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I agree to me they took a step in their own direction with the sandbox gangster series and went all parody with it. I love and I am glad I have the whole series. #2
Classic bad game lol. It was funny back in the late 80's and still funny now. #1
I honestly would not think so. Sometimes you can take a chance and if they do a futuristic version of Zelda with the same essence of Hyrule it could work. I will keep an open mind for this one if that ever happens. #1
I had fun for the most part, but my final thought is I would get bored quick in the game. It has its chuckles, but the relying on a team can go either way. I love the team aspect, but no one communicates will have a huge failure rate. #11
I like the redesign and the fact that the cartridge area is on the bottom, but yes the stylus area is weird. Felt better on the side. #1
Looks like classic fun. #1
Very Odd, but thought about the same thing at one point, mostly in pokemon. #2
I might have to get into this game. #1
well it was a personal list, which everyone has. No man's Sky looks great and so does Arkham Knight. #4.1.1
Honestly the more the game is being displayed the more I am interested in playing it. I was disappointed that there was not much of a co-op since that was talked about in the beginning, but I think it will have enough weight as a single player game. #1
We all know Ubisoft has its problems and I am also worried as well. Ubisoft might need some new testers because they are dropping the ball. #5
@DarkOcelet, so I assume you have some concerns? #1.1.2
Wow Memory lane indeed. #1
I pray for the same thing. It seems they took their time on the game, so we will just have to see. #1.1
YES!!! #2
It is rare because I am there with you. I have my collection even my old consoles of Sega Genesis. However I am just seeing the cost effect of this PSNow and the benefit of it is not logical at least to me. I am not expecting them to have PS3 games downloadable for the PS4 as of yet, but I am thinking about my previous purchase of PSOne and PS2 games that I already own on the PS3. I am happy the vita can play some PSOne titles and I hope that grows, but for now I just think the industry shoul... #1.5.1
Great work. I enjoy the history of gaming and knowing where it started. It is a trip realizing where we came from to what we are playing now. Hell the classics are still enjoyable to play. #1
Great review, will look close into this. #1
good, chop chop #1.3.1
damn....oh that caught me off guard lol. #4
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