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I am excited about the new co-op perks feature and of course the exo stomp. #4.1
That is understandable. #3.1
Thats exactly what I saw in the gamescon conference, so Ia m on board for this one. #2.1
Nah two words with different meaning. Girlie Man, Dark Victory, such like that. This is a new company that is actually doing something different franchise. There is a lot of hate towards COD, which is a bit juvenile, since those that have a problem keep buying the product. In the end it is a fun game with the right people and I do enjoy the campaign. #1.1
Well considering this was a list for fun and the fact that I added a few characters that would never be DLC. I don't understand why you took to heart in such manner. Its a fun list and trust in the industry they tend to think about DLC characters while developing the game, also for fun especially doing this for so long now. #1.2
same I still have my import copy of Tekken 3 #1.1
Long time over due. #2
Might not have been, I mean she didn't make, but I am curious of the back story. #1.1
So far, I have much hope for this title indeed. #1.1
Thats not a bad idea especially the idea of mouse vs. joy pad in FPS, because I have taken on gamers using a mouse while I stuck with a joypad and the results were in my favor. #5.1
It is indeed funny when that happens. #4.1
I use a pad. I tried an arcade stick and it was quite difficult. I started to enjoy arcade systems like came in with build in controller adapters. #2.2
And that is the bottomline. I had too many arguments through the years about this especially when dudes claim they need top of the line headsets to be the best. I had duct taped Turtle Beach headsets still own on many titles. #1.2.1
I would reclick on the application, go into compatibility mode and click on Windows & to run in and always admin on. Hope that helps. #2.1
Keep in mind it is still in the demo phase so that might all happen and plus dude is doing it for free. If he does a kickstarter maybe all that can happen for the game. #1.1
It does feel cheaply made, but the results are still nostalgic. #1.2
This is pretty much for those that like that old feeling. Especially when systems have a hard time lasting long. Thanks for stopping by. #1.1.1
True, but like I stated it was hard to really review this new Ultra title. It didn't really feel that Ultra, but more like a Super Street Fighter AE Plus. #1.2
No it does not. that would be with the full retail price. #1.1.1
Honestly being the seasoned gamer that I am, I am not all that interested in the VR tech. I remember back in the late 80's early 90's it was a big thing, but playing games for that long period of time while wearing a head piece such as the oculus could bring some headaches. Unless it is comfortable for a long time whats up. See what happens, good job on the post. #1
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