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Tekken 7 is also out in June. Multi-platform it may be, but I'm looking forward to playing the next installment. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is out in July, too.

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If the N.Sane Trilogy sells well then I can definitely see Activision looking in to this. The PS4 needs a decent Karting game and this would be just the fit. Throw in a track creator as well as plenty of online modes while also keeping the split screen...ahhh damn!

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Do you mean "console exclusive? Because this game is already available on Oculus VR and Gear VR, which is why it is already an "award winning game", according to the article. Not that I've heard about it before this.

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I pre-ordered this today. Really can't wait to play through these games again!

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SE are saving those extra tracks for Final Fantasy XV-2: Not Your Body Right xD

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A sword, fishing rod and a reel. Surely SE could have released something more meaningful to season pass holders to tide them over until the first major piece of content next month. I won't be purchasing the season pass until at least July, as two out of the four "Episode" DLC's will be out by then. I'm intrigued to know more about the comrades multiplayer DLC as well.

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Same here. I enjoyed Tomb Raider more than I did Rise of the Tomb Raider, but it was still a good game. Here's hoping that Shadow of the Tomb Raider (has that name been officially confirmed yet?) contains more globe trotting because the environments can get a bit samey.

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Yeah, "that you'll ever play" isn't the best phrase to use.

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Let me know how you find it when it arrives. Enjoy :)

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Well I don't have one, so I won't. I'm just going to enjoy a great game!

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Sony should make a PS Vita Go. They don't need a more powerful handheld, they need a cheaper handheld with inbuilt memory and reasonably priced downloadable games.

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I can't say that I share the same excitement as you but I respect Nintendo for continuing to do their own thing.

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ScaleBound actually looked good, though. There was nothing about Recore that screamed "buy me", in my opinion.

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Please, please don't let the trailer be a lie! I first played Portal on PC at my friends house and I loved it. I didn't have a PC myself (still don't) but luckily Portal 2 released on PS3 a couple weeks later so I bought it day one. I've been itching for a Portal 3 ever since. Make it happen, Valve!

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They do. Third party releases ensure a steady flow of games coming to the platform in between exclusives.

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I think our breath is wasted on Number-Nine. He's living on Cloud-Nine.

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I was looking forward to Scalebound, it was a real shame it got cancelled. I'll definitely be supporting Platinum with a day one buy of Nier: Automata, I think their employees need something to celebrate!

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I'm really tempted to get this game before Horizon: Zero Dawn. I really enjoyed the demo and I've been wanting to play it ever since. It's different to anything I've ever played before.

I'm hoping that Microsoft have plenty of game announcements set for E3 because right now my Xbox One gets barely any use.

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If they crank out the first party games, get plenty of third party support and aren't too stubborn with admitting that they need to drop their prices when they don't shift units then yes, I think it can survive in the current market. I'm not much of a Nintendo guy and I admit that I've never played the Nintendo classics like Zelda, Mario (other than Mario Kart, love that game) and I stopped playing Pokémon after Blue and Yellow. I'd like to change this because Breath ...

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