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I have come here to chew bubble gum and mourn over Piper's death, and I'm all out of bubble gum. Whether it was wrestling or movies, I always enjoyed your acting. #30
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Instead of listing it as "supercharged" they should relabel it as "overcharged."

You can get a new PS4 without any sale for $400 and it'll include a free game. 2.5" 2TB hard drives can be found for $90 right now, but find one on sale and you'll get one for $70. Same cost and "new" not "used." #17
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"I'm personally not a fan of this practice, but it isn't as bad as paying to keep a game off another platform like we have seen with Street Fighter and Sony. Even if they are not your customers getting screwed, it is still very anti-gamer."

Like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Gears of War, Dead Rising, etc?

It was okay last gen when Microsoft was doing it, but now that Sony is doing it? OH HELLS NO! /s #1.12
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I honestly don't see why you got a disagree. The Division saw a pretty noticeable downgrade same as literally every major Ubisoft game. I've learned not to trust anything Ubisoft releases until the game gets an official release date and it's months away from releasing.

The only reason I'm no longer interested in The Division isn't because of the downgrade though, it's because we have no idea how the game progresses. Are you just going from area to... #4.2.1
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FF7 will be 2025. It'll release one year before FF16 and include a teaser trailer of FF19 to day one buyers. It'll also include a DLC code to revive Aerith which we will find out was included on disc along with the season pass content, which unless you buy new you can't revive Aerith unless you buy the season pass for $40. The season pass which will include a Sephiroth campaign showing the origins story and 97 different costumes for NPCs in Gold Saucer.... #2.1.2
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The gameplay looks terrible. It's like whether you're shooting a tire or a vehicle, it has no difference. The tire doesn't pop and the vehicle spins out of control. There's one point in the gameplay video where the person kept shooting at the tire only for the vehicle to explode. Or the part where he was putting 20-30 bullets in the guy on the motorcycle before taking him out.

This better be pre-pre-pre alpha, because if it actually releases in an even s... #15
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Most comments of people talking about Origins read like this.

"Origins is a pos.... I've never played Origins."

Sheep bashing great games because it's the cool thing to do are one of the many things wrong with the gaming community.

DmC Devil May Cry. Lords of Shadow 2, Arkham Origins, etc. Sheep grasp on something popular to hate on from the games, whether it's emo Dante, the few stealth sections throughout the game, o... #27
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Just because it was stated Final Fantasy 7 would be on PS4 first, what makes people think it'll even be coming to Xbox One? It could be "coming out first on PS4" then releasing later on PC. No one knows.

One thing we do know is that Sony helped fund Final Fantasy 7 on the PSX and it later released on PC. Sony could be helping to fund Final Fantasy 7 again for console exclusivity with a future PC release. Or even being that it's a r... #2.2.6
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What has Konami really done in the past gen? I'd say Capcom, Sega, and Square Enix are far worse than Konami on many different levels, even with what Konami has done. #1.3.3
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Final Fantasy 10 on PS4. Remaster of a remaster. #7.2
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Dishonored is garbage, but that's just my opinion. I played to where you have to rescue/kidnap the one scientist with the health potion name and just couldn't take playing it anymore.

It was pretty cool at the beginning when it was more linear, but when it opened up, it turned into searching around for useless gold and skills because if you killed people you'd get the bad ending.

It was easy enough to sneak around everyone, but if you got caught,... #1.5
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I've been waiting for Bloodborne's release, but after hearing the game has a day onep patch I'm probably going to wait for a sale. It's not the issue on whether the game will be fully functional.

If the patch was for online only then I wouldn't care, just like I don't care about online passes. Online, passes, and patches go hand in hand, once the servers are down, all that is gone anyways.

It's the ability to play the game 20-30... #11
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I'd rather have a great game over a bad game with great graphics. However just because a game looks great doesn't mean that it has to be a bad game.

Last gen versions of Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Infamous 2, and Heavy Rain were some of the best looking games released on the PS3 and they were all great games.

Just because a game has more or less an Earth Defense Force budget and looks like crap doesn'... #2.1.5
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Kojima says this literally every single game that comes out. #62
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Not just PS+, but the PS4 and Xbox One have been a joke since they've launched. If you own a PS3, 99% of the games available are playable on that console.

Btw, for people who own a PS4 only, you're not getting the most out of PS+. You really should purchase a Playstation TV or PS Vita and a PS3. #10.7
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Looks like Ryse with terrible graphics. Thanks but no thanks. Wait no, just no thanks. #25
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13 was garbage, 13-2 was even worse, never played Lightning Returns. While the combat on Lightning Returns seems like it's decent from the demo, after thinking about the 40+ different types of clothing, what's the point when you're going to be equipping either the most powerful or what looks the best out of each respective skillset, especially when most skills you can switch to any piece of clothing you want. #76
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Who hasn't slammed Lindsay Lohan? #22
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You do realize that Dragon Age Inquisition is an EA game, right? #1.1.12
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This is the seventh iteration of Call of Duty since Modern Warfare and every year the online is a buggy mess for the first few months despite being one of the best selling games every single year.

The developer states that it's been in developing for three years and they've tested and tested and tested, but it'll be done when it's fixed. It should be done and fixed the day of release, not using the fanbase who paid $60 for the game as beta testers as usual fo... #1.7
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