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U know what.. i actually prefer anonymity for 2 reasons. One because big brother is always watching .. and 2.) Because its real.. when its anonymous people say whats really on their mind.. and act like who they really are and really want to be. Its sad, but its truth. At least u cut through the bull sh**. Anonymity is good if your boss for instance is a republican and u want to vent about republicans cause your a democrat. There are bosses that would fire u over political differences. But at... #2.1.2
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I'm not going to lie... it is, but i hated peacewalkers gameplay... what a waste.. could have been so good if they made it like mgs3... and well.. mgs4... I liked it, but the story was just way to rediculous... Espeacially raidens portion with the big ass ship while hes on a wooden dock...wtf... lol Even if the story is out there im sure the physics still exist.... Strength doesnt mean defy laws of physics... #2.1
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I'm going to have to disagree. i played and beat the first one many times after i played mgs2... Really didnt bring anything i didn't already know from the flashbacks. Maybe you just didnt remember that every conversation they had about the past they had a flashback.. hell every character they introduced had a flashback... ocelot had a flashback.. lol.. Hell even liquid had a flashback.. lol. #1.3.2
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v #1.2.1
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You didnt really need to play mgs before mgs2 ... they had so many flashbacks of the original game that u kind of knew everything through the story telling. #1.3
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Didnt the film maker him self think his movie sucked? And sony wants to charge $60 lol #1.18
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I agree with everything u say, but still though.. remember postal? That game got 3 or more sequels and still considered a game where if i remember correctly the entire purpose of the originals was just to kill everyone in the level..

Sadly, tons of games do this murder simulation a lot better then this stupid game lol... GTA comes to my mind. When u get bored u just start shooting people on the street.

So i guess my question is is it better to censor things?... #1.1.5
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I agree lol... like this one badass anime black lagoon.. i got friends who want to watch it in english sub... with japanese sound... but... the characters all speak enlish in the story.. in fact its funny when u hear in japananese "speak english!" as one of the characters says.. lol..

Animes like black lagoon and ghost in the shell just have way better english voice actors. #2.3
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It was probably the worst metal gear solid game in the main the series... but at least for the fans it tied up all loose ends in the story.. even if the story got rediculous. MGS3 was the best and im just a huge fan of the environment in mgs2. #1.1.5
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Thats not true. Poor people shop at kmart.. not just mothers lol... Point is people are mad because this sets a precedent and it can spread like a virus. Gives credit to politicians who want to outright ban violence in video games. If your not careful we could end up like austrailia who cant even play left 4 dead.

At the end of the day people dont like an ignorant small minority that are people who dont even play video games...making decisions for everyone as a whole.
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The last of us has monsters with self inflicted mutilation like barb wire? #6.1.1
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Anyone else think they are ripping off the evil within with the monster design? lol.. Cant beat the guy who original created resident evil and the franchise.. so they rip off as much as they can. This is why capcom fails as a developer... its all recycled. #6
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somethings wrong on your end then. That game runs flawless. #8.1.1
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When someone clicks disagree on a fact... that is just rediculous lol... Too many fanboys. Its not like im making this up. Occlus is in the public eye with constant updates with game developers already using it. It is already supported by unity unreal and crytek. You can download the implementations for the engines. Sony is all behind the curtains. #1.1.3
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The OR has constant updates to firmware, software, game engines... and u can buy it right now if u really wanted to. Thats the news for OR lol. #1.1.2
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And this is where all those gpus pay for themselves. #6
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Since when is graphics about resolution only? PC people not only have higher resolution, but all the features are cranked up. I love how console fanboys say.. but but u dont have 4k.. but but .. i have every little fucking detail u dont lol..

You get what you pay for.. deal with it. #1.1.14
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I think the problem is what happens if the kickstarter fails and has little interest. Then future publishers wont even give it a chance. #1.1.1
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Problem is the joker isnt the joker ... hes a normal dude until he gets dropped into a vat of chemicals and goes nuts. lol Think he was the red hood first. #1.1.2
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Rift has 110 degrees viewable where morpheous has 90. OLED panel for rift, LCD for morpheous. Also Rift is winning with a technology they’re using called low-persistence display. This allows the screen to shut off for tiny fractions of a second between new images, and has been reported to dramatically reduce motion blur, judder and motion sickness in users. #1.4.2
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