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Needs more fan service. Like bigger boobs #2
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Hate to bring something more obvious, but mgs5 is a hideo kojima game... the metal gear solid 5 is the a true sequel and the series wont go back to what u want it to be. #1.1.2
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if you read the article, it isn't the copyright holders though. Which is funny. Oh well.. youtube is going to kill itself... vimeo can take over lol. #1.1.3
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some people have way too much free time on their hands... #1
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doom 64 was garbage... they changed up all the sound effects so it didn't even sound like doom anymore. The sound is one of the most thrilling parts from doom and doom 2. #3.1
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Doom was the first game I ever started to level design for when I was 8 years old. 1000 Nazis from wolvenstein vs 2 cyber demons. lol.... Ah memories. #1.2
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Honestly, this ones story was just a very boring story... there was nothing to look forward too.. Its because it wasnt written by rocksteady. Its like they had all the never heard of batman drop out villains.... rather then any real known ones. Then they fucked the bane story up... was just so lame.. least the ones by rocksteady remained true to the comics with their own spin.. this one just tried to re write the history. #1.3
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I think he should rephrase. The vast majority of pc games are backwards compatible. And games that are 2 generations behind are always compatible. And yes they can emulate most previous consoles... and im sure one day ps3 if it isnt already will be emulated too.

Point being as soon as sony or microsoft or nintendo end 5-6 years cycle.. u can kiss all that good bye for the next cycle. If i wanted to i can still go back and play the original doom and have a blast. Not to mentio... #1.1.16
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Because its a gimmick. That adds nothing to video games. It wants to be virtual reality.. but it ends up falling very short. Its market is limited because you need enough space in your living room to use it.. and its market is limited because you can only make certain types of games with it.

This thing should be marketed toward indy developers as motion capture... which many are starting to use it for that on their pcs.


never said p... #1.1.1
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The story was just bad... The team behind this one was obviously not rocksteady... which means not quite up to par character art as the previous entries... good, but sort of a different lookign style. The majority of the villains are characters you never heard of... basically just a bunch of rejects. They toss in bain and the joker just cause they could ... even though it made no sense since bain doesnt show up in the comics until later... They tried to come up with excuses to put characters... #1
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All this crap talk, but the truth of the matter theres only one thing to beleive.. the truth about the hardware. We all know they are practically identical with the ps4 having an edge on the graphics card. This is why the ps4 can have higher resolution.. I have no doubt if the xbox one went to this higher resolution it would have even more lag spikes. At the end of the day what do you care about more. Better graphics or better frame rate. Anything above 30 fps is fine by me. And its way abov... #1.1.18
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im just saying.. u gotta just suck horribly if a device that has point and click gets beat by a joystick to aim at something. Do you not agree with a mouse giving someone an edge over a joystick? #6.1.1
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Console gamers would get their butts wooped with the accuracy of a key board and mouse. That being said... im all for it! lol #6
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NVIDIA to augment your brain. You heard it hear first. #7
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You say your a technical artist. So am I. Sadly I think your pretty bad at your job lol.. Talking about unity3d with open cl. Unity3d does not natively support opencl.

Wait a few months then compare nvidias next cards for a good laugh.

Aside from that I honestly dont spend 1000 on a card. I get more bang for my buck at that special $200 - $500 price point. Those cards are always better in nvidia.

Honestly all the stuff you wrote is just so m... #2.1.7
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war thunder, are u really going to compare the card thats $1000 that no one will ever by. I was thinking more along the lines of the flagship cards... not to mention that the titan is generations behind so its an older card... cant really compare that one. nvidia hasnt released their latest gen yet. And yes cuda is better. And widely supported. If you were a 3d or graphic artist you would know and understand. Pulling a chart out of your ass that relates to NOTHING means nothing. And no opencl... #2.1.4
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I cant live without my nvidia card. It is just awesome for things like video editing and anything else that turns the gpu into an 800 core cpu.... amd is severely lacking in that department. #4.2
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Just curious, im not trying to bash you, but why?

I mean if its for the price i understand completely. Thats the whole reason anyone would go with amd its usually cheaper.. even if it lacks features like physx.

But nvidia is typically more powerful, has physx, has cuda for developers. I mean its just a way better card... and the driver improvements keep the card living for way longer by squeezing out more and more performance..

So seriously.... #2.1
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nor is it giving high quality texture resolution up close.. the ram probably comes from all the textures and high resolution shadows.. Yes from far away it will look similiar.. dont see why it wouldnt lol. #1.1.1
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yea l4d2 versus mode is awesome... people vs people controlled monsters. :P #1.2.1
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