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im just saying.. u gotta just suck horribly if a device that has point and click gets beat by a joystick to aim at something. Do you not agree with a mouse giving someone an edge over a joystick? #6.1.1
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Console gamers would get their butts wooped with the accuracy of a key board and mouse. That being said... im all for it! lol #6
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NVIDIA to augment your brain. You heard it hear first. #7
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You say your a technical artist. So am I. Sadly I think your pretty bad at your job lol.. Talking about unity3d with open cl. Unity3d does not natively support opencl.

Wait a few months then compare nvidias next cards for a good laugh.

Aside from that I honestly dont spend 1000 on a card. I get more bang for my buck at that special $200 - $500 price point. Those cards are always better in nvidia.

Honestly all the stuff you wrote is just so m... #2.1.7
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war thunder, are u really going to compare the card thats $1000 that no one will ever by. I was thinking more along the lines of the flagship cards... not to mention that the titan is generations behind so its an older card... cant really compare that one. nvidia hasnt released their latest gen yet. And yes cuda is better. And widely supported. If you were a 3d or graphic artist you would know and understand. Pulling a chart out of your ass that relates to NOTHING means nothing. And no opencl... #2.1.4
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I cant live without my nvidia card. It is just awesome for things like video editing and anything else that turns the gpu into an 800 core cpu.... amd is severely lacking in that department. #4.2
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Just curious, im not trying to bash you, but why?

I mean if its for the price i understand completely. Thats the whole reason anyone would go with amd its usually cheaper.. even if it lacks features like physx.

But nvidia is typically more powerful, has physx, has cuda for developers. I mean its just a way better card... and the driver improvements keep the card living for way longer by squeezing out more and more performance..

So seriously.... #2.1
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nor is it giving high quality texture resolution up close.. the ram probably comes from all the textures and high resolution shadows.. Yes from far away it will look similiar.. dont see why it wouldnt lol. #1.1.1
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yea l4d2 versus mode is awesome... people vs people controlled monsters. :P #1.2.1
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Thats because people host those servers. Its not the game company that hosts those servers. Im pretty sure metal gear online was hosted on the companies machines which is lame... consoles tend to do that a lot for some reason. Like they feel people are too dumb to control their own servers.

I mean 12 year olds have their own counterstrike servers lol... in fact u can pay money for someone else to host a server for you that you can control and set up the rules for. (kind of th... #3.1.1
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obviously people saying ati in some way ever beat nvidia, just dont know what tehre talking about. Nor do they have any facts to site that. Nvidia has like 80 % of the pc market sales in graphics cards. And Nvidias influence goes beyond that industry into mobile. #2.1.5
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curious.. where do you see that first party games are the most critically acclaimed. Last I checked grand theft auto 5 is the highest selling most crtically acclaimed game. In fact... i mostly see higher scores for multi plat form... tomb raider, hitman, call of duty, battlefield, batman arkham series... i mean i can make the list go on.. Just cause u get 2 or 3 games on a console that are only for that console .. doesnt make them more critically acclaimed or better in anyway.

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Azrael is the shit #4
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yea but it seems like a revolution none the less.. I have a feeling more devs are going to give the option of a linux version to install from now on. And peoples computers wont be bogged down with windows. Console gamers will no longer have the excuse that says but the console os is much more streamlined for gaming which is why our hardware can last a little longer ... :P #1.6.1
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set it up in dual boot. You can decide which operating system to start with when you power on the computer. #1.3.8
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Lots of games are starting to support linux.. lots of game engines starting to support linux. People may actually start developing with linux in mind as a platform just as they would sony vs microsoft. Multiplatform. You would get more performance out of your steam os with your computers hardware making the game run better and look better. I like this approach. Mark my words.. this is the beginning of the death of console gaming. Im not saying its hear. Im saying this will launch it. It will... #1.1.13
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what can they say.. They need this win. Xbox360 pretty much took the market away from sony. Im looking forward to sony turning the tables this gen hopefully.

Its just all ps3 generation they want to yell out 10 year life cycle! (apparently both companies coming out with a new console same time) and ps3 is more powerful.. (with every multi plat looking better on 360)... and ps3 will dominate in sales... (and well it didnt).. lol Fanboys make me sick lol.

Its a... #1.2.3
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The part that feels next gen is the way the lighting is set up. All real time, and beautiful looking. Most of the time lighting is baked and static... including shadows.

This is employing a lot of methods like cryengine 3 does. The shaders are hot too.

But its just developers learning they can do things better ways... easier ways... without all that programmer logic lol... u can make games look hot without taxing the hell out of the gpu.

You... #1.1.4
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For that price you could have a 680 with a core i7 lol... and more. lol #3.1.1
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Sounds to me like the backers got played and this dude got a free pay day.

with that much money i think hes full of it. I can make a game for way less.

Those people need to set up a class action lawsuit. #1
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