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I'm really looking forward to 2015 gaming wise. I'm getting a Vita, GTA V and LBP3 for Christmas...3 days guys! inFamous First Light will be on PS+ in January, I haven't played that yet. Then Life is Strange is coming out at the end of January, The Order the end of February, FF Type-0 HD coming just half way through March, and Bloodborne a week or so after that which I'll get after playing Type-0 and the Final Fantasy XV demo to DEATH!!! #7.1
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Yeah, definitely a good co-op game! I'm really enjoying it. There is a nice mixture of gameplay. #1.1
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Hopefully you'll at least play Type-0 HD. People keep saying they're just buying it for the FFXV demo, which is fine, but I hope people at least give Type-0 HD a chance without it becoming "that game that come with the demo".

Personally I've just gone for the simpler Limited Edition which just comes with a steelbook and reversible cover. #1.1
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I want to know if there will be a white one available. They do standard black, but what about those of us that have a white PS4? They even made some grey ones for the anniversary console.

If there is a white camera available then someone please feel free to correct me lol. But anyway, I don't have any reason just yet to purchase a camera. I think a new EyeToy game could be a lot of fun! That would interest me more than The PlayRoom. #6
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Why even compare Wii U sales with the PS Vita? Console / handheld. If anything compare sales to the 3DS, then Vita sales aren't anything to boast about xD #3.2
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MS have definitely had some good holiday sales but the PS4 is just in a league of its own at the moment. #2.1
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I'm in the UK so these numbers don't apply in this context, but imagine those numbers if Xbox One was still full price (£425) with DRM and 24 hour check ins.

When the PS3 launched in the UK it was full price (again, £425) at this stage in the Xbox One's life cycle, and sold like cr*p. Sony stuck to their guns though and dropped the price when they saw fit. MS however have took drastic measures by scrapping the whole DRM, removing Kinect, drastically dr... #12
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Jump Festa is gonna be great! Glad to finally have info trickling out steadily, christ knows we've waited long enough!

Apparently there are rumours that the woman could be a female Cid. I'm pretty skeptical, but well soon see. #4
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Yeah, I don't know why Ace gets to take the spotlight on the front cover. I guess he was the first character revealed in the original Agito XIII trailer, and he symbolises 1. First character, first student of Class 0, first game in the "Type" series of Final Fantasy games? Maybe that's the logic behind it, or maybe I'm just looking way to deeply in to it xD #8.1
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I definitely would like to see a XII HD. Hopefully they work on that after XV. I didn't give XII the chance it deserved and I didn't complete it. Got lost somewhere and never got around to continuing. Seeing as I no longer have a copy of the game, or a PS2, I'd buy it. #2.2.1
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No worries :)

Personally I can't wait for this game. Some are quick to write it off simply because it's a port of a PSP title, but I'm just glad it's being localised so I can finally play it. There was a Japanese PSP demo that also released in 2011 which I downloaded, and although I didn't understand it I had a lot of fun playing it. #2.3
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Basically this game started life out as a mobile game, Final Fantasy Agito XIII. The mobile version later got scrapped and had its name changed to Type-0, and it was then released as a PSP title in Japan in 2011.

It's a single player game, although there were plans for multiplayer early on in development. As far as I'm aware the game has a mission structure so there aren't any open worlds to explore and things like that, but I may be wrong. You play as Class 0... #2.1
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I wonder what made SE get rid of the logo from the original game 4d ago by Kurisu | View comment
17th March FF Type-0 HD with FFXV Demo
26th March Bloodborne and Disagea 5

March could be the turning point for PS4 in Japan. #4
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Sony won't need to give them away when the JP games start rolling in. Dragon Quest Heroes boosted PS4 sales by over 50k for the week. FF Type-0 HD launches in March with the FFXV demo (in Famitsu most wanted for...well...close to a decade). PS4 is going to be a hot topic! Then there's Persona 5 and Disagea 5 later in the year, and I'm sure many unannounced titles are on their way.

Isn't Jump Festa in a few days? #6.1
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That would be nice. Having to wait another whole year or more after playing the demo in March would be torture. #5.1
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Yeah and apparently it could take hours to beat. #3.1.2
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I don't have a PC so I guess it's no use to me? But thanks for your reply :) #2.1.1
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It's no FFVII remake though is it...

I kid, Summons. I kid haha. I just know how many articles have popped up about that lately and how much you love them ;p

XV looks amazing from what we've seen and I'm even more stoked for it now we've heard these English voices. Can't wait to play the demo! #6.1
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Never heard of this one. #2
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