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Besides the differences in rain effects, I see that DC also has that shaky camera effect which adds to that sense of speed experience. We'll see if Slighty Mad studios adds any more to PC in future updates.
If not I'm sure the modding community will add some extra eye candy. #45
@ Cuzzo63
And ^^THIS^^is a prime example of what the #pcmasterrace calls a "peasant". He's even bringing up 4K loooooool!!!!

Anyway, Rockstar apparently has a few peasants in their studio as well, if this news is true. If so; FYI, this isn't going to the modding community. #3.1.8
April 14, let the modding begin. #31
Would love to see these guys do a Zelda demo with UE4 #8
Well hopefully this will convince VALVE to improve their customer support. #16
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Crysis was exactly what this reminded me of. Way back when Crysis was released on PC, the Ultra settings required Nvidia cards that were yet to be released at that time. #19
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I'm anticipating an HD Remaster of RE0 as well. I'm sure Capcom could've just released both REmake and Zero together buuuut, maybe they can make more $$$ releasing them separately. #1.1.1
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I think the whole point is to let the PC gamers know that it won't be locked at 30fps like a few other games have been before. A mid-level gaming rig by today's standards should run this game @ 60fps and 1080p. #21.1
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Now now. It's not all about graphics. :P #25.2
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-"and these pc nuts, rather sit more in front of a desk and press their eyes against a 27 inch screen just to feel some extra visual satisfaction."

-"And this is coming from an ex-game-addicted... and also an pc/console gamer."

So that how you play on your rig, Mr "pc/console gamer"?

If so Maybe you're doing it wrong. lol

Believe it or not but many PC gamers actually set thei... #2.4.3
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@ Ronin
You said the infamous 2 letters. For some reason it pisses some gamers off. #3.1.8
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Technically it is CGI, like most video games. lol #8.2
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Why are PC gamers trying to educate computer technology to console gamers? The PlayStation Brand has been known for their hyping strategies and many instantly falling for the okey-doke. And this hype period is no exception. Here's what's going on. These console companies (Sony & MS) have noticed the jump in PC gaming popularity with more console gamers buying or building rigs. So now (in Sony's case), they're trying to put a halt on it with this PS4 by making sure to push... #60
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Maybe EA should've waited until E3. #19
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Uhmm, really? #41
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Think I've heard damn near all of these on YT during the "Trey Brotherhood" era. #48
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It's becoming obvious to me that all of this PS4 vs PC talk is only to halt console gamers from going over to PC gaming. It's like almost everyday I hear a ridiculous rumor about what PS4 will do. Has anyone claimed that Sony will allow for PS4 games to be mod friendly? #72
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So I've been confused by this since Feb 20th. Do people want this thing to be a PC or not? #52
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