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"Project Mayhem"


The 80s are coming back in full force. #17
Cant speak for everybody but I don't even want it. I don't care for voice chat at all for that matter. #18
I agree

We're in the HD era where characters can look real, games are no longer only for kids.

it's time to get the christians and feminists off of our balls. #4
before vice city? #6
go back to /v/ #35
No Cloud
No FF or JRPG rep at all
No Snake
No Crash

plenty of things went wrong, most fingers can be pointed at the roster. #41
kenshiro :p #4
Since this is Nintendo's official shot at the current gen.

Good luck, you're gonna need it. #29
sorry andi

that was meant to be an agree.

I hate Brucie #1.1.5
Finally, things are as they should be. #68
It was just light hearted ribbing back in the day, even between fans.

What it has turned into is just unspeakable. #3
-people talking about FFVII peacefull
-idiot comes in with HURR FF7 IS OVERRATED

every fucking time #1.7.1
I don't know how to tell you this but Yuji Korekado doesn't work for Platinum games. He works for Kojima Productions.

I think he also happens to be the man Kojima tasked with creating Metal Gear Rising in the first place.

This article should be removed for misinformation, this is most likely deliberate. A poor attempt to discredit the game's creators and ruffle the feathers of Snake fanboys, who never bother to read into things before blindly insu... #1.2
Why does anybody who claims to care about gaming want Sony out anyway? #12
someone sounds threatened #41
Doubtful it would matter at this point, too many strikes against the company, they have lost the trust of the people. #12
You're all for us not getting a conclusion to a story we were quite invested in. What about the people who were here first, who were waiting to see Dante's next adventure? 4 left the saga COMPLETELY open. #6.2
That sure does look almost identical to a MG-REX, I sure hope Kojima does sue :) #2
Hmm I thought the BEGINNING of the end was ORC and this was actually a nail in the coffin. #2
please give us raiden in MGO right off the bat. #12
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