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Noooooooooooooooooooooo #1
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"Dear gamers, We apologize for the mix up. We realize it's deceptive to misrepresent the game's quality by using pc footage but we were truly hoping you wouldn't notice. Now that you have caught us we'd like to keep doing what we were doing before, but hey, we have corrected the 'mistake' on a semantic level so......."

lol, what a bunch of crap! #40
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So much Spin, lol.

I have all three systems, and the One is a fine machine, but no amount of pr can mask the fact that they're getting their asses handed to them by Sony!

I personally love the meaningless 'number of bullets shot on x-box live in march' type stats and 'best selling home system from 11 am to 12 pm on the Saturday the 20th' stats.

Like watching some kind of 'head in the sand' awkward comedy, poor pr... #2
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His current situation might of been avoided if he just followed the simple strategy of "Under Promise, Over deliver". Not a bad guy but maybe a dash or two of humility in with his enthusiasm? #17
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Yes thanks :-) #3.2.1
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Ok never mind, link won't work, if you want a full list look it up, there are a crazy amount of exclusives coming for PS4 in 2015. #3.1
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Here's a more complete list of PS4 console exclusives, all 200+ of them!!!



sorry link appears broken will not display, broke in half, put together for link to list #3
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Very interesting, did not know this. Thanks for info :-) #19.1.1
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Curious how this relates to their existing inventory. I'd imagine they sold as many of these discounted systems into retail as possible. Stuff that channel as full as possible! So what ever is still in the channel (could be half a million to several million?) will likely be discounted at retail for the first 3 or so months of the year.

Their is no way customers will go back to paying $400 for the machine. #19
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I don't think hardware features and software are as separate as that. The things I mentioned are hardware driven features that change the experience of gaming pretty significantly.

If your interested in innovative gameplay and game mechanics I would point you to the indi revolution that continues to offer a steady flow of new and original ideas to the console space. Hardware by it's self isn't going to provide those types of changes unless it's something like... #17.1.1
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I disagree with this article because it ignores some pretty big game changing stuff. Aside from the steadily increasing quality of graphics; advanced physics, superior resolutions, material shaders, etc, etc (all of which make for more believable and immersive worlds), I think we've seen quite a bit of new-gen gameplay features so far.

Just off the top of my head; I can free up the TV and walk around the house and keep playing my WiiU, I can walk out the door and keep pl... #17
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From a graphical standpoint they look a generation apart. Drive Club looks vastly superior!

As far as overall game play, handling, features, open world vs track based etc...most of this is subjective; although from all the reviews both are really good games which excel in different areas (due to different design goals obviously). #32
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They really really need to muzzle this guy along with Major (Larry Hyrb) Nelson. Seriously! Is it possible to be more unlikable? They're both horrible IMO! Like if you mixed disingenuous executive, car salesmen, and immature frat boy all in one.

At least hire some PR coaches for them or something for Christ sake. Someone really needs to tell them how bad this kind of thing is for the brand. #31
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Seriously right! How can it be neck n neck. Microsoft isn't even close this round. THEY HAVE HALF THE TOTAL SALES! HALF!!!

All I can say is it must be great to have such short term and selective memories. As long as there's a 'new' Halo and Forza every Holiday the rest of the year is forgiven/forgotten by this crowd. But gamers on the whole are smart and the sales reflect that. No amount of BS PR bullshit or fanboy articles can change that.

B... #2.3
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'Kinect' is kicking back' in a rocking chair next to move at the home for old discarded accessories more like it.

They tried to play chess against each other once but Kinect could only see what was going on like half the time, and he kept going on about how proud he was of his boy Milo; whom the nurse informs us isn't actually real. #7
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They better be on the rise, it's between $350-$330 with x1-2 games thrown in; depending on where you buy. That's between $250-$290 for the system, which amounts to a staggering $110-$150 price reduction!

And that's paired with some really solid software, plus the typical increased sales due to holiday shopping patterns and the required/typical holiday channel stuffing (if your looking at shipped numbers).

The real questions now will be-
... #72
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Nah but I wouldn't want to be the guys that wrote the net-code for Driveclub.

Imagining them going to check their bank statements and for some reason their monthly autopay for their pay checks not going through, and they go to the management and the management say it must be some kind of 'connectivity error' with the bank and they'll get it sorted out eventually, lol #7
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I respect the work that went into this, better than I could do so, but it's no where near the level of the original.

Compared it looks so empty, so clean- in a bad way, has very angular noticeable geometry, and totally looks more like a game than what they achieved in the original. Plus the lighting and overall iq is flickering mess. #14
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yeh the first one benefited from being a launch title too, but after that the marketing support for those games was no where near as strong so... #11.1.1
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Seriously, not sure u can get much better than to have your game be promoted/marketed as one of the premiere holiday exclusives and to be bundled and on the front of every new box and ad. If anything Microsoft sure has gotten behind the game; which is vastly different from the treatment they got with Sony. #11
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