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yea well technically they already did it in mgs4

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his likeness maybe (and thats a stretch since it doesnt look exactly like him..), but his theories? its a video game.. u can pull ideas from anywhere to write a story. Not like they stealing his work in the field lol..

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Foxtrot ... u just answered your own question why... all those games would suck. Farcry getting overly used... watch dogs was just horrible...

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Actually i think DX12 is making some incredable changes like allowing less cpu overhead.. to the point that were talking a 50% boost in performance in some cases by allowing the cpu to not have to do so much. Its pretty huge... so pay $100 for a new operating system or pay $200-$600 for a new gpu. Your call. This aint the baby steps of dx10 or dx11 thats for sure.

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not going to lie.. i disagree.. opposite for me. Felt the game was interesting when it started, but once you realise whats happening.. it stopped feeling interesting... no longer felt like i was exploring.. cause no location was .. well u know if u played it.

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they made it work for catwoman in arkham city.. the whole "no quick way" of getting around.

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Deception was my favorite. :P It just felt like a 3D MK2.

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Odd i beat the game on pc and have not had a single issue.

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origins was a cash grab by warner bros. The guys at rocksteady dont seem to even consider it canon with their stories.

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This game is literally the last game i ever buy from konami.

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dont feed the trolls jason... dont feed the trolls.

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your either a troll, or u should just not have a computer. Dont understand anyone who wouldn't want a computer in this day and age, but if ur getting rid of your pc because u had a moment with 1 or 2 video games where u had problems... My money is on troll. No one in their write mind "gets rid of" their pc on a whim.. and again if u only use it for gaming.. i dont know what to say to that.

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Every mortal kombat life cycle so to speak they made 2 or 3 games.. then a combined game version..

Somehow im betting the next game or the game after will have every character from every game.

Mortal kombat trilogy did it.. Mortal Kombat Armageddon did it..

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I hope nintendo goes out of buisness. I know its a pipe dream, but cmon... they are a bunch of assholes.

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how do u figure? Hes a reviewer. What happens when every company wants reviewers to pay them for the honor of reviewing their product lol...

Reviewers spread the word about your games. They are free advertising. What nintendo is doing is biting the hand that feeds them.

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actually i think the new mortal kombat comes out the same day on pc and steam... just saying for competition sake lol.

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I dont think anyone sees your argument as reasonable. Your only looking like a fool who wants to be right.. like winning an argument gets you a prize.

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not sure why dlc is a problem. its another product to buy. If they want to cash in on their hard work and add more stuff into it for those who want to spend the money then why not? Would u prefer the roster just stay and no additional content for the game instead?

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Well technically kitana, lui kang, jax, and kung lao are all dead too, but thats not stopping them from returning.

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If a company paid for exclusives, they will be exclusive. From a technical standpoint though, theres no reason for it to be. They build the game on a pc. They test it on a pc. They technically port it to consoles when they are done build it. lol.. Fact is every project starts on a pc and runs on a pc. No reason not to release it on pc unless its piracy, ownership of an ip, paid for, or just a sneaky way of making extra money.... hd remakes are usually the same game, re released at a higher re...

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