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Always used to. Thats how i got my entire library of steam games. Most of them 4.99 lol #1.2.2
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Wow.. never expected anyone to do something like that. I would think it would hurt the bottom line, but then again... steam is just awesome. #4
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i havent used physical copies of anything since steam came into existence. It has become a lot more convenient with the auto updating.. away with the classic times where you had to patch a game yourself. Away with the times where if you put a scratch in your disc its done.... away from focusing on one platform.... install on any pc anywhere.. #6.1.3
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I don't know they had some good games on sale, its just that I own them all already. Tombraider 90% off... the new hitman for 4.99 ...

But yea im not seeing enough sales.. Im waiting for more 90% offs.. not 60

Last year everything was like 90% off... lol

I refuse to spend more then $15 on any game. #1.2
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I mean.. why even own a computer.. or a game console then. Not really a question worth asking. #5.1.2
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Your a troll... lol you dont even beleive what you say. Fact is though this price is still too high.. this isnt what you should be paying. I could do a way better build for a better pc and cheaper. #6.3
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They could have gotten a $50 board and been fine. My friend is running a quad core with a gtx 560 on his $50 board lol.

As for the monitor.. they shouldnt include that. You could hook things up to your tv if you wanted in this day and age. #5.1
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Im not really understanding this article.. How is this newsworthy. Only news worthy if the title reads how to waste money when i could have gotten a better pc for cheaper. OS included. #2.1
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max payne 3 for $3.70... cant go wrong with that. #6
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Im willing to bet money that this game will be 9.99 or less on steam during the Christmas sale. #4.1.2
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and you believe him? kojima said mgs 3 was going to be he last metal gear... then metal gear solid 4 was definently his last metal gear... then of course came peacewalker.. and 5 now lol so now 5 is the "last"...

Pretty sure hes just milking his popularity to get more to buy it.. which in either case its a day one buy ass long as hes the one behind it. The day kojima is done with metal gear is the day im done with it. #7.2.3
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I believe you... just like resident evil 1-3 are actually scary and engrossing... the environment itself is a character in those games.

Today everything is just another hallway to blast your way through .. that you will never revisit... just a 1 time walk through.. hop over a box.. blow 3 guys away... and move on. #7.1.2
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You cant compare open world graphics to linear controlled area graphics. You can get away with a lot more with linear and get higher performance. #1.1.11
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never really got into silent hill.. I played 2 of the newer ones... and beat them.. and they bored the hell out of me. What gets me is that the story never seems to be envolved with the sequels... like they are all just a retelling with different characters with a different plot... in the same location. Different reasons for the monsters in every game. #7.1
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shit... she was worse in re6.. even when u played as her it was stupid. lol "hi leon... bye leon..." #5.1.1
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Instant horror classic franchise right here. Capcom has thrown away their horror crown and resident evil sales will do nothing but fall from here on out with any other sequel. The story as just become boring as dirt. The characters are so freakn stupid as well... like no one in their right mind would act the way ada wong acts.. doesn't make any sense. At least in re2 she made some sense.. now its like a running gag. #5
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i dont think the beta excuse works out here... Valves main argument was it was built on linux and linux is significantly faster and free. #1.1.5
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Resident evil just has too many people to monster and monster to people transformations in an instant... like its just not possible. dude turns into giant dinosaur.. then back to a normal dude... where the hell does the muscle and bone go or come from. Just makes no sense.

I mean at least RE1 and 2 had monsters that made some sort of sense... Even William birkin.. took him a while to transform.

Now its just... a game where your not supposed to question these... #26
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Needs more fan service. Like bigger boobs #2
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Hate to bring something more obvious, but mgs5 is a hideo kojima game... the metal gear solid 5 is the a true sequel and the series wont go back to what u want it to be. #1.1.2
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