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Sadly people like him are rewarded very very well.. sad state we live in.

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Your just mad that your a republican and glenn beck accurately portrays the knowledge and maturity level of most republicans... Someone post the link of the video of him crying really quick on national television about politics lol.... what a jerk. Balling tears like a big baby.

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You do realize a specular map does not give you reflections right? This is a whole different monster.

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I think you mean cyberpunk , not steam punk :/

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I think thats the point. They are hoping this never goes to trial and that facebook settles with them out of court. Chump change for facebook is millions to everyone else.

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Basically the ps4 version of tombraider was an upgrade that never got ported to PC.

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Had nothing to do with the island... the gameplay was just way better. The multiplayer espeacially. They went and call of dutied it up for crysis 2 and 3... which made the games terrible. Over simplified... and not open enough.

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correction.. too bad crysis 2 and 3 are mega boring... the original was awesome.

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actually with todays shaders thats pretty easy to do... shadow casting on 2d planes with fake bumps for the sahdows to interact with... and a 3dimensional look.. in fact imagine if they used kinnect with a depth sensor to create a normal map for depth and displacement map... would be an interesting appraoch... but i prefer the 3d

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u know whats funny.. my gtx 260 still runs current games at mostly high settings lol..

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yea we get every game u get for the most part eventually, plus we got pc exclusives which i cant live without lol.. that unfortunately arent on all the news pages but are still selling just as much without all the PR.

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Seems like capcom isnt getting the message. NO MORE ACTION RE games. Its horror and its thinking... it survival. THat is what we want.

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The way its meant to be played. To hell with these garbage ass consoles.

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Um ... actually i am working in the game industry dumbass lol. I am a technical artist that works on pc and console games and i own my own company on the side developing mobile apps and web apps using 3d game tech. Say something now lol. I'm waiting for some more assumptions.

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No i just dont see those games as interesting at all. I cant relate with any of the characters.. nor are any of them beleivable in my eyes. It all just sounds very very boring. Only game i can possibly see as interesting is superman.. but thats only if u make every building destructable and allow them to collapse and crumble on themselves as u charge through them at full speed in an epic battle. But even that would get old quick.

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This game was such a horrible addition to the series... its obvious it was made by someone other then rocksteady.

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Were u serious about that comment or just being a jerk for a joke? lol... not one of those ideas sounded fun or interesting or immerisive.. at all! Batman is the only dc chracter worth it to be honest.

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unfortunately microsoft has adopted apples old buisness plan of controlling everything on their platform. This is what led to apple losing out inthe personal computer market with 90% of computers on windows. Its also whats causing iphone to nose dive vs android being the majority.

Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot.

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You know something. I think Fox is the cause of all the gun violence. Their network breads nothing but fear and hatred of anyone who is not like them. In fact it breeds racism by pushing agendas against minorities.

With all this fear and hatred they push people to not only have guns, but also put people in angry emotional state by pushing them to hate those who are not like them.

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Dont u guys have south park on television in EU? I mean... if thats allowed and not banned then how can they ban the game. You got some pussy politicians when they think adults cant handle dirty humor.

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