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Thanks to all for commenting. The feedback is much appreciated. I did join a few kickstarters to bring back this genre, but so far the ones that are out on Steam are no where near as good as what we used to have. #5
I mentioned that, but thats not enough. #4.1
See thats the problem. It wasn't always like that. Sony and Microsoft used to spit out some great platformers. Shouldn't have to get a whole new system to get that nostalgia. #3.1
I see your opinion, but gameplay wise Super Smash is a way better game. Keeps that fun factor that All-star couldn't grasp. #7
it is a 9.99 game. #1.1
@AngelicIceDiamond I understand. I am going by when SOD was releasing there was a lot of hype from the developers themselves which seemed to lower the standards of the game. I played it and I found it to be enjoyable. #1.5
thats still a matter of opinion. So far Ryse, Killer Instinct, Sunset were a bit over hyped and had its problems. it still a bit shaky. #1.1
Agreed, knack was not bad and innovative for the kids, but I think it lost some kind of fun factor with it. #2.2.2
Thats what I mean. We need that balance like we had back in the day. #2.1.1
I see what you are saying. There is a lack of flare that we used to have back in the day. I still believe we need a return of mascots for companies. Specifically for Sony and Microsoft who seemed to have gotten rid of that kiddie style to be more adult oriented. It to me feels as if they took the fun out of their systems by doing that. We need the Crash, we need the Spyro and the Ratchet as well as Jaks. Keep adult stuff too, but give us the platformers that we loved. When naughty dog grew up... #2
I definitely agree and Nintendo needed this kind of exclusive. #2.1
I honestly don't go on metacritic, but I am liking what Nintendo has been offering. They seemed to have stepped up their game. #1.1
yea I just wanted to share what I thought so far. For an Alpha it is pretty tight. I am enjoying it a lot. #1.1
sweet post. #1
So looking forward to this game. I enjoy Guilty Gear a lot. Great post. #1
Damn....Over a damn system. Aiya, Sorry for their lose and his family. #2
Thats the problem I was trying to state too, they need more of the human element. So far too many snipers, but having a big map causes that. #5.1
Not really. It takes away from the point of the game. If anything they should just improve on what they have instead of eliminating what they were advertising in the first place. #3.1
Compare and contrast. Some people didn't understand the mode when I was talking so I had to explain the difference. #4.1
There was one already from Sega. It was pretty darn good too. #1
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