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So looking forward to this game. I enjoy Guilty Gear a lot. Great post. #1
Damn....Over a damn system. Aiya, Sorry for their lose and his family. #2
Thats the problem I was trying to state too, they need more of the human element. So far too many snipers, but having a big map causes that. #5.1
Not really. It takes away from the point of the game. If anything they should just improve on what they have instead of eliminating what they were advertising in the first place. #3.1
Compare and contrast. Some people didn't understand the mode when I was talking so I had to explain the difference. #4.1
There was one already from Sega. It was pretty darn good too. #1
Destiny is a long time coming and thanks to the success of both Alpha and Betas. Looking to be a great fall gaming season. #3
Some impressive list from everyone. #9
What great game is that? #3.1
Yes I am looking forward to Far Cry 4. Love the series. #2.1
I didn't say nothing of that nature. Just because I was stating they were on a roll, doesn't mean I am not enjoying the content. Its Throwback Thursday, enjoy it. #1.1.1
In some cases it was just fun, but I hardly used it even when my cousin had it. #1
Damn you are all on a role today lol. #1
I am excited about the new co-op perks feature and of course the exo stomp. #4.1
That is understandable. #3.1
Thats exactly what I saw in the gamescon conference, so Ia m on board for this one. #2.1
Nah two words with different meaning. Girlie Man, Dark Victory, such like that. This is a new company that is actually doing something different franchise. There is a lot of hate towards COD, which is a bit juvenile, since those that have a problem keep buying the product. In the end it is a fun game with the right people and I do enjoy the campaign. #1.1
Well considering this was a list for fun and the fact that I added a few characters that would never be DLC. I don't understand why you took to heart in such manner. Its a fun list and trust in the industry they tend to think about DLC characters while developing the game, also for fun especially doing this for so long now. #1.2
same I still have my import copy of Tekken 3 #1.1
Long time over due. #2
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