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They need to open it up for PC too so it's easy for anyone to dev for.

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Look on in awe as you carry inanimate objects from place to place! Carry a plank, carry a spade!...

Marvel as you carry out trivial tasks such as hammering and digging! Laugh with you friends as you stare out at an endless empty ocean for hours on end.

Be amazed as you wallet is now slightly lighter, yet your life just as empty.

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And realists. If they don't do well with it in 2017 it will be dead in the water. Technology in VR is rapidly advancing and their window to prove their understanding of it is fairly limiting.

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All I know is my 7 year old Nephew hasn't stopped playing it since I bought him it for Christmas.

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Yeah, because white is so exclusive huh?..

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I am new to XboxOne, and got it with Horizon 3. These comments have made me want to try out 6 now :P - last forza I player was 3

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Personally I found the game so good, it actually made me enjoy Uncharted 4 less due to raised expectation (if that makes sense). Of course UC4 was a brilliant game, but my emotional response to TLoU was way beyond.

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It looks good on mine, both games do.

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After having finished Bloodborne, and now in the process of playing through Dark Souls. I would still enjoy these at an easier setting. I enjoy bludgeoning the enemies, not being bludgeoned so much.

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Knack is one of the only games I had to stop playing on PS4. It's awful.

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I like the fact I can play Horizon on my PC at work when I am here late :)

I'll agree about games right now. Mostly playing multiplats like BF1 and R6Siege on PS4. Playing Forza and Gears on xbox. But that will change when shiny new things gets released.

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Agreed, this game has is one of my most played multiplayers of all time. Nothing compares to clutching a round as the last man in your squad. The map design (apart from Brazil) is second to none - and the support it has had this year is testament to how other games should handle their content and IP.

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Back to the original Star Fox frame rates :D

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Mine arrived today. No poster :( (I really don't care)

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Xbox One S was my gateway onto the platform (currently owning a PS4 the rest of this gen). I have really enjoyed what I have played on it, particularly Horizon 3. Tomorrow I get my Ps4 Pro upgrade, this has been an expensive end of the year :P

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I have mine ordered for upgrade. I have never pre-ordered a console before, so my butt is clenched!

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I have a 4K Sony Bravia (2 years old). Input lag is pretty good on game mode so I get to enjoy 4K... It does support HDR, just not HDR 10 as they never firmware updated. I actually have the pro on pre-order and am a little disappointing that 2 products from the same company are not fully compatible with each other. :(

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I have a oneS and am yet to buy a single 4k blu-ray. There are really few about to choose from and they come at inflated costs.

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