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I enjoy it. It gives me something to do when I am out walking the dog.

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Same, I can't wait to play this I loved the previous one and have been quiet jelly of xbox owners. Glad it comes with so much content also.

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The term "servers and infrastructure" is a little over the top to me, but this is all I have noticed in the switch from Live to PSN:

Xbox Lives online experience (excluding the player base) was a lot better on terms of a streamline interface on the 360 compared to PS3. Sending friend requests, joining games etc were a lot more intuitive and better implemented. I can't speak for the Xbox one as I defected to PS4 this time around, but even now joining friends ...

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Capcom must have made bank on remaking the Resi Evil HDs... How long until you think they'll be giving the original Lost Planet a makeover?

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It'd be nice to have for the few who would use it I guess. Personally I wouldn't, so I don't really care. I have kept all my old consoles since I was a kid, and they just sit in their boxes in my loft/attic.

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Good call, I didn't know there was a vita version.

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A pity really as it could have been great. Visually stunning at least :P

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I didn't expect it to in all honesty.

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Has this game improved? I play PS4 and played the crap out of it for about 1 month, but have never returned having felt I had run out of things to do.

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I Would have enjoyed Infamous on mine. I am not a fan of JRPGs so struggle to find things outside of indies to play.

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Then Playstation should fix those 3 million units...

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They should add a shrunken head mode.

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Am I the only person who enjoyed Bioshock 2's multiplayer? Hitting the level cap in it was a really nice twist.

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I felt the same, I spent around 100 hours with the title and enjoyed it... but I wasn't as immersed as I was in the previous games. It didn't help with repetitive infinite quest lines that were clearly just filler, they brought me out of the experience.

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I only dislike season passes as it often splits the multiplayer community and hastens the games demise. Rainbow 6 Siege has had a good approach by giving all the maps and new operators away for free to all, only Season pass owners don't need to save up for the new characters. That way we all play the same servers and maps, and the communiy shares the same space.

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I think there have been some great ones. I enjoyed Dying light and Rainbow 6 Siege a ton - but all mentioned above have been great too.

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@ Channel-Live
She killed all but Ashley and I saved all but Mike. There was no change in storyline, just some people died in one, some didn't in the other. I got more faces on the credits than her is all. No need for personal insults just because I get to use my D, little man.

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It's not as re-playable as touted, but the first run through is very enjoyable. I actually watched my Mrs play through screaming her head off before playing it myself. A joy to watch :)

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Some of us only have a few hours a week at best to get through games. It took me 5 months to finish Witcher 3, 4 months to finish Bloodborne... so yeah it's pretty annoying when someone without as many commitments flippantly ruins things I am looking forward to experiencing. The world is a bigger place than you.

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Gonna treat myself to a gold one I think. Rubber has gone on my two black ones :)

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