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you get a bubble for having a revy icon.

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With a name like oculusRift you would think you would want more then 75 fps. Just saying thats what you need for a smooth VR experience.

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Maybe you guys dont use steam... Brand new games $15 or under on every holiday month. Halooween sale, thaanksgiving month sale.. christmas month sale... summer sale.. spring sale.. Like they have any excuse to have a sale. And no it doesnt take a year for the price to drop. I typically get games a month after release for at least half hte price. And yes console is more expensive in the long run.

I mean you could keep pluggn ur ears and not wanting to hear it. But it really is...

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cause you enjoy spending $60 on a gmae when its $5 on pc.

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This isnt a biggoted statement or anything. But what straight man would want to be envolved in a gay story... or gay imagery for that matter. I think thats the problem lol.. Other then that to each their own.

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Probably cause randomly killing in gta isnt the point of the game.

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If capcom was smart they would leave resident evil for mature crowd and keep it slow paced and scary. Right now they are trying to taylor it for kids with no patience. What they should have done was gotten mega man out for those people and devil may cry out for those people.

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man i miss the original resident evil games so much. Those games were amazing. I dont need balls to the wall action and blowing everything away in site. I need something very slow paced, atmosphering, and scary. A thinking mans game in with that.

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sad but true

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Resident evil pretty much stopped being resident evil when split second growth to sky scraper sized monsters started... Without eating or having any explanation where any extra mass or protein came from lol

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First, are u playing it on a console or the original crysis on pc. Second, go further then the first 5 minutes and you will change your tune.

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killzones graphics couldnt touch crysis.. anyone who says otherwise doesn't even understand any technical aspect of it.

And damn.. killzone was boring as hell too... i played through that game with 1 eye open on my couch... Crysis was all adrenalin for me.

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I'm going to have to disagree with you. They did add things like global illumination (light bounces), reflections (original crysis had none at all), deferred rendering, and major performance boosts with cryengine 3. Not to mention other artist friendly tools. it was a big leap, but the original crysis still looks breath taking and better then most console games which is funny. This not even counting the direct x 11 effects in cryengine 2 and 3 that were added.

They define...

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Dude... who posts this as news? This dude just ripped one of the demos from unity3d and turned it into an fps with occulus rift plugin... and claims credit? Lets keep this site a news site and not some site for kids to spread their dillusions of grandier.

Were talkn drag and drop here.. no programming required. just take someone elses work and claim it.

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oh hell yes!

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actually apple has been all for trying to make people want to play games on their platforms. They have the graphics cards now. But even apple computers can choose what gpu u have. Consoles cannot.. thats why u cant compare apple vs pc. Plus no developer wants to port their game to apple. Apple is just lame. Locked down just like their phone. Its why windows os came out on top in the os battle.. its why everyone owns windows.

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Ill just grab it up on the pc. Screw consoles or their comparisons. Its like fighting a war between 2 small countries while the third country is the super power who no one can touch.

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Sadly I wont buy this game unless tehy support the occulus rift like they did with their tech demo. Only way I would play it. If it did, I'd buy it full price today.

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If you dont want to be locked in at resolutions... just buy the pc version when it comes out. Will look and play better at 120 fps at 4k resolutions lol

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I'm sure someone is going to mod the pc version to make it work.

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