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If the game really is going to span across three separate parts then yes, it's going to take forever...and then some. Why oh why did Square Enix put Nomura in charge of both KHIII and the mammoth task of the FFVII Remake? It's crazy. KHIII is due out next year (probably the very end of the year) so I'm not expecting FFVIIR Pt.1 until at least late 2019/early 2020. Seems like it's going to be a cross generational title.

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Yeah, I seen that one too.

Anyway I just remembered I've got my MOT booked in for Wednesday and I'm pretty sure my car needs a lot of work so goodbye good deal.

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I seen this advertised on TV about an hour ago. This is a really, really good price. I actually have money in my account to buy this right now. Do I or don't I? I'm seriously tempted.

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I haven't got around to buying Hellblade yet, so it will probably be a 2018 game for me, at least xD I also still need to get around to purchasing Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted: Lost Legacy before I even start to think about the games of 2018!

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I enjoyed FFXIII. Completed it twice. I'd happily play through a third time

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Oh, thanks! Trying to download the demo now but its saying error.

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I'm terrible at racing sims so I stay the hell away from Gran Turismo, but seeing as there's a demo I'll at least give it a shot. Haven't played a racing game since Drive Club.

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Sounds good to me! Maybe I should work on getting through Persona 4 Golden first though, and save myself some money. But I'll definitely get it at some point!

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I might treat myself on pay day. I've never played a Yakuza game, but they seem to gain positive feedback from people who have.

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And where did I say that? I said that I was getting "burnt out" on Tekken 7 and that DOA5 is "a refreshing change" because it's the first time I've played this series.

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Sorry I just disagreed with you, meant to disagree to eroge

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I've been playing Core Fighters over the last week or so and I've really been enjoying it. A few days ago I won a forum competition where I won an Amazon gift voucher, and I bought the full game. All I had to pay for was the £1.99 delivery charge. I've never played DOA before this and I've found myself burning out on Tekken 7, It's a refreshing change. The gameplay is fluid, I love the dynamic stages, there's a lot to it. I won't be purchasing any DLC for it, ...

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Nobody "needs" any game. I want them though and nothing you say will change that :D

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I kind of want to get other games out of the way first before jumping in to an open world. I look forward to eventually playing it!

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I hardly ever go out as it is other than to work! Times are hard lately money wise but I'm hoping things will get better soon!

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When I have money = buy. Bills coming out of my damn earrrssss. I still need to get Horizon as well and Uncharted: Lost Legacy is out this month too.

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It'll be interesting to see the sales of the 3DS version vs the PS4 version.

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And you both lived happily ever after!

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@2pac The PC Port (Remaster) is also on PS4.

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What would the spin off to that be? Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drops Are Still Falling From A Distance 322 Weeks/2 Days Later

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