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Yea that's the weird thing. I don't get why it has not been made for the PS4. I mean there are many possibilities on the why, but it would be cool. Thanks for checking out the review. #1.1
lol highly doubt I will be coming back. #12.1
It is a great game. #1
You are not lying, I mean there are many fans here in the states where it started, so why no love here? #1.1
oh, that looks impressive. #1
Wait until you check out the Faction War section of MKX. Thanks for stopping by. #11.1
I am very impressed and they put a lot of work into this storyline. Thanks for checking out the review. #10.1
I do not want to spoil anything for you on the reason why, but yea besides the story they should just give those extra fighters away for free. Even though most of them died in part 9, doesn't mean we still can't play as them in the MP. #7.1
@bunt, here is how this works. We give out an opinion on how we feel about a game. Not telling you not to buy it, just our general idea of our experience. Yes it did lose a point because of the loading screen which is way too long for a game in this day and age. Now if you feel this game deserves a perfect score, by all means give it your own perfect score. But thank you for checking out the review anyway. #1.4
@Morganfell I can't be mad at what you said that was a well thought out opinion. *golf clap* #1.3
Yup my money is on Kratos. #1
@Johndoe11211 I am acting like a five year old? Okay lets analyze this for a moment. You are not a blogger, nor are you an English teacher obliviously, so what gives you the right to dictate anyone's grammar? There are constructive ways of voicing an opinion, but you decide to stoop to a behind the screen brave Baxter. Some understood and the ones that didn't I question their literacy skills. By what you just typed we call that a Contradiction. So in that, thank you again for taking t... #1.5
Proof Read. I will definitely do that, because I hate for you not to understand what so "every".

Side-note Yes the service is not all it promised. #1.4
This game is my all time favorites. I had it as a emu on the PSP, but man when it came out for the Saturn I was thrown back. Great game that should get an HD remix. #1
Damn not bad at all. #1
Not saying much Demon Souls is easy to explain. #1.2
care to elaborate on that? #1.1
Bad Company was amazing. I would not mind seeing another sequel to that. #1.1.1
I still remember the look on my moms face when I did my first Fatality on the Sega Genesis. Freaking hilarious. #7.1
All the many ways to punish your opponent and the added bonus of the X-ray as well as now the return of Brutality. I enjoy many ways to destroy an opponent. #2.1
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