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If Sony had not announced their intentions to be in Paris, and their reasoning behind it, I would completely agree with you.

But in this case it just seems like a conscious move on their part. Microsoft chose to have a presser at Gamescom and Sony in Paris. IMO this is more an indication of a change in Sony's annual game news/press release cycle than anything else. In a few months they will likely show a ton of new content and x-box likely wont.

What ever... #4.1.1
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“With the changes this year of E3 taking place a week later and gamescom taking place earlier, we feel that both PlayStation and the wider industry would benefit from a major news milestone later in the year, during the most important period for gaming.”

What about that choice implies overconfidence or strength in silence? Sounds a lot more like they want their large press announcements to be spread out this year. #4
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I disagree. Sony made a decision to have a press conference at Paris instead of Gamescom. They judged the shows to be too close together (for better or worse). Ignoring this fact (not mentioned in the article at all) and instead implying it's due to overconfidence or strength in silence doesn't make sense. Wouldn't an article questioning if Sony's decision to wait until Paris be more appropriate? #1.1.1
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Not sure if this is just flame bait or if they honestly didn't even bother to check. It is a stated fact that Sony will be doing a Press Conference at the Paris show in Oct., because Gamescom and E3 were too close together this year. #1
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The game holds up today as a solid 9.5 (nostalgia colored glassed be damned) and it was was a 10.0 for it's time; easily one of the top NES pathfinder/adventure games of all time. It is every bit the equal to greats like Castlevania 2, the original Metroid, and Zelda 2. #1
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Reggie is in defense mode and it doesn't really do them any favors. A bad showing at E3 is a bad showing, and comments like this will only make it worse IMO. The Wiiu is a total flop from a market perspective and it's clear Nintendo must move on from the platform asap.

But it raises serious concerns for existing Wiiu owners and also questions regarding the viability of a new Nintendo system. Looking at the current game market I'm not sure the appeal or marketabil... #5
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I do think it's a smart move but it's a move two years too late IMO. Backwards compatibility is more likely to be a draw at the beginning of a console's lifetime, when their are few games and people are more attached to their library of old games. After those transition years I'm not sure how much impact it will have.

Nice feature non-the-less. I'd like to see Sony match it by offering free PS Now access to games if you have the disc in the system.
... #1.2
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Its a nice feature but its system selling potential has likely passed for most. This type of thing would have been a game changer at launch but x2 years in and its likely lost much of its impact. #16
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Now if they could only go one level deeper and have that virtual room show you playing a game inside a room inside a game inside a room inside a game inside a room.

I'm at a loss for words, I literally feel dumber knowing this exists! #7
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lol at "smells blood in the water"

Don't be fooled Microsoft! That's just the smell of all the PS4 players bathed in Bloodborne. #36
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PS4's is twice as long as Xbone's, lol

Kaz says "enough with the talk, if it's so big whip it out and let the measuring tape do the talking" and other immature analogies #6
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Noooooooooooooooooooooo #1
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"Dear gamers, We apologize for the mix up. We realize it's deceptive to misrepresent the game's quality by using pc footage but we were truly hoping you wouldn't notice. Now that you have caught us we'd like to keep doing what we were doing before, but hey, we have corrected the 'mistake' on a semantic level so......."

lol, what a bunch of crap! #40
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So much Spin, lol.

I have all three systems, and the One is a fine machine, but no amount of pr can mask the fact that they're getting their asses handed to them by Sony!

I personally love the meaningless 'number of bullets shot on x-box live in march' type stats and 'best selling home system from 11 am to 12 pm on the Saturday the 20th' stats.

Like watching some kind of 'head in the sand' awkward comedy, poor pr... #2
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His current situation might of been avoided if he just followed the simple strategy of "Under Promise, Over deliver". Not a bad guy but maybe a dash or two of humility in with his enthusiasm? #17
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Yes thanks :-) #3.2.1
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Ok never mind, link won't work, if you want a full list look it up, there are a crazy amount of exclusives coming for PS4 in 2015. #3.1
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Here's a more complete list of PS4 console exclusives, all 200+ of them!!!



sorry link appears broken will not display, broke in half, put together for link to list #3
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Very interesting, did not know this. Thanks for info :-) #19.1.1
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Curious how this relates to their existing inventory. I'd imagine they sold as many of these discounted systems into retail as possible. Stuff that channel as full as possible! So what ever is still in the channel (could be half a million to several million?) will likely be discounted at retail for the first 3 or so months of the year.

Their is no way customers will go back to paying $400 for the machine. #19
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