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Honestly, why people want to keep her alive is beyond me! It's one of the most iconic scenes in the game and it's part of what makes FFVII, well, FFVII. #11.1
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I'm currently playing Persona 3 Portable and in digital sales I've recently purchased:

- Ratchet and Clank Triolgy
- Jak and Daxter Trilogy
- Persona 4 Golden
- Freedom Wars
- Danganronpa

My Vita is going to be getting more love than my PS4 at the moment. #5.1
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I've watched it a few times now (to make sure I wasn't seeing things). FFVII was my first RPG and I can't wait until I get to play this remake. #6
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Hopefully! If so I'd probably get that over Tekken 7 to be honest. I'm rubbish at Street Fighter so I stay well away from it! Not that I'm amazing at Tekken lol. But it would be great to see how SF carries over in to the Tekken style of fighting. #1.1.1
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I much prefer the PS Store on PS4 compared to PS3. Granted the PS Store on PS3 has improved in design over the years but it's still so slow compared to PS4. #3
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This remake is one thing I definitely want :) it's kind of killed my hype for FFXV a bit to be honest. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the demo, and I'm sure I will feel more hyped up again when we start getting more news in regards to story etc but for now all I can think of is the FFVII Remake and how Tabata must be pissed off at Nomura for stealing his thunder!

Meanwhile Nomura is sticking his middle finger up to Tabata for taking over his project! #5.1.2
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Telltale games presents... #3.2
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Disney Amiibo incoming. #1.1
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Nintendo should market the hell out of the Wii U for Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics. #5
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I'm going to accept it for what it is. I wanted a remake, I'm getting a remake. Sure it might have some big changes in terms of gameplay etc but I don't think there's a chance of them meddling with the story. I'm so hyped for this game it's unreal! Can't wait for more information some time in Winter. #2.3
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I never got around to playing Ratchet and Clank (apart from Quest for Booty) or Jak and Daxter, but a couple of days ago I bought the Trilogies on Vita for £8 and £10 respectively. I look forward to getting around to playing them all :) #5.1
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I haven't played Birth By Sleep so I wasn't aware of the different characters in that game :) #5.3
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Kingdom Hearts wouldn't be Kingdom Hearts without Sora, Donald and Goofy!

EDIT: Although saying that I wouldn't be averse to a more mature reboot or retelling of the games. Could be interesting. #5.1
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Yes, Toy Story in Kingdom Hearts would be amazing!

SE: "please be excited for the voice of Tom Hanks!"

Also a Big Hero 6 world be fantastic! #3.1
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Better late than never! I caved and bought it for less than £20 during the 10% offer that was going on that time due to the outage. Great game! I don't play it as much as I should but I enjoy going back to it every now and again. Now I'll have plenty more scores to try and beat the next time I play :D #10
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Oh my goddddd I want this game like yesterday! xD #7.1.5
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Don't forget the Tiny Bronco! Albeit not as exciting as the Highwind, but I'm looking forward to taking to the ocean :D

There is so much that I can't wait to see in the remake. Going to have to make time for another FFVII play through before this comes out for that true before & after feeling! #7.1.2
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Do you have a PS3 or Vita at all? If so you don't have any excuse not to have played it by now! xD If you don't have those systems then I'll let you off :p #1.1.5
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I've never took much notice of Tearaway but watching this now it looks great. I felt that LBP 3 fell a bit flat without MM at the helm, so it will be nice to go back to playing a game that has their full talent projected in to it :)

Totally buying this (not at launch, but as a Christmas present). #1.1
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Fingers and toes crossed.

A remake of this scale would require a lot of time and effort. I'm sure SE said at one point that a remake would take about 10 years if they did it. How long ago was that PS3 tech demo? It was at E3 2005. If they've secretly been working on that build since then then 2017 could be a real possibility.

EDIT @ TheOne

http://m.neogaf.com/showthr..... #3.5
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