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I would never fully judge a game before final release (could be the most fun thing since sliced bread), but what has been shown so far does not match the high expectations for this title. This is supposed to be the return of one of their AAA first party franchises and is meant to show off the power of their new hardware? If that's the case then it's a pretty poor showing. Add multiplayer not being shown and the obvious questions this raises about the whole cloud power marketing and ...

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Just send your customers to sign up for our service and also pay us to use our servers. LOL

It'll be a cold day in hell before Sony does this!

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Lost in Translation is the term I would use to describe his games. They are so heavily focused on story but yet the dialog just doesn't translate over to English very well or is at best inconsistently applied.

From an interactivity stand point I never got why people complain though. The game design and controls in his games are actually pretty good IMO.

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It will be interesting to see if they keep the "ONE" as part of the branding.

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Complaining about Sony's first party taking a while is laughable. Especially when compared to the sad state of their competitors output. Its not even close. They continue to deliver game after game after game. So many I can't even catch up. Meanwhile their competitors have nearly nothing to show with cancelled games and the same rinse and repeat crap ad naeseum.

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The Pro offers 4k and VR owning consumers something they want while at the same time extending the potential lifespan of the PS4 platform. Providing a relatively inexpensive option for gamers who want 4k performance (checker boarded or other) is not insignificant. Increased performance on 1080 screens is not insignificant. And increased performance for PSVR is not insignificant. And the sales back it up. 20% of PS4 sales and 25% of revenue is not insignificant for a premium product; espec...

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A smart move for Sony would be to integrate a DOWNLOAD OPTION to a limited selection of their library (similar to what Netflix just did). Of course this option would be hardware constrained and would therefore remain limited to backwards compatible games or games for their respective systems. But even as a limited library of downloadable older ps4 games would be a cool addition to the service. Can't see why this wouldn't be an option for some portion of their library. The games would ...

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If you are looking for the most robust and healthy online community, where the majority of people play, then the PS4 and PS4 Pro will have the best console versions by a long shot. It's all a matter of perspective.

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It will be interesting to see the differences between Scorpio and PS4 Pro games. I'd love to see a noticeable bump but for most games my feeling is the actual differences will be less tangible than the marketing difference (Microsoft could use some feathers in their marketing cap right about now).

What I hear mentioned less is the fact that Scorpio will likely run much higher quality VR/MR than PS4 Pro, and that this may be the bigger differentiating factor. These VR g...

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In a way they are victims of their own successes. The brand has become synonymous with the big 3 tent pole franchises and online focused games, which are obvious strengths, but it has also created a viscous cycle for them as far as content and marketing/branding.

As a platform holder Sony's strengths really cast a light on these weaknesses. It's the depth and breath of Sony's offering, along with their willingness to invest in risk and the freedom they allows th...

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Wouldn't the article title have been better as "Horizon Zero Yawn"? Seems like a missed opportunity. Also the game isn't perfect but it sure as hell isn't a 60%, no clicks for you!

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IMO, More than anything else I think price will be the determining factor. It sounds like a great piece of hardware and I'm sure having the definitive versions of multiplats will help it with the enthusiast crowd. That said if it's $500 or more at launch I think it will see limited adoption and the ball will remain in Sony's court. If it's $450 or less I think Sony will need to cut price or risk some loss of momentum and sales.

Fast forward a year or so afte...

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And just like that they are practically tied with PS on the Exclusives front, lol

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I thought they were going to list all seven x-box exclusives, lol

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Brilliant Writer!

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It's a good time to be a PS4 ower! Since Dec we've got-

Let it Die
Gravity Rush 2
Yakuza 0
RE 7- VR Exclusive (Amazing in VR, loved it)
Persona 5
MLB the Show
Drawn to Death
plus a ton more indi's, some of which are really great games, to numerous to list
high quality non-exclusives like-
Dark Souls DLC

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I feel like this is a pretty subjective question but I would say a most definite yes for me. In my experience most downplaying VR just haven't tried it. It really is like nothing you've experienced, an entirely new medium, and an amazing way to play games.

When I hear complaints about the current hardware being limited and expensive of course it is (this is just round one baby). And if you have a problem with limited content that's fair too, but again that reall...

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RE says hello! At least they got the '7' right.

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Just posted elsewhere but my opinion remains the same. As far as Sony giving up on the system, or any other VR platform holders giving up, I think it's way too early to make a call on that. In Sony's situation they are obviously supply constrained and very early in the life cycle of the product.

I personally think VR is amazing and hope they continue to put more weight and marketing dollars behind the product. But more important than anything else is Sony and big th...

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As far as Sony giving up on the system I think it's way too early to make a call on that. They are obviously supply constrained and very early in the life cycle of the product.

Hopefully Sony and big third parties see the financial viability of enhancing or re-making their games in VR. A few VR versions of playstation 1st party would go a long way to winning over customers. Personally I own both a Vive and PSVR and many older and traditional games translate very well to...

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