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well whatever, hope they enjoy it :) Even for a cash grab, i cant fault them. If people want to rebuy a game every console generation thats on them lol. Seems like thats a running trend now... new tombraider, capcom with resident evil...

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how come it sounds like they decided to release the pc version on consoles. With the free hd texture pack that pc people got.

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Problem is they look like crap compared to their pc counter parts. Even crap computers can run crysis 3. Its well optimized.

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Dont hurt yourself thinking too much. His plots are to complex for you. Go back to call of duty where the story is ... thats the bad guy.. go shoot him.

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rumor has it im buying this thing day 1.

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Chris was never a rookie in any of the games. He was former airforce/ military and became a cop as part of a special unit. Doesn't change the fact that he now has unlimited ammo and looks like he is roid raging. Are you really going to dive and roll away from zombies? lol.. or do fancy spin kicks or suplex wrestling moves? Don't know how global or local factors into the horror. It changes nothing for coop. You can have other characters in the story without turning it into coop and gi...

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your not true fan. Its stay puff marshmallow man

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I wouldn't say that, but the games just turned into action movies. Which makes it sad. I want something dark, gloomy, almost hopeless feeling. Be afraid at what might be around the corner next.

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Problem is .. its all a line. Anytime they say were taking in fan feedback.. they are just trying to lure back their original customer base by bull sh*tting. They have been doing that a lot. Like when tehy said RE6 was going back to racoon city roots horror wise.

Then you play the game and the zombies have assault rifles and there are 100s coming at u at the same time and u have unlimited ammo... oh and you dive and roll away from them, use martial arts, and have dual handgun...

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Hell yea out break was some real resident evil type shit. Its just sad that when they did outbreak u needed to buy a modem for the ps2.

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They already confirmed.. no zombies in this one either. They are the "afflicted" now.

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This looks like another last gen game... and somehow im just sure it wont be scary at all. Go ahead, keep adding coop as part of the main game.... so sad. I am just curious if there will be any puzzles or the same old hand holding.

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if thats too rich for your blood, you shouldnt be playing video games at all.. u need to horde your money.

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no he was part of the story :P

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It seems to me that microsoft is doing everything in their power to ruin themselves this generation... as though its an experiment to see how many customers and developers will stick by them. Microsoft is just stupid.

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Capcom seems like they are running an experiment to see just how loyal the fans are. They make every bad decision they can.
Turning resident evil into action.... Not bothering with mega man one of their flagship characters of the past...
If they were smart they would remake RE2 and RE3. We all know any fan will eat up re2 and re3 in remake form.

Lets not forget when they made dmc 3... turned dante into something more directed towards gay men instead of what dm...

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Doesnt seem like you even understand what ram is used for. The enemy ai.. cpu not ram. Atmosphere and particle effects... cpu/gpu.. not ram.. lol... trees and gress blowing... gpu and some cpu... not ram...

Ram does not add effects. Ram is purely there to load in more textures... high res textures.. and model geometry.. which of course the gpu needs to be able to handle the geometry.

Ram is a lot less important then u think.

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Well in a story thats trying to portray itself as realistic... u dont tend to do impossible feats.

Thats like having a serious cop drama based on a true story.. and a cartoon cat walks across the desk with no one noticing. Its a little off putting.

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No actually... thats the actual reason i decided to give up on the game. Once i saw these unbeleivable feets it invalidated the entire story and i just said to hell with it. Not wasting anymore time on it. It was stupid. Pure and simple.

The Kojima made trailer was the best part of it. Kojima is good at that. He even made rising look good with his rising trailer... lol... then u play it ... and ur like wtf.

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@ milkman

Snake is human. He doesnt do superhuman feets. He faces opponents that can be supernatural, but at least they explain them as supernatural.

In castlevania... the characters are normal people doing things normal people cant do. Its not like your dante in devil may cry and yoru half demon.

Were not talkn about incredable feets.. were talkn about a guy jumping down 20 stories onto solid ice and not breaking a bone or even getting hurt....

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