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The 20 mb/s thing is correct, but I call bs. I don't own a PS4, but I recently downloaded a 12GB PS3 game from PSN and it took less than two hours.

Everyone also uses wireless connections. Hook up your consoles wired. It'll speed up the speed of your downloads, but more importantly, it'll give people who are playing against you online a better experience because your slow internet keeps lagging the game(depending on the game,) or makes you teleport everywhere. #1.9
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With yourself? That's called masturbation. #1.1.5
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Or they'd have to develop it for the Xbox One. Badum-tsh. J/k. #1.1.3
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You can also jump with the jump feather in Link's Awakening and the cape in Four Swords. #1.2.4
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It's an amazing game, but you're right. They screwed the online up bad. It took six months for them to get the last patch in and the online actually works and now most of the community is gone.

You can get in games now though, and it has enough players to have an enjoyable match, but there are some people who are insanely good. I rarely play online, but I'm good enough to place middle ranking on average. The same people will be getting first place, and not bec... #6.2.2
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"In computing, memory refers to the physical devices used to store programs (sequences of instructions) or data (e.g. program state information) on a temporary or permanent basis for use in a computer or other digital electronic device. The term primary memory is used for the information in physical systems which function at high-speed (i.e. RAM), as a distinction from secondary memory, which are physical devices for program and data storage which are slow to access but offer higher memo... #22.1
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Looks like someone got butt hurt from the comment that they need to twist my words to their benefit. Did my comment hit close to home? Nice that you didn't even acknowledging the fact that they're called memory cards.

Regardless of the way I decided to word it. They're called a memory card because they are a form of memory, just as the HDD is, just as RAM is. The memory is just used differently.

As for your question. Yes your PC will work wit... #20.1
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Most of this comment section looks like a bunch of people who want a pat on the back for knowing what RAM is.

Memory is memory. Hard drive space is memory that is stored and is manually deleted, RAM is memory that is used by the PC when needed and then deleted on its own(when you quit the program that requires it.) You can even use a percentage of your HDD to allow it to function as additional RAM, although slower.

For those who are complaining about the au... #19
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I don't agree with your statement.

For example, if Sony put their best developers on their best IPs, they would have offered better salaries or hired better people to develop Playstation All Stars. As a fighting game it's fun at first, but as you get better at it, it slaps you in the face how broken it was.

Not only that but online isn't as good as games like Tekken Tag, Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena, etc. There are more bu... #1.1.8
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"The Sony fans on this site do need to calm down a bit, there's nothing more annoying than gangs of people gloating every time a multiplatform game is released and performs better on PS4. "

Nothing against your post really, but last gen 360 fans gloated about games that had no noticeable differences or ever so slight differences, rather than just the few that had very noticeable differences.

Two wrongs don't ma... #1.6.13
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Without seeing specs, if I was to tell someone to go with a $500 Steam machine, it wouldn't be Alienware under the assumption that it's a worse machine for the same price.

It might be more powerful than the Xbox One for the price, but Alienware is not know for having good prices compared to other brands. #18
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Microsoft does have a lot of money, but don't think they're going throw billions of dollars this gen securing exclusives like last gen. It helped early last gen because it helped them gain a large marketshare, but now that they have a fanbase, it's not like they're going to do so again. They lost a lot of money paying for exclusives and timed exclusives.

Also, even though Microsoft did pay for exclusives, Sony still has many Japa... #1.1.13
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Good that someone remembers those games. Champions of Norrath and Champions Return to Arms were awesome.

The PSP Untold Legends games were "okay" but poor compared to the PS2 games. I didn't like the PS3 Untold Legends at all.

I'd buy the games if they made some upscaled versions of it. Release it exclusively on the Vita or something, because the system is in dire need of good games. It's got good gam... #1.1.4
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Sorry, but as similar as combat may be, it's also very different than God of War. So is traversal. Traversal is more like Uncharted which the latest God of War decided to copy, possibly because Lords of Shadow.

Besides. God of War also isn't the first game of this style. Devil May Cry and Castlevania Lament of Innocence predate the original God of War. #1.4
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I like how the person bad mouths the PS4 and Xbox One listing three exclusives each, then lists five exclusives, a Wii game, a Wii series, and a multiconsole title which the PS4 and Xbox One are also getting. Yeah. He's definitely pushing us to get a Wii U /s. #34
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Well yeah, you're right.

Even so you can't use the $5 on anything you want. Only games in the Amazon Editor's Choice list. More than likely, a list of games that aren't going to be on sale, especially when you get the credit in January, after the holiday season. #12.2.1
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Super Smash Bros and X. Don't care about the rest. I think Super Mario Kart is one of the worst racing franchises, and even among kart racers it's not the best. #34
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This isn't true. You can't make money. Five dollars multiple times per order, but you get that $5 in credit after January 3rd and it can only be used on a certain group of games.

The $5 also doesn't stack, so you can't buy $20 worth of Colonial Marines and then purchase a $50 digital game on January 3rd. You can only use one of these $5 codes per order.

Amazon 2013 Editor's Choice. "Our Editor's Choice Best Games of 2013 wil... #12
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Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield 3 on PC is like night and day.

Watch this comparison video. Battlefield 3 isn't even close.

youtube.com/watch?v=BdBy9XKTu kg #12.1.2
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Like I said in my above comment, there are people who put forth the effort to edit and cut videos to do reviews, and these people deserve the money they get from ads. Hopefully those that do reviews don't lose out as well, just those that play the games and nothing more.

Writing the review itself takes a decent amount of time, but then cutting the video to fit along with what you've written takes a lot more. It'll take some time to do a decent review, a lot more... #1.2.16
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