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Of course the PS4 didn't work after that, the Xbox One fell ontop of it afterwards.

Realistically that's never going to happen anyways, so the test really doesn't matter.

Off topic. Pretty funny how pro Xbox you are outside of a few forums you go to, while you try to act like your more of a PC gamer that likes all consoles. Your bias is obvious whenever you post, so don't try to hide it next time. #1.3.8
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We've got an expert over here!!

Anyone else seen that Regular Show episode Expert or Liar? #37
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Imo Killer Instinct is a more fun game, whether or not it's a better game. I'm definitely not pro, but I'd say I'm on an intermediate level at fighting games and Street Fighter is one of my least favorite.

As unbalanced as it may be what with the top tier characters compared to the lower tier, Playstation All Stars is one of most fun fighters and one of the best on a technical level, sure, you can only kill with supers, but it's got an incredible amount o... #56
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Nintendo is the same publisher that's removed the ac adapter from the 3DS XL and New 3DS systems with the comment that these gamers can still use their old 3DS and DS ac adapters while still charging full price for the system itself. Basically forcing the gamer to either keep their old system or devalue the system when they sell it, or the third option, pay for another ac adapter to include with the sale.

Nintendo is the same publisher who'... #1.7.3
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There's a difference between a game that was ported over to a new console afterwards and a game that was specifically held back over a year for the console that it was in development for and released on the successor to try and push sales.

Are you honestly defending Nintendo for the one year delay of Twilight Princess AND releasing it on the Wii for a full month before releasing the Gamecube version.

That's only part of... #1.7.2
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I've used excuses 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 10. Mostly legitimate though and most of the time I'm complaining about lag if I'm playing a shooter. If anyone is interested in seeing how good I am, check out my Youtube channel. It's all single player stuff, but will give you some perspective in atleast those genres. #11
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Yeah. A month later after the Wii owners did. Nintendo giving a big f you to their fans of the previous console. This is despite the game already being delayed for over a year because they were porting it over to the Wii.

That's actually around the time I've grown to hate Nintendo. I was interested in Twilight Princess as well as a couple of other first party exclusives that were cancelled and moved over to the Wii. I still purchase the... #1.7
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Most PC gamers are delusional when they can't play the games above console specs anyways. They just talk about how much better PC performance is.

My PC is more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One combined, and I do like the performance better, but I actually like to collect games, so most of the time I don't purchase for PC. If I do purchase for PC, it's never more than $5 a few years after it was released. I really want to play XCOM 2 w... #1.4.3
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I'd rant how they've held it back for paid DLC, but there might have been an issue with the content releasing before the movie. That being said, not at all happy about the way Star Wars Battlefront was handed and didn't like how it played so I'm fine with ignoring it. #4
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Gaza, Luca, Redrum, and Miguel don't belong on this list.

Gaza is one of the easiest bosses in Legend of Legaia. The hardest boss in the game at the point in which you get to him is Berserker. The monster that's eating the Genesis Tree. It's got good HP during that time, high damage that can potentially OHKO a character like Noa, and has a breath attack that hits a single character and does high damage plus rots your characters limbs making them unable to attac... #10
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Dat Ubisoft downgrade.

Just remember. If it's a great looking Ubisoft game, once it finally releases, it'll only look half as good. Set your expectations low for this company. #29
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CD Projekt Red had DRM on their discs for the first batch of Witcher 3. After complaints they removed it.

Yeah, let's white knight CD Projekt Red for doing what they should have did in the first place. #1.5
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More white knighting about how CD Projekt Red is saving the video game industry. CD Projekt Red isn't changing the way people look at DLC, other devs have done this long ago on the PS360, or even further back when PC games released these expansions at retail.

GTA4 and Oblivion are the first ones I can remember last gen that actually created large expansions on top of their games.

Additionally. Here are some scummy sales tactics that CD Projekt Red has... #10
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The slim isn't really for consumers. These companies would never release a slim version if it didn't cut costs.

That being said, I own both a fat 60gb PS3 and a slim PS3. The bc model is like a space heater. Saves electricity in the winter and allows me to play my retail PS2 games. The slim model is cooler and quieter with a sexy sleak design. I love them both for different reasons. #22
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I agree with Demon's Souls and Bloodborne on being fair, but there's so much cheapness in Dark Souls 1 and 2 that it could hardly be called fair. Fair would be potentially being able to finish the game without dying. That potential doesn't exist in even the slightest for your first playthrough of Dark Souls 1 and 2.

Just an example. Dark Souls 2 has so many flags that enemies appear out of nowhere or they start moving the moment you interact with something. Ve... #56.1
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Most developers are already too lazy to balance their games, multiple difficulties would effect that even further.

Imo the best and most balanced platformer of all time isn't Rondo of Blood, but the remake Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles. The sections in Rondo of Blood that were both too easy and too hard have been modified for the game to be difficult but perfectly balanced. Unfortunately you have people like many of the game journalists that reviewed the game(Eurogam... #59
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Difficulty doesn't increase past NG+6, so there are people who have beaten it atleast seven times. I've finished it on a standard new game four times, and NG+1 once. #
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I think Bloodborne is goty, but thank you for the idea, I'm going to go and buy a big pillow. #12.2
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I agree with you, but Bloodborne is actually well balanced and if you're reasonably good in games, while yes, you will die, it's not a game that has a lot of cheap deaths(which imo Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 do the further in you get.)

Most of my deaths came from the very beginning of the game getting used to it, while I got few deaths the further in. Replaying through the game's new game plus mode solo increasing my level no further... #3.1.6
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"With episodic, you can purchase the first part for $15 and if you don't like it don't pay for the rest."

This is what I call a paid demo and I can't believe that people are accepting of this practice. Yes, if you like the first part you can purchase future parts and continue on where you left off, but it doesn't make part one of the episodic model any more than a lengthy demo.

Last gen we got demos, but not too many of the really h... #33
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