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Yet there was a Star Wars Ship in Firefly. Crossovers happen all the time. I'm not saying it would be the best fit ever but it certainly wouldn't automagically turn Destiny into a mediocre game. #4.1.2
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It shows 30 frames per second but some frames linger longer than others - look at the frame-time monitor.

I personally didn't notice, but many do. #1.3
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The lack of aliasing is great. Can't wait till someone compares the screens to their respective PS3-screens. #1
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I think you mistake his humor for stupidity. #8.1.2
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Now is the first time though that you get decent 3D, not like it has always been before. I'm pretty sure it is here to stay now. There will be improvements as to 'no glasses required' and such, but I don't see it disappear. #2.2.7
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The art style is strong in this one! Much dark, such gritty, very atmosphere. #1.3
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I understand why it didn't take of on PS3, because of ressources and all, but if they have the game at stable 60fps with all details, then 30fps 3D should be no problem at all. Of course they would have to save the cutscenes in 3D too and since they already stated that the disc will be full, that probably is a serious problem... still sad... #2.2.5
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Yes, I want the choice 60fps regular or 30fps 3D... why is 3D dead? Trine in 3D looks awesome... #2.2
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'stupidly realistic' isn't a synonym for 'better' though, is it? 'Better' is a highly subjective term. There is room for improvement, even in Mario, without the need to sacrifice it's artstyle. #21.1
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Yes, they always do. The question itself is unneccessary. "If you improve one aspect of something while leaving the rest exactly as it is, is it a better product than it was before?' Of course it is. The word 'improve' or in the original question 'better' gives the answer away. 'Better' is always 'better'. Higher resolution doesn't always have to be better, higher framereate doesn't always have to be better, but 'better' always means &#... #23
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I know it is, and it can certainly still end up great, but that they are almost exclusively talking about combat sends a less than ideal message. Maybe I just missed the articles that talked sbout anything besides combat... #4.1.1
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Yay, combat, the exact reason I buy a Mirror's Edge game for. #4
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There's more new stuff than resolution and frame rate though. While I understand the concept you are trying to bring across I have a simple question to ask: which part exactly would I have to change in my PC to play The Last of Us? #10.1.7
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They totally will but it will be smaller and more importantly controlled environments. I am not saying that Destiny is the end of possibilities but it looks pretty good and runs smoothly. All the guys who claim that devs are lazy or bad at optimizing have no idea what they are talking about. #16.1.2
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Banding is created by color depth of the image outputted or the display used. I am not sure but I don't think that color depth is really the problem with this-gen titles. Displays are still often a problem but the game developer can't come home to people and swap their screens. Grain works a bit like dithering in this case and makes it a lot harder to notice said banding, even on displays that still suffer from this.

I wasn't being defensive so much as I was and a... #2.1.2
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The Order will have 4xMSAA. Show me one other console game that's out and featuring such quality-antialiasing...


The grain will be much better for banding problems that have plagued last generation games and for which antialiasing, no matter how high is not... #2.1
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Because having a female playable character is the only thing that makes a game 'progressive'... Tomb Raider was progressive before it was cool! Also: brace yourself for the continuation of the same argument with FarCry 4. #5
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It should be obvious that creating one male character and copy-pasting it 3 times should be different then creating a male and a female character. However, I also don't see the pure character-creation as a viable explanation. ALso using all the male animations on the female and only changing a select few would have been doable with a lot less work than completely redoing all female animation.

But: noone yet knows how much voicework went into the coop. Maybe there are hou... #1.1
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Not as hard as Enslaved though. Heavenly Sword was great, Enslaved was still good, but I think improving on Heavenly Sword with a second part could have made the studio much more successfull than they are now. I can totally understand why they did what they did, but it doesn't seem to have been the right decision for them. With every game they release I care a little less about their titles as they seem to gradually get worse. DMC wasn'T terrible, but it also wasn't very good. #7.2.1
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@iistuii Those were the days... I, too, remember playing Monkey Island and co and being stuck... trying everything for hours and then finally getting/giving advice from/to friends in school next day. #4.2.5
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