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That math in non-sense!!!

Assuming darx's numbers provided above are correct, of those 40 million Windows 10 steam users, what is the ratio of actual Windows store use vs Steam user?

When you look at that ratio the number of Steam users dwarfs Microsoft store use. The reason being is steam is actually a great well established service and Microsoft's store is not.

Other than trying to force devs to use their service (trying to...

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The thing is they aren't in a dominating situation at all. While it's a smart move on their part, the move to support cross x-box pc support doesn't equal the huge numbers implied. In fact the actual numbers don't support them dominating anything.

First off, their dedicated X-1 console has sold roughly half compared to it's nearest competitor! That's almost 20 million less!!! And while PC unification helps boost the total install base of their platf...

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Depending on release date this makes sense. It's better to reveal it to the masses as close to launch as possible. Even though we all know it's coming, the masses don't, and an early public announcement might slow regular PS4 sales the same way announcing an early price cut would.

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1. better looking games sooner than later, because NEO HORIZON is going to look kick ass

1.5. better vr- because duh

1.5.5 4k support- because also duh

2. Increased sales- Each iteration (yes this is likely the first of many) can be treated as a sort of re-launch (similar to how mid console revisions did in the past) and has the potential to insert new life into Sony’s plat...

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Really excellent Game! Hope X-box and Wiiu owners appreciate just how great it is and give it the support it deserves.

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Picked up a PSTV for only $30 and can now play my PS4 games in the living room too. Really nice feature this gen.

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Conker or Jet Force spiritual successor next?

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Interesting to see if the console vs pc power divide will become more of a factor over the next few years with these.

I wonder if these games are/will be made with pc as the lead platform in mind, the X-1 version being a scaled down version similar to what's playable on a low/medium powered rig.

Will they make a high end versions to take advantage of upper end rigs or just make the pc and x-bone games with similar features/settings?

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The whole 'article' is just so lacking in objectivity. If You like X1 more than PS4 good for you, its a fine machine in its own right, but the arguments presented are illogical and poorly supported. Comes off as fanboy flame war bs.

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If we don't get a price on PSVR soon, CES or by Feb at latest, I see it launching the end of 16' instead of mid year. So either Sony announces price and date real soon and we get a mid year soft launch- to test demand for holidays. Or we get a later price and date (say E3) for a holiday launch. If they go with the later I imagine low to medium production for holiday 2016; to feel out the market and maybe stir up demand based on scarcity if they're lucky.

What ever...

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Hey Insomniac, given this news can y'all magically push the release of Ratchet a few weeks earlier (exactly 11 days would do the trick- so the games are still 25 days apart).

Because seriously 1st party IPs (no matter how dissimilar) should not release so close together,"Mr. Zurkon doesn't like other Mr. Zurkon stealing his kill"

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A few things. First off Sony has never had the 'one killer app' approach. Gran Turismo may be your killer app and God of War is mine... etc... It should go without saying that the popularity of the PlayStation brand is based on the diversity it brings and they will hopefully continue this approach with VR.

Plus killer apps with VR it's not as simple as throwing AAA budgets at it or shoehorning existing Genre kings into VR. We are literally talking wild west unchar...

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That's BS! I played it yesterday and it's AMAZING!

The only headache is people who haven't tried it spewing their non-sense.

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I was lucky enough to try it yesterday and it's F-ing amazing! Forget all the images and videos you've seen on a flat screen. They in no way reflect the actual experience. It truly is surreal, like being in the game, and no words or pictures will replace real hands on time.

All I can say is do try it for yourself and don't believe the haters. And to all the arm chair critics, if you haven't played it your opinion is BS. Find me someone who played it and doesn&...

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I agree with you from a PR/marketing perspective they have a huge challenge ahead. Problem is no amount of media, presented on any of the traditional flat screens we all have, can convey the experience at all.

I finally had the opportunity to try it at PSX and let me tell you forget looking at it on your tv, phone, or whatever. I played the Job Simulator VR and YOU HAVE TO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! No images or videos of these games can do them justice. On a traditional screen all...

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The purpose of remasters is more than that.

They also provide those who have never had a chance to play a game a new opportunity to experience it. This works in a few ways. For example new ps4 owners who had 360 last gen but not a ps3. Now they can finally try these games.

Or players who would have been too young when the original released. Just think, a ten year old game that gets remastered will have an entirely new population of gamers who get a chance to...

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Based on this data it should sell +/- 1/2 of what Halo 3 did (12 million), and 2/3 what Halo 4 did (9.5 million), so about 6-6.5 million lifetime.

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If Sony is smart we're likely to see a VR version of this along side VR versions of Flower/Journey/Abzu, Everyones gone to the rapture, Ethan Carter, Soma, Witness, etc.

All of these 'types' of games seem like a good fit for VR.

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I have to say I think some of these responses are sickening. The lack of empathy expressed here and on other sites is kinda sad. I don't care how rich he is now the truth is he's a real human being who has undergone a loss (loss of direction, loss of connectedness).

Whether it's of his own making is beside the point. Having your life drastically change can make anyone lose themselves a bit. From what I've seen of him he's a good human being. Hope for him ...

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