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One of the hottest women alive. #5
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Its the not the series thats the good thing. Its the mods and modding community that make practically new games out of it on top of half life. Multiplayer experience with half life 2 alone is still played heavily today. Zombie Panic Source baby! lol Lets not forget team fortess lol. #10.1
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im glad for it. These days a sequal comes out every year leaving no room for the modding community. At least with valve games if u make a mod it will be played for years to come. Sequels should come every few years or more.. not every 6-12 months. #5.2.1
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careful.. thats blasphemy around these parts. #2.1.2
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Ill be getting this game on PC. #13
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Im just going to go ahead and wait for the superior pc version and play it with my 360 controller lol. #44
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i keep thinking that myself.. imagine a glove that is a built handle stiched into it with a joystick on the top for your thumb. And a trigger to press for a button. and u can still open ur hand cause its stiched into the glove. #1.3.2
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just cause she mentions the game is sexist... isnt a reason to be mad at her. Shes not lieing lol. But we dont care. We like half naked women and stupidity. Kinda part of the reason to buy the game... so why get so insulted cause she speaks the truth. Does it blow your mind that she might be right. And since she is right, the better question is does her opinion matter? lol And in fact the best question is who has so much time on their hands that they want to take away someone elses way of pay... #2.1.5
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if u dont think keira knightley is hot then you sir do not like women. #2.1.3
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everyone forgets about the cyborg ninja. #4
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This guy would be better then ben affleck for the movie :P #3
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Arkham city and aslyum game of the year additions were $5 and $7 on steam. Usually on every holiday.. christmas.. halloween, thanksgiving... Summer... Spring... etc... lol every other month basically. #1.1
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I think just the top half of hte body is enough.. people shouldnt be trying to track a persons legs. Stand still, aim a gun, and look around.. thats all i need. #1.3
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going to have to disagree there.. sleeping dogs was an interesting idea, but got boring quick. Hitman was a good game, but it wasnt hitman.. and the fans responded in kind. Ruin a franchise and the fans wont buy it. Tomb Raider i here nothing but good things about. Problem is they spend way too much money to make the games when u dont need to spend that much. Its just bad management. I mean its not like they had poor sales. #1.1.2
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Im definently going to make agame for ouya. Of course its going to be for every phone and tablet as well. But we will see what we can do special for ouya. #6
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I wont. They lost me when they made red alert 3. Ruined the series. #4.1.1
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Problem is people just dont have time to play full on RTS huge games anymore. People get bored, they quit. And then ruin the game for others when they quit. Its kinda lame, but they kind of killed it with redalert 3.. i mean all these rts games tehse days dont have ore harvestars that have to go out and get money.. they have a building u place next to the ore... arent any quality rts games anymore. #1.3
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Dont upgrade your pc then. My 5 year old pc will run bf4 at better quality then ps3 lol.

Its a myth that people have to continuiously upgrade to the latest and greatest card.

The fact that you can upgrade shouldnt be a negative.. it should be a positive. The fact that you dont need a entirely new system each console generation.. u just swap out for a $150 graphics card and beat the current gen console is awesome.. lol.. Keep the rest of the parts the same. #1.2.3
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resolution aint the problem. #1.1.1
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I think part of the issue is the fact that the parents never sat him down and explained to him that what happens in grand theft auto is not what happens in real life and thats its wrong to kill or hurt someone. Instead they just let him make up his own mind and let gta raise him. I dont blame video games normally, but cmon... an 8 year old shooting grandma in the head? That kid was raised on violent media if he even was able to imagine doing it. And in that case it was the parents fault. I me... #1.1.16
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