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i dont know what democrats uve been talkn too, but all the dems i know(including myself ) are pro death penalty....

I mean really.. put them in prison and remind them of their child to make them sad? Really?

That same child they fed rotten food too.. beat and starved to death... Do you really think they care about the childs death. #2.3
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are u kidding? Your comparing halo1 - halo 3...

they are comparing god of war 3 earlier build to god of war 3 current...

i mean if it was that kind of comparison they could have said check out god of war 1 vs god of war 3... i think that leap of graphics is a lot more instense then halo - halo 3... lol... #1.2
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your just mad cause your political views are full of crap. Your a little to uninformed about bush... he has done more then made a few mistakes... but problem with republicans is they hear one of their buddies say something and they take it as truth... all word of mouth no facts... cant admit their faults. #2.3
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Haha.. i was going to say that... people are going to just trade it back in... And yea it does effect their sales once people start buying cheaper used copies that dont add to the revunue to the developer. #8.2
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why is this news.
No one here wants to hear how a company patched a very minor bug that no one really noticed anyway... stop posting garbage... lol... I mean the game is patched like every day. #1
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u do realize that this one is close to release... mgs rising is not going to be out for a while.

besides kojimas an idiot for not putting this on ps3 and 360. It would have sold a whole lot more... Im sorry but i refuse to support a title that u have to play on a 2 inch screen. #1.2
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batman beyond continued that particular serious... being that ones future... even same voice actor for bruce wayne. Come to think of it... same actor for batman/ bruce in arkam asylum. #3.3
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AWESOME!!!!!! this is just beautiful #54
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whats the difference? its big buisness taking control. From now on its about profit. If the games broke its gettn released anyway. No such thing as adding new features anymore.. If the first formula made money they wont change it. #4.2
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actually i think your missing the point. He doesnt want ugly chicks.. he wants a chick with more character to drive the story instead of just a set peice for a porn.

Me personally Im good with her being the sex symbol of the game. And you know, most women want to be seen as that too so I really dont know why this guy cares so much.... pointless article. #1.8
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this game looks worse then some playstation 2 titles.
Dude.... whats sad is u beleive they did a good job. Of course its going to look identical... the game looks like a playstation 2 title.

As a matter of fact... god of war collection (which is god of war 1 and 2 from ps2 upscaled a bit onto the ps3....) looks better then this game....

Think about that... a ps2 title at a higher resolution... looks better then this game... hell... plays better too.. lol #2.2
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not really mine either... it seems interesting and all, i just dont like the game play personally... and i hate the way u walk in this one... indigo prophecy was much easier to move around. #1.4
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thats freakn awesome #1
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your very wrong. Those shots are actually in game. And not at 2 fps... some of these are available for download at crymod to walk around in. I know you gotta hate cause your prescious console cant do it. But a simple 8800 gtx can do it. #1.3
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Judging by the fact that avatar is about the become the highest grossing film in history, beating out titanic... well kinda means your opinion of the story is pretty meaningless and the rest of the world thinks its great. #1.4
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u know my junk is bigger then yours.

... thats what i think this 360 ps3 argument is all about in the end. #6.3
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wow microsoft if full of it on this one.
wow i gotta say microsoft if full of sh*t on this one. You can just as easily plug up a 360 controller to your pc and your pc to an hd television or monitor... hell i do it... They could have had a better lookn version on the pc...kinda sux.... #2.3
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It looks the same on both xbox 360 and ps3. I've played with it at itsec where the ps3 dev kit, 360 dev kit , and pc were running together through 1 controller... great development platform.. But in either case the ps3 version had less frames per second, but the 360 version had a weird glitch with shadows disappearing for a split second... the ps3 version actually subdivided the terrain 1 more level i beleive, but it didnt really make that much of a difference just a slightly rounder floor.... #1.7
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I've seen the cryengine 3 running on ps3 and 360 at siggraph... beleive me... it dominates anything uve seen running on consoles.. and even runs good. #3.1
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you forget the only reason ninja gaiden looked better on ps3 was cause it was a full year later... more time to work on it, besides that ... they cut away all the detail violence... ps3 version of ninja gaiden has no violence in it!.. no limps .. blood all over... not saying ps3 couldnt do it, but they were missn a lot so its definently not the better version... im sure there are better examples for your argument then ninja gaiden. #2.6
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