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The article says 59$/€ but it has never been this way in the German store. The standard version is 69€ and the Deluxe Edition 79€. The only Games you can buy new for 59€ are the ones that are SONY published plus very few exceptions like The Witcher. Everything from EA and UBI is always 69€ in the standard version, unfortunately. #3.1.1
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59€? Good One. 69€ it is - in Germany at least. Of course you will be able to buy the disc everywhere for 59€ but digital? No that has to be more expensive... because... of reasons and stuff.

I went all digital this gen but the pricing really ticks me off. #3
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I think I know what he means. SOmetimes in the menu there is some weird pixel-'dance' going on in the notification area. It almost looks like it has some purpose but I was never able to figure it out. Also it seems completely random and only limited to the home screen. I don't think it is a priority but it looks weird. #1.1.2
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Maybe Jesus's crazy brother Terry does... #2.2
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Thanks, but as I wrote above: I already tried that and at the same distance it gives the same problem. Maybe my VITA is faulty. #2.1.5
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PS4 is wired. The router is a fairly decent fritz-box. Data streams to and from pc is very good, to my cell phone too, only VITA does not seem to be able to keep a constant connection. It is random though. Sometimes it runs butterly smooth for 15 Minutes and all of a sudden the VITA seems to remember it's problem and wil stutter every couple seconds. For me it is unusable at this point. Also you can connect the VITA directly with the PS4 wirelessly, without taking the extra step of the ro... #2.1.3
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I didn't say it was not doable, but SONY haven't been willing to do it in several years and i kind of doubt that they are willing to really delete it now, and from a data-collecting-point of view I can understand this. It shoots holes into a database even if it is zero-value holes. Also I doubt that the sum of trophy infomation is stored separately. What I would do is set the user-id for 'deleted' trophies to 0-USER-ID. In this case they would disappear from the users DB and t... #12.2.2
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Yes... also "the new ability to remove games from the Trophy list that have 0% completion." - "remove from list" combined with "Currently this is a PS4 only feature." makes me fear it is just another 'hide'-Feature that won't really delete anything and you will still see those sets on PS3 and VITA, but I hope I'm wrong. After suspend the feature I most looked forward to. #12.2
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Sounds nice but even 2 meters next to my router the stream sometimes stutters and breaks, so here's hoping that stream-stability overall is improved, otherwise I won't be having much use for 60fps if they are just as broken. #2.1
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It's at 299 in a lot of German stores. I was almost gonna buy one, but I have such a huge backlog on PS4 that I couldn't play it anyway... I figure if they'll have a Tomb Raider Bundle at 299 later this year I will get weak. #3.2
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All reflections in this game are pre-baked. On the town square where a lot of people are walking around noone is reflecting in puddles and windows. Unless everyone in London is a vampire I think it is just a technical shortcut. I think they should not have put some of the mirrors so obviously into the players path. #1.2
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But the study doesn't show the reference value for 'faster processing power'. The One is definately faster than an X360 or PS3 or Wii. So people have upgraded from last gen because the One has faster processing. Seems absolutely reasonable. If it had said 'fastest' then maybe the point would have had some validity, but the way it is, the article just interprets the poll the way it wants to create a sensationalist spin on a rather harmless study-result. #2.2.1
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It's a trick. Get an axe! #5.1.1
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Yes it does change but the changes really aren't that dramatic. On top of that Heavy Rain's story defies any logic and has very mediocre acting, plus interactivity in Heavy Rain consists of 'press right to shave'-type moments. There really isn't much besides quicktime at all. The Order has way more actual gameplay, and the acting overall is top notch and the story actually makes sense. Not to mention the technical achievement. I really like The Order a lot. #1.2.3
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Is Turrican 'arcade'? I want Turrican! #11
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I understand what you are trying to say but I have a completely different opinion. I want my games to have a strong narrative, that is well structured, performed, and presented while at the same time, allowing me to play through it. There are plenty of games where you can do whatever you want for hours on end but those don't shackle me to the controller, likewise there are many games that take away control every few seconds to show a meaningless mini-cutscene. TLoU, for me, just got the b... #10.1
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Maybe he means he is glad that is is on his platform of choice, not that he is glad it is not on the other platform. In the sense that 'if it needs to be an exclusive, I am glad that I can play it.' #2.2
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Season Pass Holders will still get the China Game for free in addition to the first DLC and the free game as was confirmed in the official Ubi-Post. #8.1.5
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Nope, Injustice and inFamous are both definately Triple A. #1.2.2
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3 story missions, 3 multiplayer arenas, 1 strike and 1 raid. Seems a little light-weight für 20 bucks. #1
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