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Remember the Xperia Play? They've been there and done that, but they put no effort in to bringing PlayStation games to it. It had a lot of potential but in the end all I had for it was Crash Bandicoot which came preinstalled. #1.1.4
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I'm no technical guru but most games have input lag, so I don't see why so many articles about this are popping up about it for Quantum Break. #1
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This is one of my most anticipated games of 2016, really looking forward to getting my hands on it. #2
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It's the first game in the series that I've played. I usually tend to stay away from FPS as I tend to be awful at them, but thought I'd give it a go as it was free on Games with Gold. I'm not too far in but surprisingly I'm actually enjoying it. If I get through the whole game then I'll definitely look in to getting the new one when it releases. #1.1.1
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I'm all good for the minute. I've recently finished Rise of the Tomb Raider, started Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and just recently picked up Resident Evil 0, which I'll start tonight. #1
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I also have Gears of War 2 available as I bought Gears Ultimate. I haven't downloaded it yet though because I'm not far in to the first game. Not quite sure I'm feeling it at the moment so might give 2 a go instead as I've heard its a better game. Though I may be lost story wise.

Downloaded Styx on PS4 but didn't get around to playing it, so won't bother downloading it for X1 as well.

Sacred could be fun little co op game, I'll giv... #6.1
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I think greatness awaits too, though depending on price I might be waiting before embracing the greatness lol. #1.2
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The Fabula Nova Crystallis was too ambitious.

"Today we're announcing not one, not two, but THREE FFXIII games!"

I'm not going to lie. I almost screamed with excitement in my ICT class. Three separate FFXIII games focused around one mythos sounded amazing at the time, but SE clearly jumped the gun. #7.1
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I have hope that it will be a good game. Episode Duscae seemed promising, obviously it was missing half the battle system and its features, but if all the additions and fixes come together then it could make for one of the most interesting Final Fantasy battle systems.

Here's hoping that the story will be a complete epic. Really interested to see where they go with it. #5.1
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The fifteenth coming is almost upon us guys! The next active time report is in a couple days time, showing more of that amazing looking magic from the scans a few days back. I can't believe it's been 10 years this year since the announcement of Versus XIII (as well as XIII and Agito XIII). #4
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Mokujin. #1.1
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My stomach turns when Lara speaks. Her VA is pretty bad in the reboot. #2.1
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Enjoy! I completed it yesterday. A nice sequel to the reboot. I've still got a lot of tombs to go back and look for. #1.2
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I subbed to Xbox Live for the first time this month and I've been enjoying the games. Dirt Showdown is like the Destruction Derby HD that never was, and Killer Instinct is a pretty fun fighting game. I don't play fighting games much apart from Tekken, so it's nice to try something fresh. Same goes for Deus Ex, a series that I've never played (I suck at FPS) but I started it today. Nice variety. #1.1
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Come and say it on the forums :D #1.1
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I don't think Microsoft would want that to be the case for the next console cycle, they'd more than likely want a head start. #3.1
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I found this fun for a while but the novelty soon wore off. #1
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Same here. I'm terrible at tactical RPG's but I want to give it a try. I've been tempted to purchase War of the Lions on multiple occasions now but never took the plunge. #3.1
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What a touching story. I'm sorry you had to go through that. #1.1
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PS4 will probably see a price cut at E3 2016 to lessen the total cost of buying in to VR. If the cost of the Oculus Rift is anything to go by then PSVR isn't going to be cheap. #2
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