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I didn't even see what he had to say, it got banned in the other chat too it seems lol. #2.4
I just think the hype killed it. The expectation was too high and we were all expecting something highly great. This is an average game, but I hope if they make a sequel, give us more for our buck. #7
I think it depends on the single player experience. I was not expecting Skyrim hours, but what they were speculating through the years for the order made me think I was going to be immersed into this Steampunk world. Hell Max Payne, and many others lasted longer, even Gears of War gave us a decent length of a game. #1.4.2
It is not a stupid debate at all. I just think you have to factor more than just length. With a game filled with simple A.I. even on the hardest difficulty and factor in many QTE scenarios, especially with the final boss. Where is the challenge? The game looks pretty and that is about it. 7 hours after all the hype is not worth the price tag. #1.1
I think you will be pleased if you are into being in the DB universe as your own character. But as in my review there are modes where you can play as the other characters as well. #5.1
It has been out for the PS4 for a while now. They had a sale during Valentines day weekend where you could of gotten it for 24.95 #1.1.1
I am happy that you can finally be in the world of DBZ fully and pick a special trainer. I saw a player go super sayian so I am happy to go to that level. #4.1
Fantastic game and many great improvements. #1
Well that is good news. This game has a lot of potential. #1
Uh oh lol #1
on here no one agrees. Look you all taking this to heart to much. It still looks like a great game, but we can agree to disagree. In that it would be nice to have that option especially with all four characters being revealed at first. I think this game would of been better suited with a co-op. #4.5.1
It happened and then it was taken away. #4.2.1
My only problem was the announcement of this game getting rid of its four player Co-op. It was showcasing four characters and really talking about the playing with others style in a co-op story. Now that went out the window my anticipations for this game left as well. #4
Badass to you dude. Nicely done. #1
Well it did and they should be happy. The customs are amazing. #1
wait so you played this on the PS4 not xbox one? Either way it is funny and looks great, but makes me wonder why Duke Nukem forever could not have been this good? lol #1.1.1
Definitely going to give it a go and maybe stream. #1.1.1
I am loving it, but I feel this would of been a great game to bring back light guns. #1
I get people that want to collect the special edition systems, but places like decal girl and other skin sites. You can have your own exclusive skin made by you that no one else can have. #1
Might have to give this game a try. Have you tried it out? #1
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