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I thought they were going to list all seven x-box exclusives, lol

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Brilliant Writer!

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It's a good time to be a PS4 ower! Since Dec we've got-

Let it Die
Gravity Rush 2
Yakuza 0
RE 7- VR Exclusive (Amazing in VR, loved it)
Persona 5
MLB the Show
Drawn to Death
plus a ton more indi's, some of which are really great games, to numerous to list
high quality non-exclusives like-
Dark Souls DLC

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I feel like this is a pretty subjective question but I would say a most definite yes for me. In my experience most downplaying VR just haven't tried it. It really is like nothing you've experienced, an entirely new medium, and an amazing way to play games.

When I hear complaints about the current hardware being limited and expensive of course it is (this is just round one baby). And if you have a problem with limited content that's fair too, but again that reall...

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RE says hello! At least they got the '7' right.

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Just posted elsewhere but my opinion remains the same. As far as Sony giving up on the system, or any other VR platform holders giving up, I think it's way too early to make a call on that. In Sony's situation they are obviously supply constrained and very early in the life cycle of the product.

I personally think VR is amazing and hope they continue to put more weight and marketing dollars behind the product. But more important than anything else is Sony and big th...

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As far as Sony giving up on the system I think it's way too early to make a call on that. They are obviously supply constrained and very early in the life cycle of the product.

Hopefully Sony and big third parties see the financial viability of enhancing or re-making their games in VR. A few VR versions of playstation 1st party would go a long way to winning over customers. Personally I own both a Vive and PSVR and many older and traditional games translate very well to...

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Agent is alive, announcement incoming?

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This is definitely my type of game. Love the aesthetic! I'm also glad to hear it's out so soon and getting a physical release.

But isn't $35 kind of high for this type of game? Presuming this is due to a limited physical release as steam shows it at only $20 for digital. Any word on how long the campaign is or difficulty? If it's a meaty game with lots of good physical puzzles II'll snag it day one but if it's on the shorter side or easy might wait f...

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This has everything to do with the life cycle of the console IMO. These games were provided toward the end of the PS3's life (notice none of them are on PS4). As we get toward the back end of the PS4 (say 3-4 more years from now) I would expect similar AAA releases more regularly peppered in.

AAA makes sense only when a sequel is about to launch (to promote the franchise to new players), or if the developer has some other incentive (like continued sales of DLC or micro...

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With the power of sophisticated computer chips, red bull, and 'cross play' technology (Microsoft releasing all their games on PC is fucking fantastic I tell ya), many pc gamers like myself have been enjoying Scorpion quality pixels for some time now. I can tell you first hand, regardless if it's $400-$500 (a steal compared to what i paid), those fully uncompressed pixels are glorious and will be worth every penny.

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Glad I downloaded it before hand. Best Metroid in years.

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About 4 hours in and it's Amazing. Hard to imagine it's fan made. Best Metroid game I've played in years!

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That math in non-sense!!!

Assuming darx's numbers provided above are correct, of those 40 million Windows 10 steam users, what is the ratio of actual Windows store use vs Steam user?

When you look at that ratio the number of Steam users dwarfs Microsoft store use. The reason being is steam is actually a great well established service and Microsoft's store is not.

Other than trying to force devs to use their service (trying to...

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The thing is they aren't in a dominating situation at all. While it's a smart move on their part, the move to support cross x-box pc support doesn't equal the huge numbers implied. In fact the actual numbers don't support them dominating anything.

First off, their dedicated X-1 console has sold roughly half compared to it's nearest competitor! That's almost 20 million less!!! And while PC unification helps boost the total install base of their platf...

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Depending on release date this makes sense. It's better to reveal it to the masses as close to launch as possible. Even though we all know it's coming, the masses don't, and an early public announcement might slow regular PS4 sales the same way announcing an early price cut would.

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1. better looking games sooner than later, because NEO HORIZON is going to look kick ass

1.5. better vr- because duh

1.5.5 4k support- because also duh

2. Increased sales- Each iteration (yes this is likely the first of many) can be treated as a sort of re-launch (similar to how mid console revisions did in the past) and has the potential to insert new life into Sony’s plat...

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Really excellent Game! Hope X-box and Wiiu owners appreciate just how great it is and give it the support it deserves.

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