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I liked 3 of the games on the list.

Ryse was good, as was The Order. DriveClub is pretty awesome, just a Little to many time-based-Events.

Haven't played Halo yet but can hardly believe it to be so dissappointing.

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I've been a member to. Didn't get the mail and couldn't sign up. Contacted support... they texted with me pretty cluelessly for a couple days and then they said they couldn't help. Awesome. However, I really think that thing is a little weird layout-wise, especially if you have less than ideal numbers to fill in...

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Also the nurse from DareDevil was already in the show.

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I completely agree that Cage is terrible. I really like the concept of the new game but I am just afraid that he will ruin it too. Since they have another writer on board, there is some hope, the Story will make some sense and have cohesion.

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Because it is generally not the same people. You are just confusing this fact by pretending everyone who likes PlayStation does have the same opinion, and thus you can generalize like you did, which in fact is ignorant. There may be the couple of odd people who act like you propose but they are not representative of the PlayStation-fanbase as a whole, just as you are not representative of the XBox-fanbase as a whole.

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Maybe it's just that people who like backwards compatibility post in the thread that fits the topic. Then tere is the odd guy who comes from the other camp and tries to attack them for no real reason at all, just like you did. Works for both camps this way.

I am mainly a PlayStation-guy but I can tell you that I don't care much for emulation and that the fact that SONY does it, won't change that. The only reason I read here, is out of curiosity, why people would l...

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Thanx. I will just run it again. I bought it first day. The promo even says 'Play it before Dec 31st'.

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Can you tell me how that token-thing works? I assume it's from the Ultimate Edition? I have played it but have no Tokens. Do I have to do something Special to get them?

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Thanks! Will try. It's weird, that the achievement-app has Trouble navigating achievements.

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Can someone please explain to me, how i get to the overview of all games when in the full screen achievements app? I can't figure it out. It just always opens the 'last played' page.

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I realized that with the trigger but it still is farther away (it feels not intuitive to use... right trigger and all - will most likely get used to it though) and the recent stuff takes a needless amount of space... also the whole navigation is horizontal and now in this screen it adds a vertical element. You can find that amazing all you want, I do not like it better than the old version.

Also a thing I was not able to figure out, maybe you can help:

If I a...

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I have the Preview-New-One and really prefer the old one. My pins are farther away than before and recents waste tons of space. But visually it's nice.

Can someone tell me if (and how) I can play Grove-music while playing without docking it to the side?

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That's what I was going to post! They begged for it.

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I think, if at all, they will announce a season pass for the new season. This season (pass) is most likely done.

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I bought an XBox several months ago and only played it two weeks or so. I own both PS3 and 4 since release and play the 4 almost daily. I have played every Assassin's Creed right from release. This isn't even close. Definately gonna buy Halo first and AC only when it gets cheaper. This will be the first AC I don't have to play on release, although I will play it. I've gotten a little tired of the series.

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I don't mind the disagrees, but could someone comment onwhat they disagree? That MS will get a cooperation for VR and that that would be a smart move, that VR is interesting but risky?

Can you list some of those games? I am not Aware of a single real game that I would be interested in. The most interesting so far seems to be Guerillas Arena-Shooter. That looked somewhat fun. Then tere is a bunch of tech Demos, and that some maybe patch for games already out... I would rea...

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I am pretty sure that they are working on a deal with Oculus to bring real VR to the XOne. The Theater mode is just a Gimmick. Hololens will not come to the XOne soon as MS have stated themselves. Hololens has a ton of usefull real world applications before gaming. I think VR is getting some Hype right now but is also a risky move. If MS was to not create their own version but was to cooperate with Oculus it would be very smart: don't burn Money for development but still be part of the ne...

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You got it from a Legacy Engrams. Those engrams are specifically designed to give you Year One Exotics to fill your collection. If you don't care about a full set, I would advice against buying Legacy Engrams.

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I dare you to show me another DF-article where the word 'compromise' is used as often as in this one...

They never say 'lots of' but what they do write is'there's also the sense that Turn 10 could perhaps have compromised too heavily' or 'This is the compromise we need to accept'. What gives?

Of course PS4 also has to make compromises. DriveClub couldn't look the way it does in 6...

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DF does say there were compromises... with exactly those words... here a snippet of the weather-judgement:

"the visual presentation can feel somewhat sterile. There is no variance to rain patterns or volume, with the effect staying the same throughout the entire race. The puddles of water on the ground also appear to be comprised of flat textures featuring a number of surface properties. Transparency, reflections and interaction with surrounding light sources are impress...

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