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Actually with todays engines... yea... it can reach its full potential unless your developing with dx11 / 12 in mind. And to be honest... it wont get that much better looking with those. So what your talkn about makes no sense. Your just ranting anti konami without a real argument. I agree with you though. Fu** konami. They do want to milk the franchise and im team kojima all the way. If your goign to tell me mgs5 graphcis look like crap because it works on xbox360... the pc version of ground... #1.5.2
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yea the guys over at konami are clearely fools. Kojimas name alone on any product would sell it. Even with no marketing whatsoever. I will not buy any metal gear game that has no kojima name attached to it. They just lost their money maker.. it wasnt the title.. it was that man. #2.1.1
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Why would it being an exclusive make a difference. It wouldnt have made the game any better. The game scales all the way from low end 360 ps3 to high end pc... adding graphics with a better rig.

I think someone plays into the whole console war thing a little too much instead of focusing on good games. #1.5
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didnt u read the article? It just stated gold edition still requires games for windows live.

This is the reason you dont trust capcom. dead rising 2 wont even run for me because i think it needs games for windows live. Still sold it to me , but i cant play it. lol. #1.1.2
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Ok kojima.. more screenshots of the inside of a helicopter... thanks for that lol...

I think hes just proving that the game is a clear winner even if he puts the most boring marketing material he can get up for long periods of time.. lol... #6
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fact is the cop should lose his job, but this dude instigated the whole thing and deserves jail time. He threatened the cop straight up. Told him he was going to come to his house and blow it up when he got hte address lol. #32
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Heck, xmen already had an anime lol. In fact so did batman. #1.1.3
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Actually a bunch of those were complete games that were released. lol #3.1
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September? really? cmon.... i was hoping before the summer.... #15
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I think her design looks very similiar.. red hair check... green skin.. check. She just looks more real now.
Thats like saying harley quinn isnt the same person cause her face looks different now.. because of teh graphics. #1.2.2
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Your wrong, chico vulcan raven, but only having a sex change and becomming quiet.. then rapidly aging into code talker who apparently also changes his race in the process... to take a shit load of steriods and nano machines to become vulcan raven... but thats after he jumped in the black hole and fought satan and traveled back in time... twice. Seems like a plausible theory. #5.1
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Thank you... i mean.. its like some of these people are so stupid it hurts.. lol... I think they just wish it were true. Even if the characters look nothing alike. #3.2.3
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how again do u call that a "plausible" thoery. Why cause u got a picture of his hand rubbing his face with ashes of his dead comrades..like in the trailer and a picture of grey fox with a hand to his face. Not even the same way. Cmon... your definition of plausible and mine must be very very different. I call this reaching... reaching in a way where some fanboy wants it to be true even though it makes no sense at all lol... characters dont even look alike. In anyway. besides the fac... #1.3
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I think your looking to deep into it. The changes are there cause the graphics are better. Simple as that.. they made everyone look more real. #1.2
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i tried both just cause games... instantly hated them. More distance does not equal better. #6
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yea that game looked like crap to me from day 1.. the order... Who said it was going ot be good? #3.1.1
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Its true... what bone head executive doesnt go through with shemnue 3... i have no idea. I mean shemnue literally has no competition on the market since there is no other game like it at ALL. #1.2.1
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Your absolutely right.. because 150fps at 1920x1080 with full maxed out graphics settings isnt enough for the gtx 980. I have that card and love it... why overclock it? So it can die in a year or 2? #1.2
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Not really.. its the original resident evil. Its what made the series. Todays RE games are just trash.. people crave the original formula. #1.1
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Polys are very cheap with modern day graphics cards. And i mean modern day for consoles. Its draw calls that hurt performance and thats all cpu based. At the end of the day... most engines take the same performance hit from rendering a 20 poly model to a 1500 poly model as well. #2.1.1
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