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I try to add 6 friends for Mario strikers and it takes like 3min each to type in the codes... and you tell me i got to do that for every game?

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I'm totally agree w/ u... from wut I see in her blog so far, its all assumption and guesses, sometime she gets a lucky guess but thats about it. I totally agree with the merging of Act and Bliz, since Bliz holds the majority share, and it does not merge the studio... i expect to see some great thing next year from act-bliz

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WoW + call of duty? lol
well Im really confident in this merge, becuz Vivendi(blizzard's owner)got majority of the share

and it could be really interesting EA vs Act Bliz

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yay great source? HD-DVD fansite?
Blu ray give out free movie, but HD DVD also gives out free movie too


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ya they def need to fix alot of bug in this game...

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anyone up for making 5 tips on how to make a better review site?

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AMD is already in 2 billion dollars debt by acquiring ATI (total deal was 5.4bil)...
I dont think they will spend more money acquiring Ageia...

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Does this card support PCI-e 2.0?

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is about time...
Im pretty sure those 2 card will base on G92 chipset instead of the old G80 chipset. 2bad I just order my 8800GT from evga =.=
I kinda want to do Quad SLI hahaha...

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great ads.... way better than the European "this is living" commercial...

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is not dusty enough to threaten the technician's health... but is getting there... i can't imagine wut his house looks like...

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podcast is 2:10:06 long.... excellent!

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If the transaction does goes through they better deliver the 360s, It's their own fault that they put the wrong price up... deal with it :D
and lol at the software designer...

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nice, it have a strong anime feel into this game, which is awesome...
now some one make a good bleach game plz?

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Ya trade in value does sucks at EB,Gamestop, but what I hate the most is their really bad customer service, I was asking if there is stock for Eye of Judgment (PS3), and there is 2 associate talking, and 1 just sitting behind the counter reading her book... they just ignore me, so I decide to shop @ wal-mart for now on...

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WHAT!?!? why do you discriminate people by their looks or act?
I'm really shock that you said that...
Is the kids choice to dress and act like emo or goth and that is call freedom, you can't judge people by their looks....

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Well I lived in Victoria, BC.... so is pretty quiet here... nothing huge really ever happen.... beside really loud party that the police came and shut it down ...

and ya every experience traveler know to put canadian flag on the backpack... I saw a couple in an airport wearing Canadian flag, so i go up and ask them which part of Canada are they from... they said New York city... Eh?

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well ur looking from a American perspective, where media is controled and free speech is limited. If you look from an iraqi perspective you will realize the war on terror is more like war on preserving the oil, US government send in Texa's oil drilling company in to iraq right after capture of Baghdad. and the worst of all is iraqi is dying in huge numbers everyday, I dont think i will believe that is a war on terror until i see some proof of that Weapon of mass destruction, which does not ex...

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well if they found out you draw a Halo3 sketch in ur backpack and they consider a terroist threat and lock u up, then torture u : WHERE IS MASTER CHIEF!?!? WE KNOW HE IS PLANING A BOMB @ High Ground... does that seem fair?

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For the people in US... I invite you to Canada :D
but srsly i used to live in L.A.... Canada is alot better, I dont need a weapon (beside my NES zapper XD), I dont even lock the door at my house

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