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Great news! Burnout 3 is my favourite racing game ever, so a spiritual successor would be very welcome!

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And the option to reply directly to someone's post would be nice, too.

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I wish I could see in the cinema but I live in the south west of England and we're not important enough for premiers lol.

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I'm waiting until my Deluxe Edition of the game comes out so I can watch the Blu-Ray right before playing the game! It's going to be a challenge trying to avoid spoilers!

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It sounds more like an Indiana Jones subtitle!

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Japan prepping for Persona 5 and FFXV in September!

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I'm tempted to watch this again as I've only seen it once 15 years ago when it released in the cinema. I remember being very disappointed by it but I can't remember a thing that happened. The CG was amazing for its time though, no doubt about that.

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I think I would have enjoyed Beyond more if the game played out in chronological order. It felt a bit tacked together. Really liked the ending though, and I can't wait for Detroit.

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Yeah, I would have preferred Cidney as well. At the end of the day though she's only got a minor role, and there's still a Cid in the game (her grandad, I think) so it's not like they're skipping the name completely.

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In the Japanese version her name translates to Cidney, but in the English version she'll be known as Cindy.

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Totally agree with you, I'm not sure what the writer was thinking whilst doing this piece.

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Detroit, come at me!

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Absolutely loved this on Sega as a kid. Would probably absolutely hate it now as an adult!

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Yeah, it is a shame. The concept trailer for the extreme sports title looked pretty cool and I was looking forward to getting more info on it.

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Maybe the boy killed her? I mean he did shoot his Dad with the arrow by mistake during the battle with the troll, so there could have been a tragic accident or something. I doubt this will be the case, just throwing an idea out there, but I look forward to seeing the story unfold.

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Well they acknowledged it at least, due to the leaks, rumours and speculation. However I don't think they will give concrete details until Tokyo Game Show in September.

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I love how we keep hearing more about this game! I look forward to the next batch of info. Could you just imagine if we got a release date a at Paris Games Week! Please please please please pleeeeaaassse!

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Yeah sometimes these copyrights seem a bit extreme. I wonder if this has anything to do with the games delay? They didn't want to change the name of the game?

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Neo won't be out this year. If it does release this year then feel free to hunt me down and laugh in my face xD

On topic, I'm really looking forward to this game. Should be a blast!

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To be fair to Microsoft they have been pretty clear on their vision for the different consoles.

On topic, I'm glad that the PSVR will work fine with the standard PS4, but why wouldn't it? It's releasing for the current user base after all.

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