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Odd.. i found lord of shadow to be boring as hell.. and corny as hell... Normal people doing super human feets like jumping up sky scraper sized monsters in a single bound. Just wasnt into it.. so i never gave LoS2 a chance.

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thought police? So how are they going to read your thoughts? Through your eyes?

You act like facebook pumping 2 billion dollars into oculus vr is a bad thing. It means gauranteed success now that it has funding. They are the cutting edge... morpheus is just so far behind. You go ahead and dont care about vr ever... just like those people who claimed they wont ever use a touch screen ever because apple made used it with iphone.

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yes but you personally are hoping that he loses everything. As though it somehow influences you. It does not influence you. You want someone to be hurt over something that does not hurt anyone. Games still going to be released. And people are still going to buy it. So again... why would you wish this on him? You personally. I understand why some nintendo exec wants to make an example out of him or even get revenge on him. But i dont understand your anger towards him personally. Your personal ...

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It better at least support the occulus rift. Morpheuses big brother.

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curious, why are u glad? Your glad someones going to be ruined financially and career wise... because he told you donkey kong is in the game?

You need to examine your morals my friend lol.... God for bid someone actually does somethign that can hurt anything. Whats the penalty then? lol

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Curious. What do they sue him for? damages? I mean its not like nintendo can prove they lost any money by some leaked characters lol. I mean im no lawyer, but even if he did sign a confidentiality agreement... those agreements are typically for information that can be stolen and used against u by a competitor. Nintendo cant claim that that happens to them.

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Actually no.. not 120 fps... its still 60 fps. Its 1 horizontal screen each eye taking up half the screen. Splitting the resolution in half...960 x 1080 per eye on the oculus dev kit 2. The scene still does need to be rendered twice by 2 cameras, 1 per eye. Though occulus does say the resolution may be much more by the final one which is going public may of 2015.

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Its funny, because sony is still so far behind the devkit 2 version of the rift. They are basically playing catchup and trying to copy the rifts ideas and specifications for making vr work. Its hilarious. Props to sony for trying, seeing as though we see nothing from microsoft, but lets not worship sony for trying, failing, and then copying.

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Yes if u want info or proof just go to occulus rift dev forums.. You need 60-75 fps in order to get a smooth vr experience or you get studdering. The screen it self has a refresh rate of 75hz.. it needs to stay with it... your probably going to get screen tearing if u dont. In fact they have an entire pdf document of tips for developers. I get my rift this month :)

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Consoles this gneeration.. are basically pcs.. so im not sure why u would think optimization plays any role here. The fact of the matter is if u optimize your game right it works for everything.. its no longer a special architecture like playstation 3. For VR to work right you need 60-75 fps constantly or there will be studdering. Consoles are in for a world of hurt for that simple reason... No upgrading your graphics card. Has to be rendered for each eye and at hd resolutions.

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I dont care how "exclusive" it is... ill wait for the pc version. TO hell with all consoles at this point. I mean even metal gear solid 5 is going pc now lol

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The original RE story was terrific. Dont know what your talkn about. It didnt start getting bad until RE4 5 and 6. When they started turning it into an action game where chris is a body builder with unlimited ammo and leon is a secret agent with... unlimited ammo. lol So much for being a couple of cops trapped by zombies.

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The prequel was the lamest game of them all... sadly.. lol It was a cash grab and just reversed the idea that there was one tyrant. Which was the thing that made the tyrant so horrifying in the first one.. he was a prototype and scary.

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Looks good to me. What are u expecting? Its high resolution pre rendered back ground and characters that are a bit more detailed espeacially in the faces. And higher res textures.

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Chris redfield became marcus fenix... someone at capcom played a little too much gears of war and thought it would be a good idea.... how wrong they were..

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in all fairness.... watchdogs was garbage. I own it.. Everyone hailed it as like the 2nd coming. I knew it was going to be just another grand theft auto. Didnt beleive the hype. It was a very very boring repetitive game. I got it with my gtx 780 for free... so thank goodness i didnt spend a penny on that dumb game.

Though batman arkham games.. all were good and this one looks epic. I thought arkham city was epic but wow... this one is rediculously awesome. So I have no idea h...

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Whats wrong with selling addons? nothing wrong with that. What , the main game not epic enough for you that you must have the dlc for free?

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occulous solved its motion blur problem with its latest version... Oh wait the article already mentioned that.

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Dude... how transparent do u need this to be. Solid snake vs Big Boss in a future game... u cant have both being voiced by teh same actor.

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@Danteh... this is how a lot of us perceive republicans in the us as well.. myself included.
I will tell you i support republican ideals of working hard and earning your way. Problem is that its so corrupt everything caters to loopholes for big buisness. They dont want gun control because gun control is a billion dollar industry... though i dont want gun control either cause the people having guns tends to be what keeps the government in line... not that they are in line though lol......

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