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And you should savor it. Microsoft dropped the ball this gen. They had a more powerful console last gen. This gen sony has a much more powerful console.

Still though for people complaining.. its not a huge difference in this particular game. Last gen the differences were gigantic.. this gen .. its like.. whatever... i can see 5 pixels here instead of 6.

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Actually kojima is interested in making it for pc, but it probably wont be for an entire year after console release. So nothing to suck up.

And he has a point.. this article is about technology advancement over last 15 years.. so yea.. it would be a lot more if u counted where pcs are at. lol.. so suck it up... consoles aren't as powerful.

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Dont forget internet porn... thats a big one.

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individuals typicaly do way better then most studios... just cause most studios are churning to quick out the easiest thing possible as quickly as possible..

These individuals actually have a love for the art of it. and technology of it.

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The author definently has it all wrong. So many characters could be implemented that are interesting and known. Hoping they are saving them for origins..

My wishlist espeacially is. Jason Todd - Red Hood or Azrael..(I'd be fine with the one that took over for batman and became a villain or the newer one in arkham city...)

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Yea seriously. Rocksteady has some style and creativity. I saw nothing creative about origins.. just a rip off of gameplay.

Arkham city was way more impressive then origins.. and not just cause of the sheer amount of KNOWN villains, but also it felt faithful to the comics...

Origins just seemed to rewrite the history for the sake of being able to include more characters... Like bane being in the past lol.

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yea I think you are the only one. Origins was terrible.... Nothing memorable about that game.

Was in fact very boring and very predictable. They wanted to make beleive it was a nolan game.. and it really wasnt. No style either. Only thing that made it playable was the gameplay that rocksteady implemented in the previous games.

Other then that its a cash in. A boring one at that. The most interesting villain in this was deathstroke and u got to see him for a w...

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did u not read the article?

He or his lawyers wanted them to not use the name Day Z because his name is Jay Z.

Any person in the world can see they have nothing to do with each other... just cause they rhyme is no grounds to sue. But then again this is America. People will sue for foul language.

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re4 and re5 gameplay are identical. Completely identical. Even dogs that drop shotgun shells when they die identical. lol.

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RE4 sucked anyway. Its the the point the RE series turned into an action game with giant robots and monsters that mutate to skyscrapers with no explanation of where the blood or bone or muscle grew from.

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how can u say the gtx 670 wont be good for the next 5 years? My gtx 260 is still running todays games at very high quality with full resolution.

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yea but wouldn't you enjoy laughter.. and therefore want it?

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In silent hill your not hiding from things... if you want fear like your hiding.. u need to see it from the perspective of where you are hiding.

With first person u wont see the alien.. but if u do.. that means he can see you too. With third person u see the alien as though u can look past walls without stickn ur head out.

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he means we evolved to walk upright.. rather then like monkeys.

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In fact that's how most of them walked in the 2nd movie as well lol.. its just in the 2nd movie they did end up crawling on walls as well. But yea they do tend to stand up right.

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Your like theo nly one who liked those games. Im guessing your the type who likes mindless action movies where your not supposed to think too much.

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Double agent was the last good one. After that all downhill.

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sounds like every game series now lol...

Don't forget splinter cell: call of duty

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You are so right. They ruined splinter cell. Double Agent was the most awesome one. What they needed to do was improve on the espionage and build on the trust system.. not on trying to turn you into god on the battlefield.

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so sci fi movies cant be action movies? lol transformers says hi.

in fact half of stallone and arnolds movies are sci fiction action.

judge dredd... total recall.. demolition man. And if you don't think demolition man is an action film.. your crazy lol.. Stallone swings a television set around with the cord as a weapon against Wesley snipes... after they both run out of ammo.

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