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"Pixelated Sausage!"


I only played the trial of Orcs Must Die!, so my impression are very limited, but I didn't really find it that graphically appealing in-game——I love the art style, but the implementation left me wanting more.

I really enjoy the visuals in Dungeon Defenders and don't particularly care if it's not a completely original style as I don't believe Orcs Must Die! features a truly original style either. But different strokes for different folks, eh. #2.1
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There is a simply a crazy woman who is always asking for water. It is a constantly open quest that rewards a small amount of XP for every bottle of water you bring her. She never says, "I think I've had enough for now," and always acts like she hasn't had a single droplet of water despite giving her well over a dozen bottles in under thirty seconds. #1.1
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This is like podcast crack... except this crack isn't whack! #1
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The game shouldn't feel like GTA or anything similar because that's not what it's trying/supposed to do. It's real problem is the impression of depth it tries to show. Many moments seem to be full of choice and variety, but that's nothing but an illusion. The game isn't bad, it's just not the amazing experience I hope for--much like my experience with Heavy Rain. #6
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Those who know me know I would punch pretty much anything in the face. #1.1
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Evidence pointing towards Modern Warfare 3:

Modern Warfare 1 & 2 both sold well over 10 million copies. #30
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There are two things that will occur with the NGP:

1. It actually is affordable and Sony takes a significant hit in order to build a solid base.

2. They will choose to take less of a hit and the NGP will be relatively expensive.

I would put my money on #2 based on past experiences alone. Either way, I would wait for the second iteration before buying. #20
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Let me just say...
...the end of this episode features a pretty funny bit of voice modification. #1
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This podcast is an absolute must for any Xbox 360 fans out there. Great chemistry, XBL Indie chatter, and a great variety of discussion. #1
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Gotta love crap articles like this getting so many hits...

"Enslaved = Good game with poor sales... so why don't I write an article about five games that sold worse... and are all bad games, which ends up making the comparison ridiculous. Sounds like a plan!" #67
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The second I saw "Dom and Maria Santiago," I knew the list sucked. Not to mention the existence of "Travis Touchdown and Sylvia Christel" and the fact they are #3!? ... #21
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Why would 360 owners want Gran Turismo 5? They have Forza 3 and I have come to prefer Forza over GT. The 360 will be getting the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls. And I don't know why inFAMOUS 2 is on this list instead of Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 (the 360 is a shooter's console after all), LittleBigPlanet, and others... I'd much rather see The Last Guardian on 360 if only to let the game reach a wider audience. #41
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This is to Uncharted 2 what LIMBO is to Citizen Kane... I mean, they're both black and white, so LIMBO definitely ripped off Citizen Kane! A pathetic excuse for some hits. #41
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I love that this story says "a much more generous 8 hours a week," as compared to an hour a day... yea, an extra hour per week is sooooo generous. #58
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I don't see how Kinect has anything to do with MMOs on the 360... #4
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I'm quite happy this isn't real... if it was, it would be another disaster; a failed attempt to go after the iPad and completely give up on portable gaming. #32
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I do not understand how this could be a "top" story. #19
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I personally believe The Club is extremely underrated. #41
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Whoopty fudgin' doo! The PS3 has become #1 in one country. Stop the presses, the PS3 is about to become self-aware and take over the world! #20
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Why? #18
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