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Maybe he means he is glad that is is on his platform of choice, not that he is glad it is not on the other platform. In the sense that 'if it needs to be an exclusive, I am glad that I can play it.' #2.2
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Season Pass Holders will still get the China Game for free in addition to the first DLC and the free game as was confirmed in the official Ubi-Post. #8.1.5
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Nope, Injustice and inFamous are both definately Triple A. #1.2.2
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3 story missions, 3 multiplayer arenas, 1 strike and 1 raid. Seems a little light-weight für 20 bucks. #1
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Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! #1.1.2
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Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle. #1.1
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What would be totally awesome, and I can almost picture it: a working psn-messaging system. Since weeks I get notified that I have a message and when I try to read said message it loads the message strem, sometimes for minutes. Try reading a quick message in a raid-type situation. Sending a message also often gets stuck at 97% and then just sits there until it finally gets send or until a timeout is reached. I love my PS4 but this area is something that SONY never has excelled at and it is re... #14
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If I had both consoles and had already decided to buy the game I would want to know which version runs better for my money, if only marginally. Chances are it will be the PS4 and I guess it is in this case (1080@PS4/900€XO if i'm correct). You are obviously right that 180 additional p should not change the opinion on the overal quality of the game but can be used to determine which version to buy. #2.1.1
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The review gives 4.4 out of 5, not out of 10. #1
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Official answer is: If the same song is available on the PS4 it will be a free download. #3.1
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i think Diablo is my favorite PS4 game so far. There have been a few I had fun with but Diablo is just so addictive... #1.4
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Of course it was just a simple example. JPG or MP3 compression works only with quality loss but you can still compress any file lossless, even Audio and Imagery. The patterns and formulas get more complex and the compression effectiveness suffers but my point was rather that the term 'compression' does not automatically mean losing quality.

A game like Drive-Club is going to have tons of Polygons too and I am not aware of a quality-losing... #1.1.13
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I just made that comment a few days ago: Take this string: 00000000000000000000 and it's compressed form: 20x0 which only takes up 20% the space of the original string and yet retains 100% of the information without any loss. It's a very simple example but should demonstrate how losless compression works. You don't really expect Rar or Zip compressed files to lose information, right? #1.1.8
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Lossless compression is not a misnomer in the case of png. Consider this: Storing the following information 00000000000000000000 is exactly the same as storing 20x0. There is no loss of information, yet the second version takes only 20 percent of the space. When displaying it back to you it can generate the original information flawlessly without needing the same space. Obviously the algorithms for PNG aren't as simple as my example, but PNG does not lose quality. Now reducing the color-d... #1.1.7
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Probably not 'real' enough as a threat to mankind... unlike SONY.

P.S. If your console does not seem to boot, just disconnect LAN for a moment. #4.2
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I noticed that too yesterday. I saw the PreOrdert in the store as 'bundle' and wondered why it wasn't marked as 'preordered'. It is not in my library but preordering again does not work either, because 'i already purchased it'. Just a couple of days to go SONY! #2.3
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That does not make sense. Just because you have the disc of the PS3-version and others have it digital does not give you any advantage on PS4. You will have to buy the game again just like owners of digital versions will have to, unless, of course, you plan to keep playing on PS3, but guess digital owners can also still play on PS3. So there is no advantage in this regard. #9.3.1
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They confirmed that you will be able to download the songs you bought on PS3 for free if possible. I'm guessing there will be a few songs where the licensing won't allow it but I am confident that I will be able to download most songs again for 'free'. #2.1
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Actually I was disappointed by the HD-remaster. There are so many graphical glitches that have not been on PS3 that it seems they took 2 big steps forward (1080p, 60fps) and a hundred small steps back. From weird clipping errors over lights shining through objects to missing lighting maps and weird transparency issues. Even the ending credits have misplaced slides. The game itself is amazing but the remaster quality is rather poor and actually affects the atmosphere/immersion negatively. Neve... #3.1
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They already have microtransactions in Black Flag. In multiplayer you need a gazillion rounds to farm enough points for all skills, and of course you need to use all skills for a trophy to get platinum... Also the transactions weren't that 'micro' at all... I will never pay for stuff like that. I'd sooner stop collecting trophies... I don't really care if microtransactions give a shortcut for rich people, but if they drag out the regular gameplay to 'force' people... #1.1
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