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"Beating your score"


Wait, it's going to be £40 over here?... They've just transformed a $ into a £. See you later Bungie. I'm done. #8
The new content is refreshing and a much needed improvement, however a couple of weeks in now and it's already becoming stale again. Matching making is needed for all aspects of the game to keep me in long term. #1.2
Old blood is a great playthrough, picked it up for a tenner and not at all disappointing. Both this and New Order are worth every penny. #5
I still haven't played a Raid because of this... #5
I'm hoping its a reboot of the originals personally. Although Underground 3 would peak interest :D #1.11
I am too. #3
I can get GWG for £25 a year, I always have to pay full price for PS


I mean buying with codes of course. #1.3
I feel the same, not for me. I'm sure I had Guacamelee free on my PS3 already? #2.2.7
They should make a Silent Hill game like this! Oh wait... #2
Personally, I stopped pre-ordering after the swathes of broken games. #1.3
COD might have less, but that doesn't mean Destiny has enough. Both are over priced for the content received. I really want to love Destiny, because the mechanics are flawless... but even with the DLC is really is lacking content. #2.8.2
I'll play a bit, but I really regret paying £35 for it. I haven't recieved half the content I expected to at that price. I won't be doing that for another franchise ever again that's for sure. #2.8
AW got me playing it properly since COD MW2 made me hate it. Tried out both prevous blops, but they felt samey. AW I like the jumpy shooting :D #1.3
Fair point.

However I treat everyone equally. I put you all on mute or alternatively join a party chat with my friends to avoid listening to you, regardless of race, sex, nationality. #1.5
He wrote an article stating that The Order 1886 deserves mediocre scores, and another stating that critics weren't wrong to review Bloodbourne highly (albeit clickbait title).

I am assuming you don't understand the definition of hypocrisy, and never went beyond reading the N4G headline. #1.4.1
titulating #6.2
If Ascension was bundled in I would have picked it up having not done so the last time. As it isn't and I finished this one a couple of times already, no buy for me. #2.1.3
No worries, just thought I'd respond. #2.2.3
I never mentioned MS as I opted for a PS4 this gen (I'd love to own both but am put off of paying 2 online subscriptions at once for now) so I can't really comment.

I just felt both consoles would have started to pick up pace by now... I expected the tech demo pretty games earlier last year, and games with a bit more substance earlier this. But with the odd exception, that hasn't really been the case. #2.2.1
I stand corrected :) #1.1.5
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