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I'm level 9 with 0 platinums. I don't focus on trophies when I play games. #4
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And probably not the last. This is good for people on the fence about buying an Xbox One though, and it's £20 saved on someones Christmas present. With a new lower price and games like Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive and the Master Chief Collection coming out then I can definitely see this, along with said games, boosting Xbox One sales.

People ARE buying it. #3.1
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Can't wait to try the PS+ edition. Been looking forward to DriveClub for a long time now and the game looks like it's undergone a huge improvement since the delay. Hopefully this game will be a huge seller for Evolution, but who knows. PS+ edition may back fire on that plan, but who knows. We'll find out soon enough! #6
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"Enjoy and don't be a racist"

Wtf. #3
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Transforming summons were in FFXIII. Maybe the car is Bahamut! #5.1
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Good show, good show.

Personal highlight for me was Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV. I was worried that SE was going to let us down again, but they certainly delivered. The visual upgrade from Type-0 PSP to next gen is phenomenal, and Final Fantasy XV...well, that's a different beast altogether. The game looks absolutely stunning and I'm stoked to play the demo next March before moving on to sink my teeth in to Type-0 HD. #1
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That's if it's compatible. If there's touch screen elements you won't be able to play it on PSTV, I believe. #5.1
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Project Scissors...

...it's like this game was made for you! #1.1
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I think it will be the FFXV demo that pushes sales of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in Japan. Most who want to play it have probably already done so with the original game on PSP. But yeah, the more the merrier! #1.1
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I'm not picking it up again. I'll be picking it up for the first time :) #5
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Stunning. I know we've seen this section before, but to see someone actually playing it now...it looks amazing! Those character models as well *_* #3.1
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I've pre-ordered the normal edition already, but if something like this gets announced for the UK I'll cancel and pre-order this instead! #1
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As someone who has not played Demon's / Dark Souls I'm really looking forward to this game. I've seen one trailer and it looks great but I'm not watching anymore until I play it. #4
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I won't be getting The Order at launch. I'll still likely be playing Bloodborne, then Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is out in March which will keep me busy for a while! I will get The Order but not until after these two games. Price should have dropped by then for The Order as well. I may change my mind though as it does look good! #8.1
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After Lightning Returns, Type-0 and FFXV? I wouldn't be so sure. #2.1.1
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Game looks perfectly fine to me from what I've seen from the trailer and the gameplay, but then I'm not a journalist looking for hits. Also this seems to be the only bad feedback I've heard so far. #4
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"This is a fantasy based on reality"

The phrase from the original Versus XIII reveal trailer. It still has to keep the "fantasy", but it's based on more realistic settings. Besides, all Final Fantasy games have out of place creatures. Look at the wild motorcycles on the outskirts of Midgar and the killer houses in the slums in FFVII. If VII were to be remade with FFXV style graphics then people would think WTF! xD #10.1
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In regards to a previous topics:

Secret summons would be great!

I'm really looking to see what design they'll take. Summons have undergone radical changes lately. Shiva was a twin sister motorcycle in XIII and an ice skater in Type-0 (skating around with her is so much fun xD) so I'm interested to see what form she takes in Vers-, uh, XV :) Also will they fight alongside you? Will you take control of the summon? Will all characters be able to summon?... #4.1
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Probably be lots of scenes of SE staff sat round a table drinking saying "we should really do some work" xD

But my god does that work look to be paying off! Can't wait until we start getting news on summons *_* #6.1
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It's been confirmed now to be playable in March! :D http://www.gamechup.com/fin... #1.1
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