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I dont understand how you can call both of these system sellers. Gears of war is obviously a system seller... but killzone 2 never pushed the sales of ps3 system. Hell it didnt even sell that many copies. Its just another fps. #38
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Sadly as cool as devil may cry is, we all know dmc 4 was a garbage corny game. Hell all of them were with the exception of dmc 1 lol. dmc4 was just way out there on cornyness and the fact that the 2nd half of the game was just going backwards through the entire game felt like i got ripped off since the devs didnt feel like putting more work in. I for one wont be buying dmc 5... it was good while it lasted... #1.1.6
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is this coming for your "expert" opinion. Lol. I have no doubt it will end up on pc.I dont intend on getting it on ps3, ill have the better quality version on pc. #6.3.1
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you forget. To most... a chainsaw cutting a guy in half with blood splattering all over the screen is not as bad as a few curse words. #10.1
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most christians think that swearing is worse then killing. Just like sex is worse then killing in their eyes.
I have no problems with christians, in fact i love most of their morals, but personally i think that thats a backwards way of thinking.

Not only that I enjoy cursing in a game about war. It makes it more realistic. Even in real life, a christian will curse at a messed up situation. And people in real life curse out of anger. Lets face it I grew up in new jerse... #7.1
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yea... and there also for nearly every good game that the consoles get... nearly.

i mean hell grand theft auto games.. assasin creed games.. splinter cell... modern warfare....mirrors edge.. ghostbusters... half life games... all the pc exclusives... and power house titles...

Did i mnetion all these games running look 10x as good on a pc over a console at resolutions far exceeding 1080p lol.

Did i mention i can play these games with 3 televi... #8.1.1
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i give it 1-2 years before a pc game with that technology comes out.

DX11 cards are already here in pc. Thats what they are benchmarking there. Thats what gtx480 is all about. problem is that card is 500 dollars. In 1 - 2 years new cards will come out and prices will drop for average consumers.

I already happen to know my pc can run that great and would love to see some real games take advantage of it, but im in the minority.

my pc was $1400... #7.1.1
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Maybe its cause these guys are so rich that they are retiring young. Would you keep working if u had millions upon millions? #5.1
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um.. point of fact. I do own a ps3. And a 360. and a pc.

Even better fact i like the ps3 a lot more then the 360. I like the games on ps3 better, and i like the intro menu to the ps3 better lol.
I'm actually pissed that i have to buy red dead on the 360 over the ps3. I like getting the most out of the graphics. I dont pay for xbox live so im stuck without multiplayer.

I care cause im actually a game dev. And the limi... #4.3.3
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yes.. ps3 has all those things... and they also have a last generation gpu. Something microsoft did right was putting in a better graphics processor unit, because they understand these are the things meant for handling graphics. They understand what game devs are comfortable with. This is why the cell processor was discontinued by IBM. No more cell in ps4. It was a bad call. Great processor, but not worth the trouble.

This also explains why multiplat games to this very day so... #4.3.1
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its not a broken product. Its a promised feature. The people have a case. And you should be rooting them on. Even if they are greedy pricks. You cant allow a company to dictate that you cant have stuff at a later date when it was a purchasing point. I dont care how much you love the company. #29.1
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Actually.. the judge is going to say that sonys TOS is not legal. Thats like saying im going to rob you if you buy my product in small print.. Robbery is a crime. Your not free and clear just cause you wrote that your free and clear. #28.1
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@ blitz

nice way to turn away from the subject of the conversation. Lol... valve is asked a question they answer it. You just attack valve cause your angry with them. Why are you angry with them? Did they step on your puppy?
Seriously why are you angry with them... There is a lot of name calling from your end, but thats not a reason why u hate..

You dont have to answer. We all know why you hate. Cause valve doesnt make ps3 games... t... #1.3.7
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Im not quite sure what valve is saying either cause mac is not open at all. #1.2.1
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no hes bashing move all together. If he called it a gimmick.. then he thinks its a gimmick... he didnt say he doesnt want to implement it cause its too far in development.. he said he doesnt want to implement it cause its a gimmick. lol.

Move is stupid and has been done. We all know this.. you guys defend it cause it has a sony brand name. At least natal is something fairly advanced in tracking of a human body. Its a new form of mainstream motion controls. It can track multip... #3.1
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hell yea final fight was awesome. Its a pity i refuse to pay for xbox live lol... Not sure if u have to pay for live to purchase games. #1
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niceguywii is absolutely correct. You see a negative sony article and you get some sort of blind outcry of people saying there all negative sony articles... funny since i mostly see positive news on this site about sony.

They say microsoft doesnt get any of these articles. Really? u mean like the articles about red ring of death , and how certain countries wont even sell 360 out of fear of failure... no thats not doom and gloom for microsoft.. thats just positive news right?... #1.6.3
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funny.. here i thought the lastest halo games werent on the pc lol #1.4.1
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i hope they do sue sony. Thats tax payer money. 600 ps3s can pay a few wadges at the very least. #15.1
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They did use it as a selling point. Many trade shows and game shows even before the ps3 was released talked about this. Sony made it publicly known that you could install linux. They now removed that feature. They are in the wrong, and they will end up settling out of court. #3.1.2
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