good but not stable. I just d... #5.1.3
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I know. So sad. #5.3.1
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Maybe the E3-Demo for U4. Would be awesome, no? Or, my personal favorite: all three games with a solid 30fps 3D-Mode. #5
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Same here. If it is decent 3D I will buy it. Trine was great, Daylight had maybe 15 frames per second at best in 3D and was unplayable. I'm sad that 3D is hardly used anymore. Just imagine if at least the remasters had a 3D-option... Uncharted-collection in 30fps-3d. Yes, please. #1.1.5
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My interest in XOne was mild. I was somewhat interested in Forza Horizon, Gears, Quantum Break and Ryse. Recently MS had the gamerscore-promotion which offered me a One with the Master Chief Collection for 197€. At that price I was very tempted. The Tomb Raider timed exclusivity and uncertainty concerning PlayStation (even though i 80% believe it will come) certainly didn't make me not buy an XOne... So I bought it and really liked Ryse (but I also liked The Order... cinematic third perso... #1.1.13
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At least it's free... wait a minute... #5.5
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I don't like Bloodborne but I also don't remember any reviewer saying it is 'at times nearly unplayable' as Eurogamer said for the Mass Effect Emulation. I think it is fine to be excited for this feature and hopeful that they improve it until release but that doesn't give you the right to call everyone a troll that is a bit sekptical.

Here is the framerate statement backed up by a source:
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I think the racing itself is fine, but somehow it seems like you are driving just a couple of completely unrelated races. There is no real sense of progression. While I bought it at release and really think the graphics are great and the driving is very good, I can't bring myself to play it any further... there is no incentive for me. I am more of an arcade-racer-player anyway, so Horizon 2 (which is awesome) will have to do until Need 4 Speed (fingers crossed it will be good). A new Moto... #20.1
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Yeah, sure, you got me.

I guess the hard discs in both consoles are also vastly different technologies, making it a miracle again that the one loads textures faster than the 360 did, as was part of my argument.

Also the one does not have a multiple of the resources the 360 has, again making it close to a miracle the One has better performance.

While the games for the X-One are based on DirextX, the games on the X360 are based on a vastly diff... #1.3.5
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Sure, if the architecture is vastly different. But the technical difference between hard disk drives, for example, is minimal. The new one is faster, there is more cache, it loads textures faster. There is hardly any magic there. If the One would be slightly faster than the 360 I would agree, but the One is several times as fast as the 360 with somewhat similar architecture, so it would be expected to not have that much loss in resources due to emulation.

I am not saying this... #1.3.2
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Well, actually it was to be expected that slowdowns due to hardware-performance on X360 would not be emulated too. With more resources the same things generally perform better. It's undoubtedly great but hardly a surprise. #1.3
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Killzone SF has SplitScreen Coop now? That.Is.Awesome! Never knew that. Do the devs know? #1.1.2
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Until Dawn looks great. I hope the story makes more sense than Cage-games. Cage usually doesn't seem to care about logic or continuity at all which is a shame because his games usually have lots of potential. #4
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And what color is the grass where you are from. 'Same old, same old'? There is so much stuff in this short demo that is outstanding and leaps and bounds above everything the competition has to offer and in fact hasn't been seen before in that quality and combination, just as there was in the last demo. #2.1.1
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GoW I & II already had really bad upscaled video-sequences in the PS3 edition. With the jump to PS4 they really couldn't afford to upscale again, so they would have to recreate them and that would be serious work... not such an easy cash-grab after all, so they don't do it... I certainly would love an 'all-GoW-parts in real 1080p 60fps'-collection but I don't see it happening. #18.3
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