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The Playstation Move is the same device, a different camera isn't going to fix it when it's a tracking problem with the Move itself.

The Playstation Move doesn't keep the calibration. It slowly goes off track even if you're to not move it. On games that aren't light gun and don't require precision, it doesn't matter because the movement the camera tracks is still accurate, but on a game that is a light gun game, it makes the practically unplayabl...

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Didn't think the gameplay videos we've seen looked very good. Usually when showing off gameplay, developers tend to choose something better than what the game is going to have on average. This is a game that also launches in two months from now, and we've seen the same section from multiple journalists. Now as usual, the journalists playing have absolutely no skill whatsoever, but what we've seen of the game looked poor.

You might say, oh but it's a bea...

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Day one DLC is DLC that's available on day one. Self explanatory.

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For those that haven't used them, the Move controllers have horrible tracking that can't recognize quick movements without becoming permanently misaligned until you reset the alignment within the game. This is something that is truly lazy and disrespectful on Sony's part that they're going to rerelease the same poorly developed device without any change. I'd buy a Move 2 if had better tracking. There's a lot of good light gun games that I'm forced to use with my...

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If the games servers are down the majority of the day every day or the netcode is bad much like it was on GTA5, Halo Anniversary Collection, and Drive Club, then the scores should be reflected by that.

If the server goes down a few times at launch, that's something minimal and the review scores shouldn't be reflected on minor launch issues. This isn't defending poor programming or anything else at launch, just minor server issues which is going to happen. If th...

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Of course it did. When you pull as sleezy of a move as Nintendo did and force the gamer to buy either the special edition or two different copies of the game and a DLC to get the complete experience, it's obviously going to sell more than a single complete game.

I bought the special edition, but that doesn't mean it's any less of a scummy move on Nintendo's part. Between this, the day one DLC in nearly all their games locking out chunks of content(Fantasy Li...

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PS4 games are minutes if not seconds, depending on the game, when putting a new game in. Unless it's got a patch that you have to download in order to play online, you can almost always immediately start up the game.

I do dislike that they take up hard drive space, but I'm not going to give up physical copies. If gaming goes all digital, I'm out.

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I really enjoyed this game, but the PS3 version of the game consistently hit 0fps along with some extremely bad screen tearing at all times. I no longer own the 360 or otherwise I'd own that version.

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If the developers are from Japan, it's probably going to be exclusive to Playstation. They're not losing much by releasing exclusively as the games never sell well on other consoles paired with not having to spend the money to port them over, licensing fees, and what not.

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Avalanche doesn't half a** their ports like some developers, so no one should be worried about this.

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I care about the feature, but it's not possible. Good thing I still own my PS3. I'm more disappointed that it doesn't have PS2 backwards compatibility.

They could do the same thing Xbox One does letting you rip the game directly to your console but the disc has to still be inside to check and make sure its there. We know the PS4 can play PS2 games, they're selling them for the overpriced cost for $15 after all. Well, once the PS4 inevitably gets hacked(w...

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I'd rather have a PS4 exclusive than those those multi generation exclusives on the PS4/PS3/Vita that's being held back by the older weaker hardware.

But you're right. Very few JRPGs, even Japanese games in general aren't exclusive on the Playstation now days.

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PS4 is making Japanese developers support the west again.

The 7th gen had Japanese support, but not that much compared to all gens prior. Imo Japanese publishers weren't confident that people would buy their games. Now that the 8th gen has most gamers on a single console, Japanese developers are once again confident enough to localize and release their games again. Look at Namco Bandai. The very first Gundam games(not counting Warriors) being localized since the launc...

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I agree. I'm still getting it though for two reasons. I'm importing the Quantic Dreams Collection since I've never played Beyond Two Souls, and this should also include the DLC that was later released.

For those who haven't purchased Heavy Rain, then you should really do so. Whether you regard it as a game or not, it's got one of the best storylines in any video game. Like watching a favorite movie over and over again, this game has great replayabili...

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I own the Nintendo and Sony consoles and portables. I wish Nintendo and Microsoft would stop developing consoles and release everything on the Playstation consoles so I can have all new releases on one console.

How is that counterproductive for gamers? It doesn't do anything less for gamers. Gamers are getting the exact same amount of games, just on a single console, not having to purchase multiple consoles. That's what these console wars a...

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That's what he's hoping. Being a white knight is an act.

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If the Xbox One was actually competitive with the Playstation 4, I doubt Phil would be saying this. Here's the thing, Xbox One is so far behind, it doesn't matter if Phil says he is more interested in a Playstation game because it probably won't effect Xbox One sales much anyways. This is just PR to sway popular opinion towards him and get more Xbox sales.

Even though it was PR talk to look like good guy Phil, what he said though was the truth. It shouldn'...

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"My PS4 is for exclusives only."

So what's the difference? Exclusives only or not, you'll still have more games for the PS4 at the end of the gen.

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Microsoft is probably trying to turn the Xbox brand into a PC brand, this way all PC users are Xbox owners.

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I never did purchase the Nathan Drake Collection so I only played four matches at a friends house. 23/17/3 was the best out of the four matches I've played. Thankfully I have weekends off so I can put more time into it.

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