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I don't mind the disagrees, but could someone comment onwhat they disagree? That MS will get a cooperation for VR and that that would be a smart move, that VR is interesting but risky?

Can you list some of those games? I am not Aware of a single real game that I would be interested in. The most interesting so far seems to be Guerillas Arena-Shooter. That looked somewhat fun. Then tere is a bunch of tech Demos, and that some maybe patch for games already out... I would rea... #1.3.2
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I am pretty sure that they are working on a deal with Oculus to bring real VR to the XOne. The Theater mode is just a Gimmick. Hololens will not come to the XOne soon as MS have stated themselves. Hololens has a ton of usefull real world applications before gaming. I think VR is getting some Hype right now but is also a risky move. If MS was to not create their own version but was to cooperate with Oculus it would be very smart: don't burn Money for development but still be part of the ne... #1.3
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You got it from a Legacy Engrams. Those engrams are specifically designed to give you Year One Exotics to fill your collection. If you don't care about a full set, I would advice against buying Legacy Engrams. #1.1.1
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I dare you to show me another DF-article where the word 'compromise' is used as often as in this one...

They never say 'lots of' but what they do write is'there's also the sense that Turn 10 could perhaps have compromised too heavily' or 'This is the compromise we need to accept'. What gives?

Of course PS4 also has to make compromises. DriveClub couldn't look the way it does in 6... #2.2.8
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DF does say there were compromises... with exactly those words... here a snippet of the weather-judgement:

"the visual presentation can feel somewhat sterile. There is no variance to rain patterns or volume, with the effect staying the same throughout the entire race. The puddles of water on the ground also appear to be comprised of flat textures featuring a number of surface properties. Transparency, reflections and interaction with surrounding light sources are impress... #2.2.3
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True, Quantic Dream had games like this before, but they felt disjointed and were full of logical errors. Until Dawn is, at least in my view, far superior. #1.1
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It gets a pass because you don't notice the Drops unless you watch a Video with a frame-counter. #5.8
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I usually notice frame drops pretty quickly but if it hadn't been for this video I would never have noticed in Until Dawn. I think Dir_en_gray might be right and it is due to the way the game is presented. While I agree that everything below 30 is pretty bad, I think if you can't notice the drops it doesn't make sense to complain. #1.1.7
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Actually I would prefer a device that I could use on my console AND on my PC. Morpheus will have frame-interpolation but MS could easily offer a device that connects between console and VR. Then again PS$ has more power to offer better VR-visuals...

I am really not sure what to do. I mainly game on PS4 but recently I am somewhat disappointed of SONY-tech not really working for me. I would very much like to experience SONYs VR offerings but a Vive or Oculus would be a much saf... #1.2
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I bought my second controller over half a year after release. Same problem still. I only recently bought an XBox and always shared the opinion that batteries are way too old school, but damn... compared to my PS4-controllers they lasted forever... like seriously. I played and finished Ryse, Forza Horizon Fast and Furious, some Halo and only when I started Forza Horizon 2 the controller was out of juice. The PS4-controllers have to be charged every freakin' day.

I still li... #2.1.2
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Apparently there was not a single SONY exclusive game there at all, or they were all not top-10-worthy. Weird list. #1.1
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I agree that it sounds like marketing-talk. It's just not feasible to have too many character-deviations and the resulting character-interactions. The voicework alone would be an insurmountable Task.There may be a few variations in key Areas but I doubt that characters and their interactions will feel very different between playthroughs.

I have preordered it and am still looking forward to it but I think the expectations should be realistic. I'd be more than happy if... #2.3
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Nah, I understand that and I don't talk about publishing a game 3 weeks earlier or with 20% rebate. But I would appreciate it if it was at least the same price that the disc is and if I was able to play it at the same time that people who buy discs. So if SONYs valuable partners don't care about release-dates SONY should follow suit and release as soon as a certain amount of discs are in PS4s. I know that in the US the store prices are usually the same as the disc but in Germany the d... #4.2.1
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I know that it's not the publishers fault, but everybody knows it happens all the time and the street dates are hardly ever enforced, except with real high profile titles. I just think that there is no reason that a game that went gold should not be put out for sale a few days earlier for digital buyers. I also think that a digital game should be a few percent cheaper than a disc, but we all know that won't hapen anytime soon, and in Germany all games (except those published by SONY)... #4.1.1
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I believe when a gold goes gold, it should go to digital stores asap. It's ridiculous that disc buyers will have it days early again while digital buyers will pay more and wait longer. Having it earlier would be a nice way to mitigate the negatives that digital buyers have. Anyway, hoping it'll be great! #4
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I am aware that this is off-topic, but can someone maybe invite me to the Preview-Program? Live-ID: KUV1977. Thanks in advance. #1.1.16
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Can someone please invite me to the Preview-Program? Live-ID: KUV1977. Thank you! #2
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I will probably buy it for both platforms, when I have enough Chang - don't care about Hhhhham, though! #2.1.3
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Why, does the game somehow lose value in 12 months? It's just as fresh if you were not able to play it before. It probably will feature all DLC though.

I will play it on my new XBox this year and probably again on my PS4 next year, because I am weird this way and kinda need the title in my Trophy-collection - unless it is very bad, which I am sure it will not be. #1.1.6
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I think it was pretty much sold out way in advance the last two years. Two years ago I was only able to attend thanks to a friends dev-tickets. You can still get daily tickets on location but only if you plan for (half) a day of waiting in line. #1.1
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