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who u calln junior? junior? #7.1.1
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maybe because all those movies u just mentioned, may have been good for their time... but try releasing a movie like them right now in this day and age... or even try going back to them. They are boring as hell. Luckily terminator 2 or true lies... never really gets boring. always rewatchable. #6.1.4
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why does gambits face look so fat and chubby? #6
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avatar was actually a really good real quality masterpeice. Very bad analogy... to speak negative against something james cameron is involved in is just stupid. Next your going to tell me terminator 2 and aliens were both garbage. #6.1
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Actually kinnect was the one with low stock. Yet it still happens to be selling truckloads. #3.1.1
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i bought this game for 60 dollars.... i gotta say its not even worth 5... very shitty game... no idea why everyone made a big deal out of it.. i mean the game REALLY REALLY seriously the worst game ive ever played. #7
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This games PC version really sucked... i couldnt connect to my friends to play multiplayer... it felt like a game from the early 90s because of that... i mean in this day and age.. how do u not have working multiplayer. They should have hooked it into valve steam... this is like the one game ive ever found with the exception of blizzard games... that arent on steam. #12
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they may have a 500 million dollar ad campaign, but did they spend 500 million? doubt that. lol 500 million add campaign for the next 5 years wouldnt be bad. I love how people come online and think they know it all... and know exactly whats going on with other peoples bank accounts... just cause they heard it lol... it must be true. #3.1.2
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how have hackers gotten themselves in deeper shit? its perfectly legal for them to hack hardware.. tehy bought it.. they own it. Even if sonys terms say they cant it doesnt matter because sony saying they cant is not legal.. therefore a judge will throw out sonys suit.

Sony can say we own you in the terms.. and u can hit accept... doesnt exactly mean they own you because thats not something they can do legally. They can legally say you cant resell it or something like that.. #1.1.2
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yea for real.. apple already failed when they jail broke the ipad... and actually its now legal to jailbreak the ipad because of it. Think of it... it is legal to hack the playstation 3, sony just doesnt want you to because of what can happen .. namely the theives... but the ps3 is a peice of hardware you purchased so its totally legal to do whatever the hell u want with it. #94.1.1
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Im not quite sure what you mean about hte games holding the pc back. The pc has more games then both consoles combined. And it even has games from ps2 on it lol... And if u want to factor in emulators... u can emulate any past console.

Plus any console game that is also on the pc will always be better on the pc. Community... Mods (which are like totally new games) -> see halflife mods lol... Counterstrike was a straight up mod.. so was team fortress when they first came ou... #1.1.9
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I bought mafia 2 for $15 dollars on steam last week lol #10
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What are you talkn about battle axe? I plugged up my xbox360 controller to my pc and i use that to play mass effect 2. #3.6.5
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motherboop.. your just a hater... Who are you to dictate such things. They do this stuff to get more people interested in their phone.. not to get people who already have the phone interested some more.

where is your logic? Thats like saying put a commercial on television and spend the money doing it... so that people who already bought the product could feel good that they have the product. #3.1.2
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@dead pixel...

What do you mean you take care of your own?
Do you own stock in sony? Do you think sony gives a damn about you ? lol in your own world thinking your part of some imaginary "team"... hate to tell you sony isnt on your team. Neither is microsoft. There about making money. I mean you really dont know how much of a loser you sound like talkn the way u do lol... "i wont buy a multiplay even if it looks better" rofl... then you sir are an... #1.1.13
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Judging by the stock report... it looks like its rising to me. #1.1.13
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This definently shows that HHG has some pull in gaming. He can make this happen because even devs like his show. Thats what haters get. #1.1.8
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Its not a reboot... this game actually takes place after the events of mortalk kombat armageddon... The story says raiden sends his past self images of the future .. of armageddon in order to stop it... and its back in the time period of mk1-3... #1.3.1
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Ill be the first to correct you. Both companies report shipped, not sold... Some people dont want to lose this "contest" of consoles... So they will resort to lieing so they dont look to bad. #1.7.1
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I have never seen a bigger nerd in my life lol.. Listen to his voice.. he sounds like a stereotypical one. What the hell is he proud of!? hahahhaa dude this guy needs to be laughed at just so he could go ahead and start realizing he needs a life. Everyone join me in laughing at his ass lol... see how many replies we can get lol #48
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