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Me neither, it's looking good! I will wait to watch it though - I know it will be available to watch online before release, but I'm going to wait until I get my copy with the Deluxe Edition :)

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You're not missing much, really. There's some fun gameplay with the various different characters but overall it's extremely flat for a Final Fantasy game.

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Interesting stuff. I really hope VR for both consoles don't require these upgrades, though. If that does happen to be the case then I won't be jumping in to VR for a while. Still, I'm looking forward to finding out solid details.

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Updated, but I haven't tried out the online yet! Currently on Chapter 12 in the story.

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I wasn't a fan of Ico or SotC, I couldn't get in to either. I missed them on PS2, so when the remaster came out for PS3 I jumped right on them. Maybe I didn't give them enough time.

The Last Guardian looks like it could be something special, though. I look forward to seeing more from the game.

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I'll give The Crew a go. Goat Simulator came bundled with my console, downloaded it and played it briefly before swiftly deleting it. I'm sure some people will have fun with it, but it wasn't a game for me. I got Super Meat Boy with PS+ so I won't download that again, but I might give Xcom a go.

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Then that makes two of us stumped. I look forward to finding out more about it.

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Same, RollCage is a classic! I had no idea anyone was working on a spiritual successor. It's funny because I was only thinking about the game the other day and wondering why nobody had followed up on it. I just watched some gameplay on YouTube and it's looking promising, I'll definitely keep my eyes on GRIP!

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I haven't even bought the game yet. Think I'll take the plunge once I've completed Uncharted 4! The game is £20 now, sounds like a steal for how big the game seems to be! I'm not sure I'll have the time to dedicate to it but still, I really want to give it a go.

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There's a death in most Disney films so I'm sure they'll understand the death of a game xD

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Ahh I loved Tekken Force Mode :D

While they're at it add in some Tekken Bowl and Tekken Ball!

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That's what I'd like to know. Maybe it's some kind of first person mode where enemies come at you, but I don't see how that would work.

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Haha cheers :p

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Agreed! But I don't think we will get anything more on it until at least TGS, which takes place two weeks before FFXV releases.

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You could have just said "you're an awesome brother" and left it at that ;p

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Yeah, I hope so too. FFXII wasn't my favourite FF, and I never ended up completing it. But I'd love to play it again to see if I can find a new appreciation for it. It's not like i hated it - I just sucked at Gambits, and the story felt a little flat.

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Well Gran Turismo has always pushed it's respective PlayStation platform in terms of graphics. It's understandable that people would have expected something *in the voice of Zoolander* "really, really good looking".

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I'm not a Gran Turismo fan because I'm not in to racing Sims (I'm really very, VERY terrible at them), but I thought I'd check out this video because I was expecting something beautiful, in the graphical sense. This doesn't look great at all - I was expecting it to look at least as good as DriveClub.

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Would you have been interested in it if it was still a spin off title? Or are you just miffed because it changed to a main numbered entry? Whether you like it or not though it's still a Final Fantasy game, but I understand your frustration if you flat out don't like action games.

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I've bought one of each (although I bought a Wii U for my sister, not myself).

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