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thats like the man with a little penis claiming he can be a porn star.

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You knhow you can buy a gtx 780 for the same price these days as the 970 and it sometimes outperforms 980. Just saying... has all the prices lol.

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Yup. Cause they never have to.

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Since they developed it for ps4 which is the same hardware of pcs. lower end ones mind u.. but pcs none the less.. lol...

not that that was my point either way. My point is every developer has no excuse to make a game for pc unless its from a perspective where they fear piracy or are getting paid behind the scenes by a console company. or want to screw people with hd after hd remake.

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They wouldnt have to remaster anything if they just went ahead and made the game for PC. Using consoles is an excuse to screw people by making them by the same product 3x lol... capcom says hello lol

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Engines dont make a game. Engines are a dime a dozen these days. Unity3d and unreal engine just went free. Unreal engine was used to make every batman arkham game including this new one.

Sorry but fox engine is nothing special. The man with his writing, trailers, and ideas is what made those games. Artists and programmers are great and all, but again.. art dont sell the game. People dont buy metal gear cause its pretty. They buy it because its an experience.


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I have a feeling konami execs have a feeling of hurt pride and think that kojima is not the one that single handedly held up their entire company. Hate to tell them.. kojima is the only selling factor konami has. Without him ... well will let dollar signs and revenue tell the tale in the future after hes gone.

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Your point is that you can optimize for specific hardware. My point is its all the same hardware now. So nothing to optimize for. Unless your mentioning a pc that uses physx becuase it has an nvidia gpu or a mobile platform that is powered by an android processor.

Fact is everything today is pretty identical from a console to average pc front. Cpu, gpu , memory. No special architecture to consider or creative ways to get more memory like u had to do for the ps3.

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konami is a sinking ship now. lol..

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Maybe they need to go into extinction as we know them. Fact is studios spend millions and millions on building a game that a group of indies can make at 10% of the budget. Sudios these days/publishers just dip into the creative process and thats why all the AAA games we get are copies of copies of copies.

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Thank you, that is exactly what i meant. PS3 was different architecture and very very limited memory wise. Ps4 however just another pc... xbox one also is just anotehr pc.

And dont even mention crytek. They couldnt even optimize the original crysis for PC when it was only created for PC... just saying u could have spent $4000 on a pc when crysis came out and still not run the game without lag.

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u dont even need to own the game for those lol.

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OH leave the poor little hater alone in his make beleive world where he gets to criticise anything he does not own.

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As opposed to people on consoles who pay 2x the price of the game for some more revealing outfits. At least people on the pc get to do stuff for free haha. And im not even exaggerating the price for this game.. i have already seen 2 content packs on consoles that are the price of a full game.

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Dude its mortal kombat. Chill out. Chances are people are getting EXACTLY what the expected.

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Why would u have a customized game engine? This generation they are using the same technology.. Its not the ps3 vs 360. Both consoles are glorified pcs.

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Actually with todays engines... yea... it can reach its full potential unless your developing with dx11 / 12 in mind. And to be honest... it wont get that much better looking with those. So what your talkn about makes no sense. Your just ranting anti konami without a real argument. I agree with you though. Fu** konami. They do want to milk the franchise and im team kojima all the way. If your goign to tell me mgs5 graphcis look like crap because it works on xbox360... the pc version of ground...

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yea the guys over at konami are clearely fools. Kojimas name alone on any product would sell it. Even with no marketing whatsoever. I will not buy any metal gear game that has no kojima name attached to it. They just lost their money maker.. it wasnt the title.. it was that man.

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Why would it being an exclusive make a difference. It wouldnt have made the game any better. The game scales all the way from low end 360 ps3 to high end pc... adding graphics with a better rig.

I think someone plays into the whole console war thing a little too much instead of focusing on good games.

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didnt u read the article? It just stated gold edition still requires games for windows live.

This is the reason you dont trust capcom. dead rising 2 wont even run for me because i think it needs games for windows live. Still sold it to me , but i cant play it. lol.

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