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The better pictures have changed my negative thoughts on the redesign. May pick this up by trading in my original (and now spare) 360 if Gamestop has a good trade-in promotion.

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Yes to head tracking.
No to everything else.

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My early feelings that this would be a very unexciting E3 have been true so far.

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That didn't really look that cool to me... not much gameplay shown and I honestly don't want to jump around my house to play a game.

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Definitely some good deals to be found here. All the weekly XBLA sales have stopped me from buying any XBLA game new... this is awesome for the savings, but sucks on my patience.

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This is all too weird to wake up to...

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Cool trailer, but it would have been nice to see some actual gameplay.

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I love Sega and felt the Dreamcast was so much better than the numbers would tell you, but this would be a TERRIBLE idea. They just had massive layoffs and made it sound like they would focus more on downloadable games... how would releasing a new console in an already packed market be a good idea?

Sega has done plenty of stupid things, but I don't believe they could be stupid enough to release another "real" console. Maybe one of those stupid plug-and-play &quo...

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Looks like a rather odd event...

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I actually quite enjoyed the first game, so I'm really excited for the sequel.

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I'd like this game to be good, but I am still very worried about it.

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That tiger holds the secret to my heart... I = sucker for cats. I'm still butt hurt over the lack of any Nintencats game.

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I am a sucker for Westerns and love them in all media, so I am a bit biased. But, I don't think any game will top Red Dead Redemption for moi.

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Microsoft knows my kryptonite: cats. I may end up buying Kinnect just for Kinnectimals. I know, I feel dirty too... no need to tell me I'm a filthy, filthy man.

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I'm curious if they would have called it "Wave" if Google Wave didn't exist. I know people didn't like that name rumor, but I actually think it would be a rather appropriate name. Kinnect just makes me think of those lego-ish toys I played with as a kid.

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Not a game that really interests me, but it is at least colorful and... I'm a sucker for games that use avatars.

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I only use my PS3 for single-player games so I don't really care if they start offering a premium, paid account. And, some of the stuff they are offering is kind of bulls***. "Full Title Trial – 1st Hour Is Free" ... having to pay to try a Downloadable game before you buy it is nuts.

The best part of this speculation is the idea that we would get free access to PSOne classics and PSP minis. But, if this is true, I think PSN Premium could cost more than people wo...

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Metal Gear will never die until Hideo Kojima dies. And, I'm pretty sure he discovered the answer to immortality so... Metal Gear will never die.

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I don't particularly like this new design, but that may be changed with some clearer pictures and more details. A 250GB HDD and built-in wi-fi? Yes, please. But, I really think it looks ugly from the tiny pics out there. It basically looks like a regular 360 that was run over by a car.

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No one has any "thunder" as of yet as far as I'm concerned. Maybe a whimper and a crack here and there, but no thunder and no lighting... now I feel like watching The Rundown.

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